Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mommy Got A Prezzie Today!

Miss Suz from RedWagonWieners surprized Mommy today,  She had Mommy meet her out in her truck.  Mommy got in and Miss Suz had a special prezzie just for Mommy.  It was a new purse.  But, not just any purse, but a dachshund purse.  A doxie purse from BeInkedDesigns on etsy.  The dachshund purse is listed here:

The front had this cute doxie black and tan head on it with a snap closure.  There is a little pocket, too. This doxie looks a bit familiar I think.  :)

The inside was lined with this cute spotted fabric. But, of course, the cherry on top of this doxie purse prezzie was on the back. 

This purse had a cute little doxie tushie.  Now, that is a special doxie purse.  The Doxie head and butt makes this the cutest purse bag ever.

First thing I did was I hads to sniff it out you know.  Make sure there be no squirrel secret weapons or anything like that.  (And yes, I sniffed the butt side, too.)

I approves it with a four doxie paws up and a doxie sulute.  Now, I am just trying to figure out which doxie that this purse looks like. 

What you thinks it looks like me?  Naw, I thinks it is much cuter than little old me.  Thank you, Miss Suz.  Mommy and me loves it so very much. Now, I will just go clean out mommy's old purse so we can use this one now.  I think she might have some sweet kibbles (AKA candy) in one of the pockets still......

Monday, April 16, 2012

It's My Birthday! I Is Five Years Old.

Hi all. Sasha here.  It is my birthday today. I had the bestest day (except for the rain).  Lets me tells you all about it.

First, Mommy got ups early today so I got my breakfast a bit early.  No big deal for me.  I like breakfast early.  Then, I gots some bites boiled egg (cause apparently I is on a diet so no b-day cake this year).  I really liked the boiled egg bites.   I wished I could have had the whole egg, but no Mommy says I can't get any plumper than I is already.  Really, I is in good senior doxie shape.  Apparently, I am in the senior years now according to my vet.  Don't feels it yet myself.  All I can see is a wee bit of frosting (white hairs) around my muzzle.  

Well, anyways, after the treats, Mommy let me open my prezzies.  I gots a new red toothie brush and beef flavored toothie paste for dogs.  This one came in a squeeze tube instead of the pump poultry flavored I had before with the collie on it.  I can't waits to try it out at bed time tonight.  Then, I gots a prezzie and I already knew what was in it from the way it smelled.  I knows the smell of new squeakies anywhere.

 Mommy opened it for me and gave me my hubby stuffed birthday bone and Charlie got one, too.  Cause he doesn't gets the whole birthday thingy.  He just knows he wants a new squeakie, too.  But, I got my own new bandanna that makes me special on my birthday.  The bones and bandanna where from Miss Diana from the StylinDogsBoutique on etsy.  I also got a cute birthday card and paw print sticker decals.  Not quite sure what I will do with those yet, but I knows I will use them.  Franks A Lot,  Miss Diana and Super Stuffer (I knows you stuffed the bones) for my new birthday bone.

Then, after some play time with my new squeakie bone, Mommy and me had a nap.  We snuggled under my favorite butterfly blankie.  It was pawfect.

She gave me a rain check on the birthday walkie.  Cause of all the rain, neither one of us wanted to go for a walk today.  But, you knows I will hold her to the promise of a birthday walkie on the first good day we have.

Well, that has been my day so fars.  Here is some pictures of my new bone and Charlie and his bone.  You can see the bandanna in some of these pictures, too.  Bark at you all later.  I wonder if I can get a bite of cheese with my dinner kibble tonight.....