Friday, August 5, 2011

I Have Been Wounded!

Last night it happened. I blame the squirrels you know! They must have had some kind of booby trap on the back door. I was just zooming in from going potty outside and the bottom of the door where it slides open reached up and grabbed me. My toe hurt so bad. I yelped and was bleeding and mommy was like oh no what did you do. She looked at it and my nail came off and was hanging by some skin. I was bleeding and yelping when she put pressure on it so she rushed me to the emergency vet around 11 pm last night. They cut the hanging part off, and then trimmed all my nails so short that mommy has never seen them ever this short. Mommy uses the safety cutters and had just trimmed them, but seriously I do think squirrels are to blame. I have been through that door thousands of times and not one owie. My brother Charlie wanted to go with me, but I made him stay behind and be on the alert for Squirrel attacks on the house. I know they were trying to get me away for some reason, but I just don't know what it is. Now, being layed up, my poor old brother has to do the squirrel patrols without me.

Well, I have to take these weird kibbles that the vet gave my mom. She shoves them down my throat, and I tells her I will take them fine just put them in some steak and cheese. But, she still does it her way. I get cheese or bread or a little peanut butter afterwards, and today. Mommy gave me a bite of tuna sandwich. I think I can get use to this special treatment. But, I still do wonder what the squirrels are up to now.

This blog was typed by my mommy and somethings just didn't translate well from dachshund to human.

Monday, August 1, 2011

We got new squeakies!

Mommy won a game that Miss Diana (from StylinDogsBoutique) did on the Petsjubilee Blog. So we picked a couple small squeakies as our prize and they came today. We played with them down in the basement cause it was way too hot to play upstairs. Mommy got a birthday prezzie from Miss Diana, too. A cute little red doxie sculpture. She loves it and will put it in her dachshund collection. Here is a slide show of what we got: