Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dachshund Team new member and my poor tail.

Hi all,

It has been an interesting day today. We got another new dachshund team member. Yip Yap Furray! Jessica does the cutest cartoon doxies, and she draws way better than my mommy. Check out her store at chloejessica. She is really new to etsy too, and her shop cold really use some views. So please give her a click or two for me please with kibble on top.

Second, Mommy got two treasuries. One in treasury west which is all about what kissing leads to. And yes, us wiener dogs are in it, too. It is called Kissing. The main treasury mommy just got after waiting all afternoon. Two hours is a lot longer than they say on etsy. It is Doxie Arfist Unleashed. And all about us. So you have to peek at that one. Must see for doxie lovers like yourself.

Third, my precious tail got stepped on by grandpa today. Those big human feet with shoes hurt so bad. I yipped and yapped and yowled. Grandpa petted me and said he was sorry, but it still hurt. The next time he went walking by I hid behind Mommy's legs and quick. So folks watch out for use little short long ones down here, please. My tail is OK now, but I am not going to forget that anytime soon.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Dachshund Team has another new member.

Hi all,

Your cute little furry doxie friend here as usual. Yesterday was a very busy day for us so we didn't get to write.

First, we had a new dachshund team member. Yip Yap Furray! She has a cute little mini dachshund and is addicted to doxies like my mommy. Her shop is different than others on our team because it is all about custom wedding monogrammed items. I was thinking when Mommy showed me her shop that I might have to hook up with her to help plan Oscar (my prince charming dachshund) and my wedding. We will be engaged for almost a year soon. But, enough talking about little old me. Here is her shop called NolaEventDesign. Give it a peak, she is new to etsy and still learning so her shop is small right now. But, we all know how that is just starting out.

Second, I got to go to the post office and to a play date at Frito's house. Boy, was that a blast. We got a few zoomies in. I wanted to play more, but the red wagon gang doesn't play as long as I do. They should come to my house and play with my big brother Charlie and me. We can go for 20 minutes zooming around the house.

After the play date, I got home and there was a package in the mail. We got little red wooden doxies from my Oscar's daddy. Tony runs the shop woodnwonders and sent them to mommy to make something really special for our store product line. I am not telling yet what it is, but stay tuned there will be something really special coming to our etsy shop in the next few weeks.

Then, after all that, my mommy got to baby sit a friends daughter who is 4 years old. She is very smart for a human pup, too. They were playing with these bright plastic things that looked like kibbles, but every time they dropped mommy told me to leave it. I got one and spit it out quick it wasn't kibble. Just hard little plastic things. Mommy called them beads. Well, after the bead dropping time. I got lots of pets and some bites of food from the little girl. Human pups sure do give away some really tasty food. Mommy didn't like that though. She was afraid I would get a tummy ache.

Well, I better being going for now. I wonder what lovely adventures await me today.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dachshund Team Member Spotlight: ClayConnections

Hi all,

Sasha here. It has been a slow day in the doxie neighborhood today so I thought I would spotlight one of our team members shops today.

So put your paws together and give a little wiener dog love to ClayConnections. This store is different than others we have featured on here. She does clay miniatures and mostly food type items in her store. She has slowly gotten addicted to us little long ones like the rest of us, and is hoping someday to have a long doggy of her very own to love. She is not only a member of our Dachshund Team, but a co-captain/ leader of it, also. I will post some pictures of products for sale in her etsy store at: So be kind and give this cute and unique shop some loves.

In other news, mommy got a main treasury today. It is called doggy bags. Could use a few pets if you have time. hint hint. Take care all until we chat again. Happy tails to you.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Dachshund Team Member!

Hi all,

It's me Sasha. I just wanted to introduce our newest dachshund team member SophiesThreads. Addie the etsy shop owner makes harnesses and collars that are so cute and functional. She has three furkids and started designing the harnesses for her two dachshunds. As many of you know, it is hard to find stylish and well made harnesses out there for our long bodies. I myself can't seem to were my pretty outfits with a harness on. These combine an outfit with a harness in such a cool way. There are pics above of two of her cool products for sale in her etsy shop. Well, welcome to Addie, her furkids, and her unique shop to our little etsy Dachshund Team. Yip Yap Furray!

On other news, apparently mommy was informed by a good friend that our blog's comments were broken. She thinks she fixed it so hopefully we will be getting comments again. Sorry for all those that have tried to post recently. I blame the squirrels. They tend to be mischievous in undermining dachshund communication lines. Well, take care all. Woofs to you and the furkids out there.

Monday, February 23, 2009

It's Me!

Ok Sasha here.

Mommy got another treasury west this morning. It is called If Wishes Were Fishes. This one is interactive with magic fish. heehee. Close your eyes, make a wish, and click a fish. Hope your wish comes true. I am wishing for more treats today. I better click one of the really expensive fish for that one. heehee.

Good news. A friend of ours made a black and tan doxie that looks just like me by knitting. She did a great job, and it can use a good home now. It is at What do you think Sassy Sasha 2? Well, I likes it and am going to be promoting it to it sales.

