Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Training Begins And Sneak Peeks From Mommy

Hi alls.  Sasha heres agains.  The snow has finally melted and the warm spring sun is tryings to make an appearance daily nows.  Me and Bears know it is time to get back into shape for a busy summer of squirrel chasing.  So we has started our spring training recently. 

 We started with solo toy strengthening exercises.  You can sees we are concentrating so hard.

 Then, we gots into a steady routine of squirrel capturing drills.  You can sees my squirrel imfursonation skills at work.  Bear is getting so goods at pinning a doxie acting like a squirrel. heehee.

Our grumpy old man, Charlie, leading us from his comfy place on the couch.  Trust mes if we don't dos it rights he comes and gets us until we dos it rights.

Mes whispering secret squirrel pawtrol orders to the young pup.  He might earn a pawmotion if he keeps up the good work.  This year has got to be his year to capture his very first squirrel uprising.

And while we was training so hard, mommy was working on a new shirt.  This time she attempts her artistic abilities on other breeds of dogs and um well "felines".  Yes, mommy is drawing "cats" on this shirt.  I is not at all happy about that.  But, I did insist on a fair amount of doxies on it just to balance out the um "cats".  Here is some sneak peeks of it.  It is raining dogs and cats themed.  It is XL and no reserves on this ones either.  Up to who ever gets it first when it is all finished and listed on etsy.  She still has to irons it, washed it again, and all thats so it will be awhile still. 

Well, I best gets back to my training pawnewvers.  May it bes a fruitful squirrel chasing season to all the squirrel pawtrol members outs theres.  Woofs at you alls later.