Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Repair Man Grrrrowl!

You wonder why repair men make us doxies so cranky. First, they come in and we get pinned behind the baby gate or puppy prison crate. Then, they make lots of noise going back and forth to their truck to get tools and parts. We doxies get all excited all over again. Then, at the end of this horrible ordeal, they have to order a part. So in two to five weeks time, we will have to go through this trauma all over again. Grrowl! Mommy and Grandma aren't happy either. :(

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mommy smells like another dog!

Sasha here.
I tells you it isn't fair! Mommy goes out to get the mail without me and comes back with a little lost pup. Then, she sticks Charlie and me outside while this pup gets cuddled and a bowl of fresh water and more cuddles. Even Grandma just loved him up. Then, Mommy calls his owner and takes him out for a walk without a leash and comes back smelling like him. Not fair I say. I didn't even get to play with him. He was little like me, but not as long. Mommy said he was a pom chi mix, but all I knows is she smells like another dog and it is going to take me all night to get her smelling like me again. Humans!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I gots a pedicure today!

Sasha here.
I gots to go on a car ride to the groomers. The lady there did my nails and made them all nice and pretty. No more snagging on the carpet or blankies for awhile. I is very happy about that, and on the way out. I saw a senior doxie gentleman. He was very nice. He couldn't see me very well, but we exchanged sniffs any way. Don't see doxies much at my groomers so it was a bit of a surprise.
We got home, and mommy took lots of cute pics of me to make items out of later. I just hopes I don't become some hideous monster or something after mommy is done playing around with them on the computer. Woofs to you all.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Strange Visitor?

Sasha, the wiener dog here again.

That strange visitor came again today. You know the one humans can't see that just causes us doxies to bark our little heads off and look like all crazy barking at nothing. I showed mommy right where the visitor was by barking, pawing, and staring at a spot on the couch. But, she just gave me that do I need to call the vet for some doggy happy pills look. I sure wished the humans could see and hear what we do. Then, maybe they would let us bark more often.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Questions From A Curious Doxie Mind

1. How come all the good things in life are "fur-bitten"? Fur example, Garbage cans, rolling in bird poo, getting all muddy and wanting to snuggle on your human, and of course the neighbor dog's yard.

2. Why is it the dog food comes in a big bag, but they only give you a few kibbles in the bowl at a time?

3. How come just when you have found the perfect spot to go potty a squirrel or human on a bike goes flying past?

Any critter know the answer to these, cause us curious doxies want to know? Bark at you all later. Sasha.