Sunday, August 30, 2009

My interview with Velvet!

Hi all,
Sasha here. I had the opportunity to interview one of my favorite pals and a fellow hound, Velvet the beagle. She is the chief taste tester of CiaoHound's store on ETSY. It is currently closed until the weather cools down to ship homemade treats again. They will be reopening soon though from what I hear, and believe me it is worth the wait. Well, on with the interview!

Sasha- So Velvet, how did you get into being a taste tester for such a yummy treat company as CiaoHound?

Velvet- Well, Sasha, ya know, sometimes it just comes down to being in the right place at the right time. Mommy was looking for a fun hobby to do and came across some dog treat recipes. She tried one (I thought it was delish), but she thought it was a little bland. After about 5 more tries and many more ingredients, she had a cookie she was happy with. I, of course, sat there at her heels the entire time. It was very tiring, but I hung in there, taste-testing each and every batch.

Sasha- Well, how neat is that to be such a faithful company employee being there from the start and all. I bet it was such hard work too working from the floor up so to bark.
Is it hard to eat all the oops that sometimes happen? We know they happen, and some of those experimental flavors might be pretty arf-ful.

Velvet- I love the oops! None of them are arf-ful they just don't look like Mommy wanted them to, especially in the beginning. She played with this tube thing that squirted uncooked cookies and they frustrated her so much that she just went ahead and cooked them and gave them to me. Oh, hehehe, then there was the whole frosting incident! Too thick, too thin, try, try again. She eventually gave up and I got a lot of (what I thought were just wonderful) frosted cookies. Lately, the only oops' are the ends of the bistro bites which are sometimes pointy, so I get those. Oh, and sometimes I jump up on the table and get some of those special ones with catnip in them. Mommy has had to start over quite a few times because of that. She doesn't put the catnip treats on the table anymore. I don't know why they call it catnip. Why not dognip? Dogs would love it, too; I know I do.

Sasha- Those silly humans will never learn that us dogs don't care what the treat looks like. That is a human marketing strategy. We are all about taste and smell. Glad you racked up on the human's unsightly mistakes though. I wish I could have been there for that. The catnip creations must be yummy with the idea of nipping cats. heehee. Not that I would ever do that! (Just in case any kitties are reading this.)
Does your mommy and daddy ever sneak a taste now and then? We know humans would eat them to if you let them. I hear they eat anything.

Velvet- Mommy and my sisters taste the treats once in a while, especially the muffins, but Daddy won't touch the stuff! My sisters said they're healthy treats. I eat anything and everything, so I can understand the temptation.
Sasha- I hear you there. Anything from the doorknobs down is mine. heehee. Strange that your Daddy won't eat them though. He must be a finicky eater.
So what is your favorite treat from the CiaoHound shop?

Velvet- I love, love, love everything! I love the crumbrulee treats sprinkled on my kibble and the cookies and the bistro bites. I really love trying new recipes! I guess my absolute favorite is the Sweet Potato Pie. It has sweet potato, peanut butter and honey in it. You can't beat that!

Sasha- Now, you're making me hungry, and I just had my daily kibble ration a few minutes ago. Oh, and it really isn't the same with out something yummy topping it for sure.
How do you find the time to work out while still "STEAK-ing" out the fridge between batches? I mean I have had those treats. They go in the fridge, and I just can't wait till they come out again. It is all I think about.

Velvet- Oh, I know what you mean, ... hey, wait a minute, .... how did you get some of my treats????? {{{Groan}}} Mommy says its nice to share. I'm glad you love them as much as I do :) Mommy moves the treats around so much its hard for me to keep track of where they are, so I sit and dance in the middle of the kitchen (Mommy does know what that little dance means, she just plays dumb sometimes and it makes her laugh, so she gets distracted). I think she is sending a video of my "technique". Using this method, I can get my exercise and my treats at the same time.

Sasha- Well, Um, you see the treats came to me in this little square box from the mail, and well, I just had to eat them. But, my Mommy made me share with my big brother, too. Mommies they are no fun when it comes to all you can eat treats. Loved the video by the way. I will have to work on my Beagle dancing to keep in shape.
From one hound to another, isn't it really hard to see all those yummy treats go out the door to someone other doggy's bowl? Oh, I can only imagine how much restraint it must take not to bite the mail carrier for taking those treats away from you.

