Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dachshund Team Spot Light: woodnwonders

OK. Not much new here other than me trying to eat cupcakes. But, mommy caught me on the table before I could nab one. Oh, what a doxie has to do around here to get good eats.

Today, we are featuring one of the members of our Dachshund Team. His name is Tony and yes he is my Oscar's daddy. But, that doesn't matter cause he still needs sales. His wooden art pieces are so cool that I am spreading the bark about them. My favorites are the dachshund leash holder and the smooth coat dachshund in his other ETSY shop shown in the pictures above. He has two etsy shops, woodnwonders and tonysportriatsbywood. Please, visit him and give him some love. Your friendly dachshund, Sasha.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Great Donut Caper!

Sasha here.

I pulled off a great donut hole theft yesterday. Great Grandma was munching on her favorite treat donut holes. She got up to go the bathroom, and I took my chance. One giant doxie leap and off came the box of donut holes. I ate quick cause here came Mommy grabbing up the box and as many donut holes as she could grab before I got too many more. She fussed at me, but it was so worth it. You can't blame a doxie for taking the chance to get a good treat right. Hey, in doggy terms when you leave your food, it is fair game for the rest of the pack to get a chance.

Mommy has been working on her crafting. She has made a few new cards. She made some Easter cards and a birthday one. Hopefully, they will be in her Etsy store later this week. I will post pictures of me and some of mommy's creations.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Dachshund Team chat today!

Hi all,

Sasha here. We are having our first Etsy Dachshund Team chat at 4:oo pacific time and 7 pm eastern time. I am so excited. I wonder if other wiener dogs will be in attendance. I sure hope my prince Oscar makes it. Mommy says the humans have a lot to talk about so us doxies might not get much chatting done, but we can hope can't we.

Mommy also got two treasuries one in main treasury and one in treasury west last night. The treasury west opened first so we made that the wiener dog one this time called Love Ya Longer! The main treasury opened about 45 minutes after that one and so mommy did a doggy themed one called I Woof You! We could use clicks and views on both, but we know that the chances are slim to none on getting on the front page. I personally don't get how bunnies and squirrels have more PR agents than us cute little wiener dogs. Oh, well. we know the artists in the treasuries would love some views.

I am posting more cute pics of me in the sunshine. Mommy thinks that I am such a diva, but really when you got the cuteness you have to flaunt it. heehee

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunny days inside, but cold outside!

Sasha here.

I have been enjoying the sunshine through the living room window. We get a good hour or two in the morning of lapping up all the sunshine we could get. Then, I am am thinking ooh, spring is here, and well I go outside and freeze by butt off. brrr.... This is so not right. Good news are the birds have been busy lately getting moss from grandmas platters. So maybe spring is getting close. Anyone have connections with the ground hog? Well, off to get more sunning in. Take care all, Sasha.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Play date at Frito's house!.

Sasha here,

I had a play date at Frito's house and a trip to the post office today. Frito is one of my dachshund neighbor's and he has three doxie siblings (Zuke, Peewee (is Frito's bio mom actually), and Gypsy) so I really get to bond with my fellow wiener dogs while I am there. There was the minor issue of a pee spot on the carpet, but I ain't confessing. I just ran when the carpet cleaner comes out just in case I get blamed. Our Mommies didn't see who did it. And, mommy told me it better not have been me on the way back home. She felt bad that it happened already, and if it was me than she would be very embarrassed. Well, the morning play date continued with zoomies, and pets, and sunning time by the big window, and nap time in mommy's lap. Oh, it was a great morning. Now, these are the days we wiener dogs live for. Thank you Miss Suz and the red wagon wieners for such a great play date. I am including pics of my visit. Off to rest up from my busy day. Sasha.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Dog's Thoughts on the New President!

Sasha here,

Today was pretty special for the humans in America. With a new president and all the hopes for a better tomorrow and all. However from a dog's point of view, I wonder a few things. One this Alfa male is now in charge of a whole country. How is he ever going to mark all that turf. I mean my brother Charlie and I do our best just to mark our back yard in a day's work, but there are billions of backyards out there. He better start drinking a lot of water. I just don't see it. Second, the promise of a dog when they move to the white house. I know it is his first day and all, but I saw no dog getting a happy home today. He better deliver on that one for sure. We dogs can be powerful promoters in the next election. Third, I have scene many humans in my almost two years of life promise treats for doing a few tricks. Is this what we are in for, or is it a major upgrade on the kibble food scale coming.

