Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our Prezzie from Miss Alice.

Hi all. Sasha here.  We got a special prezzie from Miss Alice from makingstuffwithlove the other day and just hads to share it with you all.  It was a penguin wrap around blankie thing for my Mommy or if we dogs decides to claim it then a new blankie for us.  I thinks you whos are going to be using it more than Mommy.  heehees.  She also sent a set of doxie cards which we couldn't get a picture of because the camera died and mommy is too tired to wait to the battery charges to helps me with the pics on my blog.  So you  just have to take my bark for it they are the cutest doxie cards ever and they looks just like me on my couch squirrel pawtrol lookout position.  :)  Here is some pics of us doggies enjoying the new wrap (mostly because mommy didn't want to post a picture of her and us enjoying it on heres.)  You know those humans are so camera shy.

Heres me and Bear having some discussion on who gets to nap on its first.

Bear tellings mes it is his turn for it now.


Bear showings off how bigs and fluffy he is so I wills be bluffed off the new blankie.


This is when both of us were kicked off of it whens Charlie gots a short break from his crate rest.  He is doing a little bit better with his poor old back and hips.

We all thank Miss Alice for the sweet prezzies.  We just loves them so much. Hugs and Sasha, Bear, and Charlie kisses going your ways.