Velvet- I didn't fully understand what those little boxes were for until this interview. I just knew treats went in the box and then out the door. Mommy would come back and not bring the box with her. It is very sad. If it weren't for the treats that stay behind, I would tear up those bad boxes, I know where she keeps them. She is going to send a picture of me watching the whole "boxing" procedure. You can see by the look on my face that it is a horrible scene to witness.On a personal note, Mommy is wanting to start some new hobbies so she can make stuff in advance and be able to work on them out of the house sometimes; treats have always been fresh-baked with each order and she won't have time to do that for several months. BUT, if you like her treats (and I know you do) she'll be baking on the weekends and posting on her blog what's available that week, starting mid-September when the weather cools down. If you have any questions, just email her at, and, here's her blog: You can see pictures of the goodies there streaming by from Flickr. MMMM, slideshow of food.
Sasha- Oh, I thought you knew about where those boxes went. Opps, I didn't mean to spill the kibble on that one. Good thing you have the left overs, or those boxes would be toast for sure. I enjoyed the pictures that you sent, too. I can't wait to see what creations your Mommy will come up with next. Just as long as she doesn't forget about us poor starving pets that need those delicious mouth watering treats. Oh, how I wish I new Mommy's paypal password cause I would order me some right now I tell you.

Thank you Velvet for the interview and thank your mommy with kisses from me for typing it all up for you. We better keep those humans around cause our paws sure do get tired from all this typing. Plus, they know how to scratch those hard to reach places so nicely.

Velvet- Thank you so much, Sasha, for the interview, too. I don't think we hounds get listened to enough and you know we have a lot on our minds.

Friday, August 28, 2009

I gots a pedicure today!

Hi all. Your doxie friend Sasha here. I finally convinced Mommy that I needed my nails done. I guess the chewing on them constantly finally convinced her. She took me to my groomer to do it as always, but there must have been a first timer there today cause boy that pooch was howling and yawling something horrible when I walked in. It made me a bit scared you know like how you humans get at the doctors or dentist if you hear a lot of yelling and crying going on. Mommy carried me in, and after a few pets I realized the poor dog was just be missing his family. You know those big dogs are really big babies when their mommies and daddies aren't there. Well, I got my nails done. Nice and short. No more snags on the rugs when zooming. Mommy said she might even paint them again soon.

Well, the rest of the afternoon was mostly play time now that I can doxiehoover again. Then, took a short nap while Mommy was making her new doxie 2010 calendar. It stars me of course in some rather yummy photos and is for sale in our etsy shop. I will post pics.

Well, off to do some late night worm hunting, They ran the sprinklers late this evening and all the big juicy ones pop up about this time. Night all.

Friday, August 21, 2009

My Interview With A Super Model!

Sasha here. I got the chance to interview one of ETSY's top doggy super models today. Her name is Cleara and she works exclusively for Diana at DianaDesignsNY and StylinDogsBoutique.
Special thanks to Diana for typing up all of Cleara's answers for us, and to her hubby who missed out on some quality dinner time in the process of providing you with this interview. We doxies sure know how important dinner time is for sure.

Sasha: Cleara, how did you get your big break into doggy fashion super modeling?

Cleara: It is probably due to my excellent attitude and focus during the shoot.It all started when my brother Giupetto and my sister Gianna were misbehaving during their modeling session with Mom. She just couldn't get a good shot. So she gave me a try. Once she saw how well I hold a pose she started to use me more and more for her shoots.

Sasha: Way to go for out showing your siblings! We doxies know how hard it is to always be the pick of the litter.
How do you keep in shape? Is it strictly can of air or do you sneak a little helium in there occasionally? Come on we know all the inflatable dog models are doing it now a days.

Cleara: I will tell you this, I am not full of hot air like some of those other models, and helium goes right through me. When I hear "Cleara, I need you Honey", I fill up with pride. That is my special ingredient.As far as staying in shape, well I have my "ups and downs", but I have always been a light eater.

Sasha: Aw, pride makes every doggie's head swell. Not saying you have a big head or anything, but us dogs really get a high off knowing you pleased your mommy or daddy.
Does the outfits you model ever rub you the wrong way? I mean you must have some preferences bold print verses pastels. Maybe, you prefer the softer fabrics like the cotton blends or the oh so soft fleece.