Well, I know this country is in some major trouble, and I wish this new guy a lot of luck. And I am willing to dig in and lend a paw any way that I can. Heck I can mark my own turf twice a day if that is what it takes. Mommy you might have to refill the water bowl more often.

Well, Mommy and me made a treasury west today in honor of our new president with the simple title Obama's Dog? These may be a few special doggy related accessories the first dog and family may need upon arriving at the white house. Well, off to bed. I gots a play date tomorrow. Woohoo!

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Mess in the Bed at 2 am!

Sasha here.

Yes, I admit it. I threw up in the bed this morning. Mommy was not happy with completely making a new bed at 2 am, and I was very sorry. And my mommy knew that. She gave me loves and some bites of bread to help my tummy feel better, and it did. I was fine by breakfast.

So in between washing sheets, blankets, bed spread, covers, etc. Mommy got another treasury. Woohoo! This one is very different and designed to help all the human guys out there not have to share the crate with us dogs on Valentine's day. It is called What A Girl Wants? Hint, you ladies out there ought to send a link of this to all your guys. My crate ain't big enough for a daddy in there, too. She also, managed to post her paw print gift tags/mini bookmarks today. They are made from recycled materials of wall paper and old business cards.

Well, that is about it. I will post a picture of the paw print gift tag and see if I can find a cute one of me for getting your Sasha fix. Night all.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sasha and her adventure in Mommy's Pj's

Hi all,

Sasha here. I had a nice day of snoozing in the sun and playing hide and seek from mommy. I found a pair of Mommy's flannel pj bottoms in the laundry room and decided it would be a warm place to burrow in for a good nap. I was good and sound a sleep, and mommy couldn't find me. She called and looked everywhere. I heard her eventually and stuck my nose out as she walked buy the laundry room. She looked at me and laughed when she saw me all snuggled in the right leg of her pj bottoms. She pulled me out and pushed the pj bottoms way down into the laundry basket where I can't get them. I was pretty upset about that. Those Pj's were way warmer than my fake sheep skin bed on the floor. No new pics of me lately, so I thought I would show you what I looked like a year ago at this time. Woof. I was so cute back then, and I still got it.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dachshund being a dachshund.

OK, Sasha here. I chased pesty squirrels, had a barkversation with the neighbor dog for 15 minutes, knocked over trash can (and got caught), pouted for an hour after being fussed at, and then tore up toilet tissue. All in all, it was a pretty good day.

Mommy got two treasuries. One in the main treasury that is the bestest yet, Wieners and Buns. The other one was in treasury west, Extreme Obsession. She is working on some paw print mini bookmarks or gift tags with old business cards and wallpaper samples. They are turning out cute. Sales in our etsy store are slow, and we are still trying to organize a dachshund team chat. It is just hard to get everyone together at the same time. Oh, well, a doxie can only do her best.

Now, another human question to ponder. Why do humans always change their fur so much? They have fur to sleep in, fur for winter, fur for going out of the house to eat (yes we know where you have been), fur for a place called church, and even swimming fur. Then, they take all that fur off and get wet in that inside rain thingy. I just don't get them at all.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Treasury and New Dachshund Team Member

Hi all Sasha here.

Mommy got a new treasury west through dealing with all etsy's glitches today. It is Snuggle Puppies! We also have a new dachshund team member. Suz from So give a paw out to her and welcome her to the dachshund team on etsy. Woofs to all of you. Sasha.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Boring day for me!

Sasha here.

Mommy has been on the computer most of the day. She has been helping make a banner for Miss Suz and trying to get another treasury. She got one all about wieners again. We sure could use some clicks on all the lovely dachshund items. It is called FOR THE LOVE OF.... We got it for about three days.

It has been a day of squeaky toys and wrestling with my big brother Charlie. I will post more pictures of me just in case my fans were going through Sasha Pic withdrawl.

During my day, I was thinking the question that I will never understand about humans. Why do they have to get wet everyday on purpose? I mean we dogs like them smelly so why get that yucky soap smell all over them. I know you k9 bloggers out there agree the smell of wet human is not very pleasant. So why do they do it? Oh, well, the mysteries we dogs will never figure out. Bark at you all later, Sasha.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

RED WAGON WIENERS make it to etsy!

