Monday, January 28, 2013

Mommy and Mes gots a prezzie from the Petsjubilee team.

Hi all.  Sasha here.  I hads to pop on and share this awesome pawsome prezzie from our friends on the Petsjubilee Team on etsy.  They sent Mommy and me this awesome watercolor painting from Miss Eva's shop on ETSY called PaniEva. 

We just loves it because it fits our mission of the Squirrel Pawtrol and everything.  We is so honored to receive this special prezzie and we are putting it in our dachshund collection to stand guard against squirrel attacks. We loved the card, too.  It was so special.  Thank you all so very much.  It mades our day.  Doxie kisses to you alls.

You knows I had to first make sure all the secret messages weres declassified and hiddens from it before posting it.  For the Greyt Guard, I gots your hidden message and reinforcements will be sent pawto with extra squeaky toy rations for the current front line puppertroupers.  Long lives the home town hound heros of the Greyt Guard!  May, there be many squirrel pawtrol operations' stories to tell the grand pups for years to come.