Cleara: Well, I have a very pale complexion. Sometimes I feel invisible in a crowd. So I like outfits that are bright and bold and make me stand out.And I'm not crazy about sweaters. I have a very large head, cute but large, and Mommy has to squeeze me to get the sweater to fit over my head. I don't complain though because super models never complain.

Sasha: Aw, your head isn't that large, and yes it is very cute, too. I so wish I could be invisible sometimes. You know when you come in extra long and extra cute body, it is really hard to be invisible. Well, enough talking about me. We are here to learn more about you.
Do your siblings ever try to take a nibble at your heals? I know from experience how hard it is to just say no to plastic.

Cleara: Well, this is my secret. I keep treats in my pocket. If they go for the nibble I toss them a treat. It works every time. Nibbles would be a disaster to my skin.

Sasha: Aw, the old treat and distract technique. Works every time! Good thinking. You might want to mention that to my mommy to get me off my plastic habit. heehee.
Anything else you would like your fans to know? Maybe, a commercial coming up or a book deal in the works?

Cleara: Oh yes. Mommy has a new Halloween Witch sweater she wants me to model for her. It is very cute, and coming soon.And there has been some discussion of a movie about my life called "My Life on the Shelf". It's a combo of "Seinfeld" meets "Make Me a Super Model". That is all I am saying about that.

Sasha: I can't wait to see you as a Halloween Witch. Hallowiener Day is one of my favorite holidays. The movie sounds quite entertaining as well. Hope you get an Oscar Mayer award for that one. Oh, and thank you for taking the time from your busy shoot schedule to interview with me today.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Please, vote for me again.

Vote for me at this link, pretty please with kibble on top. (To vote just leave a comment with your name and maybe were you know us from at the link above. You can vote only once a day. It must have somekind of ID so the people running the contest know it is an original vote. )

I have been trying for months to win the petsjubilee photo/video contest box. Please, help me. I really need those treats. This month theme is beat the heat. I am a furry black and tan wienie that has the best way to beat the heat out of all those other critters-Ice Fishing. See video link on the voting link provided and you will understand. Thank you in advanced for voting for me, your furry friend Sasha.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I got mail yesterday!

Haven't been on cause Mommy has been so busy lately. She has been painting up a storm which has allowed me time to work on my cute little doxie photo expressions. heehee.
Well, I think she is done painting for a bit cause yesterday she was back to taking pics of me in the backyard. Something about Christmas cards or some such silly human thing.
But, the best part of yesterday was when I got another hubby stuffed bone from StylinDogsBoutique on etsy. I so generously gave Charlie my old one and headed strait into chewing when Charlie was under the mistaken idea that the new bone was for him. How silly is that. Really, everyone knows the dachshund is the one that gets all the prezzies that come in the mail right? Well, after some interesting discussion, a few zoomies, and me hiding the bone under me for quite some time. Charlie realized the old bone was his, and he proceeded to work out his frustrations on the poor toy. Enjoy the pics. Your furry friend, Sasha.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Petsubilee box the videos.

Here are two videos of me and my box from petsjubilee. It wouldn't fit on the other blog.

I got my petsjubilee box today!

Sasha here. I am so excited. It came today. Treats and prezzies that mommy won for me. All from the petsjubilee team on etsy. I am including pics. Mommy was making me share with Charlie and I was givening a bit of attitude about that. Well, I got to eat some doody pops and it was so good. Mommy wouldn't let me have any more treats cause I hadn't had dinner yet. Thank you Shari and the team for all the prezzies.

Monday, August 3, 2009

I got my new collar in the mail today!

Sasha here. Mommy won me a new collar in guess my dog's breed contest from PawishCompanions on etsy. It came in the mail today and I was so excited. My other one was getting really old, and it was so skinny no one could really see it. Also, it was a prezzie just for me that I didn't have to share with Charlie. I likes that a lot. I give pawish 4 paws up on the collar, and that ain't easy to do in this heat.

We also entered the petsjubilee August contest called Beat The Heat with this video: Ice Fishing Sasha Style. Paws crossed that we win the contest this month I really need those treats.