Sasha here,

My play date pals have made it to ETSY! Woohoo! Mommy was helping their mommy out today, and trying to make her shop banner and all. It was so exciting to find out that my doxie play date pals mommy will be on etsy, too. I go over to their house and zoomie with Frito a lot. There is the Zuke or the Zukester, Peewee (She has issues with me.), and sweet old Gypsy, too. Miss Suz is very handy with the clay. She has made mommy a couple ornaments and a special valentine's swing last year for my best doxie guy Oscar and his Mommy. I know you all will love her clay doxie sculptures. I posted a couple of her doxie sculptures for you to preview. So give this newbie to etsy some love and visit her shop at

Other than that not much going on here. I had some fun wrestling with my big brother Charlie and getting tummy rubs from Mommy. Oh, the doggy life I lead. Well, hopes to bark at you all soon. Your friendly dachshund, Sasha.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dachshund Team Member Spotlight-ShopmollyD

Sasha here.

Once again slow news day. Mommy had her allergy shot today and I had to stay with Grandma. Something about no dogs allowed at the horsespittal. While she was gone, I got accidentally trapped in the garage for awhile. Didn't like that, and grandma fussed at me for following her in there in the first place. Mommy made some new gift tags which will be showing up eventually in our etsy store. Other than that, it has been really quiet here.

This is a good day to spotlight another one of our Dachshund Team members. Today, I am featuring ShopmollyD. So put your paws together and give some claps. Woohoo!

This is a great little shop for us wiener dog lovers. Brooke is the owner of ShopmollyD and 4 time dachshund mom and a rescue greyhound grandma. She is very into animal rescue and often donates money to no kill animal shelters. Her work uses a variety of media from clay to cloth. She receives a lot of doxie inspiration from her rescue furbaby and dachshund Molly. To learn more about Molly and Brooke, you must check out the Shopmollyd's profile.

I am showing off two of my favorites from her store, which is the clay doxie surfer girl and the tote bag. Please, give this shop some doxie love and views. Your dachshund PR pal, Sasha.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Thank goodness for good neighbors!

Sasha's Mommy Athena here. Sasha is letting me barrow her blog today for a short post. I just wanted to let you know that crime can be prevented by having neighbors wach out for each other. One of my neighbors smokes and he is a bit of a night owl. So about 1:30 or 2 am. He went outside to smoke. When he turned on the porch light, he noticed a kid run from where my car was parked and jump onto his bike. My neighbor called the authorities, and they caught the kid. He apparently had a stolen cell phone on him. It wasn't mine and my car was not damaged or broken into. I believe it was just good timing and quick thinking of my neighbor that saved me an insurance claim and caught a crook. Now, these are the stories we need on the news right now. I will post a cute picture of Sasha just so you can get your Sasha fix. One is Sasha as a hamburger window decal/cling that is for sale in my etsy shop. A little self promo while I got you here. heehee.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Chihuahua Cousin came for visit!

Sasha the friendly dachshund here folks.

Today was a busy day. Mommy was working on some window clings and should be posting the later on her etsy store. She got another treasury west tonight just by luck. She made this one a Dachshund Team Treasury. Featuring five team members and some other doxie friends. Hopefully, we will get more team members soon so we can make the whole treasury full of Dachshund Team peeps.

Then, my chihuahua cousin came over and she don't like me at all. She is around cats at her house so I thinks she doesn't know she is a dog. What ever you do don't sniff her butt. She growled at me for that, and if you humans could only understand those words. Lets just say they weren't nice. I have pics that I am showing you of how she hid behind her mommy and her growling at me when I sniffed her butt.

Take care all, and remember to click on our Dachshund Team Treasury Link to see lots of cute dachshund items in Etsy stores for sale.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Puppy Love!

Hi all,

Sasha, the sassy dachshund, here again. My day has been pretty good. Looking at the snow melt. Venturing off my potty path more and more, and it wasn't that cold today. I got a little play time outside without being miserable. I chased my big brother Charlie in the snow, and saw my arch enemy, the squirrel. He was looking for his nuts, but we chased him right out of our yard and fast.

Mommy got another treasury, and it is all about Puppy Love. You got to check it out. I think it might be the best one yet and very popular for the first few hours at least. Here is a link to Puppy Love Treasury. The other thing is mommy signed up for this thing that lets her track stats on her etsy store. She thinks it is so neat to see how many people are finding their way to our little doxie shop. I kind of think it is rather boring. No bobos, no squeaky toys, not even cute little doxie faces to look at. I usually pretend I am sleeping when she is checking it out. Well, off to dream of good eats and chasing squirrels with my main doxie man Oscar. He is my Puppy Love by the way. Till we chat again, Sasha.

Dachshund Team Spotlight Whatsupdox

Hello all,

Not much new at the moment. Mommy is trying to get another main treasury and if she does it will be Puppy Luv theme. Yes, with some dachshunds in it of course.

So we are starting the Dachshund Team Spotlight on our blog now, and today's team member being featured is Whatsupdox. Woohoo! Put your paws together and give some claps for this special little etsy doxie shop.

