Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sun Came Out Today.

Sasha heres.  We have hads tons of snow lately.  Mes was not exactly too fond of wading through that cold white stuff to get to the potty grounds.  You knows us doxies are lowriders.  My nether region was a little too frosty outside and so I spent most of the last few days under cover of blankies.

But, today the sun cames out a bit and it wasn't so bads.  So for a few minutes I supervised my little bro and his squirrel pawtrol duties.  He is doing quite well and may need to take on more responsibilities when spring comes on.  We, will sees though.  Depends on how bad the spring fever hits us and all the rolling in the grass and alls to dos. 

Charlie volunteered for inside pawtrol duties to keeps the mommy safe while she was doing all her arts etsy stuffs.  You know just cause of sneak attacks by invisible squirrels.  He is a grumpy old mans, but that doesn't means he gets to slack off on his squirrel pawtrol duties eithers. 

Mommy has been busy making new things.  Two of which will be in her etsy shop eventually.  One Miss Sue Ann has first dibs on because it was kind of inspired by her pic she sent Mommy.  The colorful one is up for grabs to anyone who wants some bright cheery wiener dog searching fun.  heehee.

Then, there was mommies newest creations with her experimenting with watercolors.  She is nots so happy with them.  She says thats the watercolors always warps the watercolor paper so much.  She thinks she either doesn't have the right paper or is using too much water.  But, she tends to be too hard on herself.  This first ones of a skateboarding doxie is not too bads. 

Then, hot air balloon ones is still being worked on.  She is doing a combo of watercolor and her gel pens.  Buts, she thinks both of these might be freebies at some point.  Not sures yet thoughs. 

Well, I best go gets Bears up from his nap so he can take the after dinner squirrel pawtrols.  Cause you knows I prefer to let my kibble digest for at least an hour before chasing squirrels.  Bark at you all laters.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Play Time, But I Thinks I Still Wants To Sleep

Sasha heres.  Bears is way to playful sometimes when us older dogs really rather be sleeping.  Here he is playing tug of scarf with Mommy. 

I thinks Bear is doing his version of the winter Olympics.  I bet he would get a gold in scarf tugging fur sure.  Then, he decides to do a little winter sofa climbing. 

While Bear was getting his fur a flying, Charlie and I's were practicing our sleeping in the sunshine skills. 

You know we would certainly get a medal for that category if it was parts of the Olympics.  heehee.  You could says we are certainly experts in solar slumbering.  heehee. 

Well, mommy wants the computer back, and the sunshine is coming back out from behind the clouds so I needs to get my zzz's back on.  Bark at you all laters. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Been Groomed

Sasha heres.  Yes, mean mommy had us groomed once again.  You knows baths and pedicures are really no funs whats so ever.  Here is the befores the groom pics. 

You cans see we ares quite happy with our smelly dirty dog selves.  Plus, my bros look so much warmer in the long fur dos.  Then, one morning at the groomers and here we are all prettied ups. 

And poor Bears has his pom crew cut agains.  You knows that pup is never going to gets any respect from the squirrels looking half bald. 

I guess I better give him a little sympathy and lets him know that the hairs will grow back.  Probably by the end of the week knowing him.  heehee.  Bark at you all laters.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Another Prezzie For Mommy And Sneak Peek of New Shirts

Hi alls.  Sasha heres.  Mommy got another surprise prezzie in the mail today from the Petsjubilee team on Etsy.  You knows they are so sweet.  They sent mommy an angel.  You knows I is beginning to thinks our PJ family is run by angels for sure.  Mommy loves it and so dos I.  Thank you so very much to all our team peeps.  You sure do know how to make Mommy feel so much better. 

It is handmade and there was a special little personal note, too.  Mommy and I send lots of hugs and thank yous for this special prezzie.

Mommy has also been working on new shirts lately.  Ok for a long while, but she gots a bit distracted with all that has been going on that she is just now getting them finished and almost ready to list.  These shirts will be first come first serve when listed on etsy within the next few days. So no reservies on these.  Mommy wants to be fair to alls since they are one of a kind and alls.  But, I do have sneak peeks. 

The first is a spring themed blue green medium shirt.  Doxies enjoyings themselves out doors and at a park. 



The second is the XL watermelon doxie shirt that has been much barked about by my mommy and by fars is the best creation mommy has done so far.  Not that I is a bit prejudice or anythings like that.  But, you know it is just so doxie.  I thinks I gave her this idea through my doxie mind control.  Again, no reservies on this one because it is first come first serve when it is listed on etsy. 

Close up of front.

Close up of back

Well, I must get back to whining under the door of the bathroom while Mommy takes her bath.  You knows I is not liking her having more time to get wet on purpose.  Silly humans don't they know water and being wet is a bad thing.  Bark at you all later.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Great Grandma Is Gone.

Sasha heres.  Beens kind of difficult last few days.  First, great grandma wents to heaven and we are missing her so much.  Bear especially.  He loved putting his toys on her feet so she would kick them off.  Charlie and I misses her telling us to knock off all the barking and of course the nibbles left on the floor and in her chair.  We misses her so very much.  I knows the humans in the family and missing her, too. 

After great grandma left us, Mommy and the grandpeeps left us doggies with a puppy sitter.  She was nice, but not my mommy.  So I pouted and missed everyone so very much.  Then, they cames back and the human pups my mommy watched came to stay for a bit.  I has had another dress up session.  Can you tells. 

Thens, we got prezzies from our PJ etsy team family.  Miss Diana sent mommy a lovely card and angel in a pocket.  Which really gaves Mommy a smile.  You knows mommy needs to smile more even though us doggies takes smiling a whole other way.  We know to humans it is a big tail wag on the face.   Thank you Miss Diana for the angel from me and Mommy.

Then, Mommy gots a box from Miss k.  It was chocolates and a squeaky ball cuz toy that all us doggies have been squeaking like crazy.  It really bounces, too.  Gots to love squeaky, bouncy ball toys.  Mommy loves her chocolates, too.  So thank you Miss k also for making Mommy smile, too.

Mommy and the grandpeeps got a special card from Miss Shari (the camera died before we could gets a picture.)  Mommy loves them, too.  But, the best prezzie by far was the lovely flowers sent by the whole PJ etsy team family to the place where they take the dead peeps.  Mommy saids the flowers were so pretty and it came in a big basket that was also beautiful.  The flowers wouldn't have made the long trip back home in the loaded van with everything else though.  So she left them on great grandma's grave in a big vase.  She kept the basket though.  So very pretty.  We didn't get a picture of the flowers though since we didn't have our cameras with us and not sure how to do it on the too smart for mommy phones the grandpeeps have.  But, Mommy says to thanks everyone for sending such a special flower arrangement for her and our family.  It was the only flowers on her grave when we left.  So it mades it look so special.  Especially, since the ground was all icy and snowy and all. 

Well, I knows long post today, but lots had to be barked out.  I will do my best at blogging more often, but you know the humans don't share the computer very often.  Bark at you all later.