Mommy has been crafting like crazy again. She has a new bookmark set that she made cute little cartoon wiener dogs and some new cards. They will be in our store eventually. Well, off to go chase some squirrels or something. Take care.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Treasuries and doggy thoughts

Sasha here.

Not much happening lately. Mommy spent most of the day getting two treasuries. Main treasury called So Long, and it is about us long ones of course. The next one is Furry Little Monsters in Treasury West. There are dachshunds in that one, too. And some cute little monsters.

OK. Here is my thoughts for today. One why is it whenever anything goes missing they blame the dachshund? Mommy lost a sock from the dryer. You know there is a monster in the dryer that chews them up, and spits them out a few days later just so us cute little furbabies get blamed. Just because the sock was under the couch when mommy went to retrieve my ball doesn't mean that I put it there. Right? Two, why do humans get good smelling food like steak when we get same old boring kibble every day? Mommy and grandma had steak today, and it smelt so good. When I came over to investigate I got the go lay down from both of them. It is just not fair. We doggies get tired of kibble you know. Imagine having cereal without milk everyday for the rest of your lives. It is just horrible. Well, take care folks, and give those poor doggies a break every once and awhile.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The strange incounter called a "car wash"..

Sasha here.

Today was a very exciting day. Mommy, Grandma, and Grandpa took me for a car ride. I was so excited. I watched out the window and wagged my tail at all the people going by. Then, we made our first stop. I knew the place for sure. I was getting a pedicure. Mommy had told me I was in need of one. She is too chicken to do it herself because I have black nails and all. Well, the lady was behind the wall grooming a big black dog, and said she would be there in a minute. She asked if mommy had an appointment. Mommy said no we were just here for a nail trim. She OK, be there in a minute. She askes if I would need a muzzle and to be restrained. Can you believe that. All that just to have a pedicure. Mommy said no that I was a good girl and only gave kisses for pedicures. The lady asked what breed and Mommy told her I was a dachshund. Apparently, they didn't get dachshunds in and the ones they did were not usually well behaved. She came over and gave me a few ear scrunchies and was cutting my nails while mommy held me. I gave her a few kisses, mommy paid her, and we were on the road again. I knew we were not headed for home so I did a little excited whimper. You just never know what kind of adventures you will have on car rides. We kept driving till we got to this place where all these cars were in line. A guy came up to grandpa and asked what would it be today. Grandpa told him something and handed him money. The guy waved us into this cave like thing. It was all so interesting at first. There was a guy that was by the window so I gave him a good sniffing through the glass and wagged my tail so much I almost fell off Mommy's lap. Then, he sprayed water at the window, and I jumped back and hugged mommy. I thought for sure this was some evil tricky way of sneaking a bath on me. Then, no water hit me, and so I went back to watching the guy with the water. Then the car moved a little, and the guy disappeared. I was looking for him when a rainbow puked on the window. It was pretty colors, but scared me more than anything else. I hid my head on mommy's shoulder refusing to look. She petted me, told me it is OK, and then I was feeling brave enough to have another peek. Then, these blue hairy monsters were rubbing up against the car. It was kind of interesting to watch until the load blowing monster that kind of sounded like the sucking monster that I have to protect mommy from at home, but louder. Mommy covered my ears, and it made it a little better. Our hearing is way more sensitive than yours. After it was all over and we drove off. Mommy treated me to a bite of hamburger. It was yummy. Oh, and the car looked awfully clean. So all I can figure is humans not only are obsessed with getting themselves wet, us doggies wet, but also their cars wet, too. No someone explain to me why you have to bath a car. They don't smell bad when they are dirty. Oh, well. Off to get some Zs from my exciting outing. Oh, and no new pics of me today so I will give you an old one of me from last year. Night all.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Evil White Stuff Is Falling From The Sky!

Sasha here.

I was just beginning to think we had the end of the white stuff for this year since the birds have been rather busy lately gathering things for their nests. Then, when mommy went to the wood shed to get more wood to build us poor cold doggies a nice warm fire I followed her and it was back. It was a light sprinkle of snow every now and then, but it was still falling. Mommy calls it snizzleing. We came back in to enjoy the warmth of a new fire for most of the evening.

Then, a few minutes ago when I went to do my last business of the night. It wasn't just snizzling, but big flakes, and our nice potty path was covered with the icky white stuff again. So I did what any dachshund would do in a situation like this. Pee on the step and turn around without even venturing one little precious paw in that cold white stuff. Mommy knew I had to poo like all good mommies, but do you think I wanted to go out there in that stuff to poo. You have got to be crazy, but mean mommy made me. I was forced off the step and into that cold white stuff where I gave mommy the pathetic hound eyes, shivered, and whined. This had no effect. I got the pointed I mean business finger and the horrible words "go poo". So I sniffed and walked on three legs just to show how miserable I was. Then, found a spot to poo. But, I gave one more pleading look at mommy before I did, and I got the "Now!" look. So I pooed, and ran back up the steps as fast as my long body would let me, and to the door that Mommy had conveniently opened before I ran into it. I wasn't about to stop or I know she would make me go back in it for sure. Yes, my mommy is so mean. It is totally not fair that humans get indoor rain free and snow free potty time. No wonder they take so long to do their business.

