Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wake Us When Spring Really Is Here.

We have had the S word and winter weather most of this week. I is stick of it. So I told mommy to wake us up when Spring really gets here cause you knows what the ground hog lied big time this year!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I gots another prezzie in the mail.

Miss Tammy from earlybird454 sent me this cute collar flower for my B-day. I loves it so much. I thinks it makes me looks pretty and it is pawfect for spring. Doxie thank you kisses to you Miss Tammy.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Got My B-day Prezzie!

Hi all. I is officially 4 years old now by both my vet's records and my breeder's records. heehee. Long story on the two dates thing and I am pretty sure squirrels were involved somehow, but you know I am not minding celebrating my birthday twice. heehee.

Well, on to what I got for a prezzie. Miss Diana from StylinDogsBoutique made me this jumbo hubby stuffed bone stuffed by Super Stuffer himself. Mommy won it in a giveaway.

It has double squeakers, too!!

Then, Mommy knew Charlie would be left out so she got him a small hubby stuffed bone in camo color, too. We don't knows his b-day cause he was a rescue. But, we celebrate his gotcha or adoption day in November.

Then, I saws that his looked like fun cause it was smaller than mine and mommy kept throwing it. I gots bone envy bad.

Then, well, you know us wiener dogs on our birthdays. We gets anything we wants. Or at least temporarily.

Thanks for making my b-day special Mommy and Miss Diana and Super Stuffer and the G-G's and DaVinci and ....

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

It came! My B-day Treats Came!

Mommy came in from the mail with a very familiar square box. It was my treats from CiaoHound on etsy. I loves these handmade treats so much. They are way better than milkbones and the rest of those store bought treats.

I got lots of treats and a Birthday cake. I has to share with Charlie, but I is OK with that as long as I get some. I will get my B-day cake on Saturday and another familiar shaped package prezzie, too. I thinks I know what it is, but I won't tell Mommy. She likes these things to be a surprize.

You see, today is the day my vet says is my b-day. But, my breeder says my b-day is April 16. I believes the breeder cause they was there when I was born. But, Mommy still does something special on the 14th for mes. I knows I am so loved by my mommy.

Thank you Miss Shari for making me these treats. I will have a yappy fourth b-day because of you. Now off to beg at the fridge until dinner time. :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Charlie and I went to the groomers.

First of all, I am mad at mommy for making them give me the b-word. Seriously, I have avoided it this long what was a bit longer right. Nope, Mommy made them give me one and poor Charlie got the works. He wasn't happy with them at all.

I got a bath, brushing, pedicure, teeth brushing, and ears cleaned. Charlie got a bath, shave, pedicure, teeth brushing, ears cleaned, and the dreaded Butt Squeeze! He was so mad at them for messing with his butt. I heard lots of grumpy old man snarling and cussing from my station.

I was very good girl, and they told mommy that I was, too. But, no treats when we I got home, and our toys were still drying. Can you believe Mommy gave our toys a bath while we were gone and our blankets? You know sometimes I think these humans just go a bit nuts with the cleaning sometimes.

Mommy says we might get something called pumpkin to help Charlie not to have to get butt squeezed, but not sure what that is about. I hope it is something yummy.

Well, off to nap under the fresh out of the dryer blankies. Bark at you all later.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I gots my mirror today!

Mommy sent in a pic of my face for a little giveaway that goingplaces2 on etsy was doing. If I wons, then my face would be drawn and put on a cute little pocket mirror. Well, I wons and now I am famous in another shop on etsy. Well, sort of famous at least. I am on a mirror and that is pretty special.

Mommy got the mirror in the mail today as my prize for winning. Mommy thinks it is for her, but I already claimed it with my nose prints. heehee. A cute doxie like me needs to make sure my fur stays beautiful you knows.

Franks a lot Ginger for my new mirror.

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

The grass is getting greener, but...

The wind is sure a blowing.

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