Wednesday, December 31, 2008

When it snows, it blows!

Hello world,

Sasha here. You know the human saying, "When it rains, it pours!"? Well, I think I have come up for one about snow. "When it snows, it blows!"

Well, all the humans other than great grandma of course have been shoveling and blowing snow off decks, sidewalk, drive way, potty path, and roof of house. Well, all those places came first and they had been working their tales off trying to get it all off crucial areas, and then today we had a cave in. It was the metal shed out back that the humans keep oh, the bikes, lawn mower, other lawn equipment, extra wood for the wood stove, etc. Mommy, Grandma, and Grandpa have been trying to shovel the snow, and see what damage we have inside the shed. Well, while, Mommy and Grandma were digging. Grandpa was bringing the snow blower around through the neighbors cause they have a little road that is plowed, and would be easier than trying to get in through 6 feet of snow in our back yard. Just as he was coming around their shed, the snow on their shed roof fell down on him and the snowblower. Luckily, he wasn't hurt. Well, now they all went to dig out the snow blower and grandpa. So like all this wasn't bad enough.

When they came in to defrost for a moment, Mommy's foster sister called from the hospital. She had an accident and got banged up pretty bad. She was waiting to hear from the doctor when she called. So Grandma and Grandpa had to stop the snowplowing to go check on her. Mommy is home elder sitting great grandma, and wondering when things will get back to normal around here.

Well, sorry, to bum any one's new years eve out, but what a poopy day we have had here. Paws crossed for a better year starting at Midnight will be fine with us. I am posting a pic of the caved in shed and one of me with the what else can go wrong look. Everyone please have a safe new years eve! Sasha.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2 Treasuries in one week!

Hi folks,

Sasha here with the good news Mommy just snagged another treasury. Our other one expired this afternoon, and she was able to get one this evening. Woohoo! I think this is a record for my mom. This one is not all dachshund related, but dog related. So no big rush on clicks or anything to try to get dachshunds to the front page like last time. But, you can still show all the Etsy dog items some love. Here is the link. The Treasury will be open for 2 days. Have a nice night folks!

My Future Hubby Oscar!

Hi all,

Not much to report today. Mommy is still working on the wallpaper wieners and she is trying to put an Etsy dachshund team together for dachshund Etsy crafters. It is a slow process. The convoing back and forth trying to figure out all the ends and outs. I don't envy her. She said I might be the team mascot though, but not sure yet. We might have to vote on it or something.

Well, I thought since news was slow today that I would tell you all about my future hubby and doxie hunk Oscar. He proposed almost a year ago. As the New Year and Valentine's approaches, I so wish I could look into his brown eyes and have our noses touch in person. But, he lives a long ways from here, and well, Mommy said it would take a plane ride at least. I am a dreamer and know someday my prince will come. heehee.

Oscar's Mommy and Daddy are on Etsy too. They talked my mommy into joining and look at us now. Well, here is a links to their shops if you ever want to take a peek. Support my future in-laws crafts you know. and

Now to end this with a special must see youtube video. You really should check out my you tube slide show all about my man Oscar. The song is my favorite. Click here: Sasha's Weenie Man -Oscar!

Monday, December 29, 2008

NO WAY AM I.....

Hello folks,

Sasha here again. Just another weather report. Agggg! It is back big time. Someone send me a plane ticket to some place warm and quick! It is back and way more than before. The snow will never stop, and this poor little doxie is sick of it. S I C K of it! I am enclosing two photos. One is of me looking out at the snow. The other is of me and my big brother charlie begging Mommy to make it stop. I bet she can tell that weather man on TV to quit with the snow for awhile. Like the rest of the winter. Your friend and snowed in hound, Sasha.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Snow is melting and Mommy Got a Treasury!

Hello folks,

It is your cute little friend Sasha again sharing all the exciting news of our lives. Well, it isn't overly exciting, but it is news. First, the snow is starting to melt big time. Woohoo! I can actually peek over the snow wall of my potty path now. I even really don't mind the muddy paws since I can smell dirt again under them. Mommy took more pictures of me, and we will post them like always.

The next biggest news is mommy got a treasury is the nick of time. Company came over, and well they come before treasuries. Well, they left, and mommy thought that she probably missed the treasury opening. She logged on and it just opened up. She was so excited. She actually got one. I bet you all can't guess what it is about. heehee. Yes, dachshunds. For all you who don't know what a treasury is it is a special place on Etsy that people can pick their favorite items from other peoples shops and hope they make it to the front page. Mommy and Me so badly want wiener dogs on the front page that we have been trying for so long to get it.

Thank You, Sasha and her Mommy.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mommy and Me's Day!

Hi Sasha here.
OK, the snow was starting to pee today. What? Oh, mommy said the correct term is melt. It felt like cold pee to me, though. And those, giant frozen water sharp things kept falling. Oh, what a wiener dog has to do just to get a little relief. Mommy took a picture of me in the snow with my snazzy coat on, today. It should be posted with this if all goes well.
Well, while I was having a heck of a time battling the snow and "melting" going on, Mommy kept busy with her crafting. She is stuck on these wallpaper wiener dog cards right now. Personally, they are cute, but I prefer my face on the cards instead of strange textured and colored paper long doggies. Don't you all agree? Real dachshunds are way cuter than paper ones. Well, anyways, she has these scraps of wallpaper, and she is like cutting away like a crazy doxie lady. Hopefully, I might get a picture of one of the cards up here, too.
But, while she was busy, I did manage to sneak into a garbage can and find a few good smells and licks. Then, Mommy caught me. If garbage cans only fell over without making noise. I would have hit the doxie mother load with all the Christmas left overs.
But, I got even with Mommy later for pulling me away from the doxie mother load of a garbage can. She was waiting to get a treasury, and I did my I had to go out dance and woof. Well, I did have to go, but not that bad. Well, she took me out, and I sniffed and sniffed. I went, and when we came back in the treasury was closed again. OK, so it wasn't very nice trick, but a dachshund does like a good garbage can scavenger hunt.
I better go. Mommy wants to check her boring old e-mail. Take care all. Sassy Sasha.

The Snow Is Back!

Sasha here. I went outside this morning to do my business as usual, and it was back. I am sick of this stuff. How is a little low to the ground doggy suppose to make it through winter in all this white stuff? Mommy shovels me a potty path, but really when will it stop. Three weeks is long enough!

Friday, December 26, 2008

My Etsy Shop!

Sasha and I have an etsy shop that is all about wiener dogs. Please come check us out. I am currently trying to get links to it in my blog here so bare with me. Hopefully, this works. Talk to you all soon.

First Blog. Sasha is doing the happy tails dance.

Hello world,
My name is Sasha. I am a dachshund, wiener dog, doxie, hot dog, or what ever else is a popular term for us little long ones. My mommy's name is Athena, and we are both very new to this blogging thing so bare with us. I think you can teach us long doggies a few new cyber tricks.
We are hoping to meet some new wiener dogs and their parents in the cyber neighborhood, and share what we have been up to from time to time. Oh, my mommy will tell you all about my tricks and the trouble I get into I am sure. Other than that, we are just about having fun with dachshunds.
So stay tuned for more from us in the future.
Sasha and her human mommy Athena.