Friday, February 13, 2009

OK My mommy is a crazy crafter.

Sasha here.

I have noticed mommy crafting like crazy recently. I think it is cabin fever or something, but today I think she has gone a little too far. Her goals today were making a giant magnet out of a cd case so that you can change the pictures of cute little me on, Easter egg dachshund gift tags, and trying to make me into a hula doxie. Trust me no way was she going to get me in a grass skirt and coconut shells. Well, you will see the results in our etsy stores in the days to come. All I can say is you have been fur warned. MY MOMMY IS A CRAZY CRAFTER!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Well, the Sniffulous bill past in the USA.

Sasha here.

Not much going on. Sells are slow in our etsy shop, but I know times are ruff when the human government passes a Sniffulous Bill. Not sure what it is all about you know me being a dog and all, and mommy has her doubts on whether or not it is going to help put kibble in the bowls of hard working American families out there. But, we are all hoping for the best.

I am still wondering about the president's dog though. That was one of his first promises, and he can't break a promise like that. Anyone heard news on the future first dog?

Well, we got a treasury west and it is called Etsy ARF-ist Unleashed. Yep, more cool doggy stuff. So give some pets and looks, and who knows it might just give some lucky pup art out there a leg up on a new home.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Open Season 2 best wiener dog movie of the year!

Sasha here.

I loved Open Season 2. Mr. Wienie was so cool. Four paws up on this one even if I have to roll on my back to do it. The movie was all about a wiener dog and the pets verses wild animals. All you wiener dog lovers must see it. Me and Mommy have watched it two times now. It is so awesome pawsome.

Mommy has been making some new cards for our etsy store should be showing up this week sometime. Some are really funny and the patriotic was is pretty cool, too. Mommy joined another team on etsy. The human that does my favorite treats is involved with it. Apparently, she sales team sample boxes at the PetsJubilee Team Store. So if you love pet items and want to sample some of the best stores for pet lovers on Etsy check out the

Treasury update. We got a brand new treasury today devoted to pets called PET ME! It could use a few views and clicks if you have time. Well take care all.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Space Buddies from a dachshund perspective.

Sasha here.

Not much new today. Given grandpa lots of tender loving doxie care in his recuperating. Mommy posted her new game in her etsy store. And I watched Space Buddies!

I give the movie two paws up for humor. The reality part of it could use a little work. The bull terrier was cute and very smart. Must be a pro canine actor. The ferret was awesome even though I had to suppress my urge to pounce on it at the screen. The, the puppies. Who doesn't love cute little puppies. The one with the gassy problems was too funny. But, I have to admit Rosebud was my favorite with her trendy fashion sense. Got to love the pink space suit at the end.

Well, posting my doxie in space photo for laughs and one of mommy's new game she made. Take care all.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So much to bark about!

Sasha here.

My grandpa came home from the horspittal today. He is resting right now, but I got a good ear scrunchy and belly rub from him so I am happy. I guess I will be on doxie nurse duty for awhile to keeps him out of trouble.

Mommy got two treasuries. One in the main treasury and one in treasury west. The first one in the main treasury is all about Franks and Beans. Mommy and her play on words again has to get some wieners in some how you know. The second one is the one that Mommy let me put together. My treasury is all about the stupid groundhog telling us we have 6 more weeks of winter. I wants spring I tell you. It is titles DARN GROUNDHOG! There are a few wiener dogs in it, but lots of other cool items as well. As always, we could use some views and clicks. Pretty please with kibble on top!

Next, Grandma bought Space Buddies on DVD for us today. I can't wait to see it. Only thing that would be better is if they were dachshunds. But, I love a good puppy movie any day. I will let you know how it is after I watch it.

Last, mommy is working on her new dachshund math game for human pups to play. She will sell it in her etsy store when finished so keep an eye open for it. Her games usually sell quickly, and this one is pretty cute one.

Well, I guess that is enough barking for now. I gots to go watch Space Buddies you know and snuggle with grandpa. Take care all.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wow, what else can go wrong?

Sasha here.

Sorry that I haven't written in a few days, but well we had a bit of a family emergency, and things have been crazy. My grandpa, mommy's daddy, was taken to the horspittal. The human vets said he was bleeding inside, and they fixed it, and now he is doing much better. Everyone here at home has been so stressed. You know we dogs pick up on those kind of things. So Charlie, my big brother, and I have been on our best behavior and giving lots of kisses when ever we can sneak them in. I am missing my grandpa right now, and think it is totally not fair that they won't let dogs in the horspittal. I can snuggle in his hospital bed under the covers and keep hidden. Oh, well. Mommy says he should be home soon, and I will get my belly rubs while he is putting on his shoes once again. Sorry no new pictures of me today, but I might find one of mine from last year about this time to give you your Sasha fix. Take care all.