The shop owner is an adv id doxie rescuer, and has adopted several special needs dachshunds. Check out the store bio to learn more about some of her furbabies.

Well, they sell really cute human and doxie clothing mostly. But, there are a few other cool items in the shop that might strike your interest. Like the pen in the photo above. So please take a peek, and give this shop a little love.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Good ETSY News times two!

Hi all,

Sasha here. Two good things today. One we got a treasury west like the original treasury just harder to get to so not many people see it. I am determined to get wiener dogs on the front page. So please give this little treasury some love by clicking on the link and the little doxie pics at the link here at my treasury west.

Second, we have an official Dachshund Team on etsy. Here is the team page link. Woohoo! So much to do now. We got to advertise and meet with the members and all that cool stuff. We'll we might be a little busy for awhile, but I promise to write. Your friendly dachshund Sasha.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Surprise That Came In The Mail Today

Hello All,

Sasha here as usual. The patch job on the peeing window held. Woohoo. No peeing from it today. Mommy was relieved. The snow is melting big time, and we have many piles of mushy poo on our potty path. I even managed to venture away from the potty path a little. Until it got too deep.

Then, Mommy went to check the mail. She brought in a very familiar square box. My favorite Treats again. Woohoo! I jumped, turned, and jumped some more. She couldn't open it fast enough. It was more treats from my favorite etsy shop Mommy accused me of ordering them when she wasn't watching me. Just because, I am computer literate, I get blamed. Well, it turns out that Shari and her beagle Velvet sent them to me and Charlie. Well, I wagged my tail even more and begged for more treats. This is one of the best days ever. Mommy got a cute postcard with a picture of me, too. So Shari and Velvet thank you for sharing your delicious treats even if they are very addicting, and I will be dreaming of breakfast bites and cookies all night long. They will be yummy dreams. Mommy says thank you, as well. I am including some pictures of me really getting into the treats. Mommy tried to get pictures of Charlie, too. But, he ate his too quickly. Oh, well. Night all. Your Friendly Dachshund Sasha.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Snowmegeton- The Melt Down Begins

Sasha here folks.

Sorry that I haven't posted in a few days. It has just been crazy here with snow removal. As a doxie, there is only so much that I can do. I pee and poo on the snow, and pounce the edges of my potty path to break the snow down more. I try you know. Well, the snow has been continuing until today, and now it is beginning to melt big time. Woohoo I thought. Then, the window started peeing. (leaking in human terms) I was over there trying to lick it up so Mommy didn't think it was me peeing down the wall and on the floor. Us doxies get blamed for that kind of stuff you know. But, mommy was right there, and she didn't blame me. Whew. She ran to get some dish towels. But, that didn't work for long. So with some fancy thinking involving a paper plate, towel, packing wrap, something called a super absorbent overnight maxie pad, and lots of tape the window was patched for the night. Or at least we hope so.

Well, on to etsy news. Mommy got a treasury in between the chaos. It is available for views for a couple days. We have all the members of our hopefully future doxie team and a few others featured in this one. Minus mommy and me of course. It is all about dachshunds, and again my dream is to get dachshunds on the front page of etsy. Wieners deserve front page honors right? We are short, long, and very cute. OK, here is the treasury link. Please, with kibble on top, help this dachshund make a dream come true by clicking and viewing all the dachshund items.

Thank you, Sasha.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

After holiday doggy downs!

Sasha here.

I have been feeling a little down yesterday. Mommy was busy removing more snow so not much play time with the little wiener. Then, my Christmas treats were all gone. Santa Paws sent them from my favorite Etsy treat store CiaoHound.etsy. Now they are all gone. Mommy made me share them with Charlie, my big brother. I would still have more if I didn't have to share. But, on the other paw, he does share with me his favorite toys and blanket. Then, we haven't had any sales on Etsy in quite awhile. Mommy says she figures it will be slow because the Christmas rush is over, but really a little wiener dog gets bored with no customers to meet,greet, and lick.

Well, the only good news is Mommy has time to work on her Dachshund Etsy team. They are going to be called Dachshund Team. She has a banner she made yesterday, and for now this may be the go to blog for the team. We are kind of excited. The biggest step next is getting Etsy's paw stamp of approval so we are official. Then, mommy says we will have to work even harder to get new members and keep the team going. Well, a bored little wiener like me is really ready for that kind of challenge. Woof, bring it on!

Take care folks. Putting a pic of me and our hopefully new team banner up today. Paws crossed here folks for a dachshund Etsy team in the future.