Saturday, July 27, 2013

Another Hot Saturday.

Sasha heres.  It is another hot hot day.  You knows us black and tans just are not built for the sun.  I am stayings in the house with the AC thank yous. 

Mommy has been working on shirts and you knows I gots to show them off.  This one heres is the ugly (mommy's word not mines) art process doodle shirt. It is being dried now in the hot air machine that makes my blankies nice and warm. 

This is the firedoxie shirt finished.  It is in the washer now. 

This is the newest shirt Mommy is workings on.  Kind of looks likes me.  You knows I am always Mommy's little angel.  Except whens my horns comes outs.  BOL. heehee.
Wells, I best gets back to relaxing in the AC.  I thinks it might even be too hots for those darn squirrels out there.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Awesome Prezzie And Shirt Previews

Hi alls.  I knows long timey no bloggy.  But, it is really hard these days to sneaks on the computer and of course I have been conscerned about the new squirrel arms race that is developing.  And nos mommy's I don't believes it was justs the TV.  Those squirrels are getting dangerous I says.

Well, enoughs about thats.  I wills blogs whens I can.  And that's the bests I cans dos.  Mommy got the best prezzie from Miss Shari and Velvet today.  It cames while she was getting her allergy shot so I of course officially cleared it and guarded it until she gots home. 

Grandma wouldn't lets me guard the chocolates.  Something abouts them killings me or some such thing.  Likes I didn't already knows that's. 

But, the doggy flower smelt so good.  Even Charlie took a sniffs.  But, not Bears cause he would eats it.  I knows he woulds.  And I hads to guards it until Mommy saws it. 

Mommy gots home and she was so happy.  It really mades her day.  I think if she would have had a tail it woulds have been wagging so fast.  Miss Shari and Velvet you just don't knows how special this was and all.  It was the perfect pick me ups/ b-day prezzie for mommy.  She says thanks you very very very much and you so shouldn't have. 

On another notes, Mommy has been makings more doxie tie dyed shirts.  Some of the petsjubilee team folks were eagers to see the new ones so I thoughst I woulds shows them off heres whiles I is blogging and alls.

This is the beach scene shirt fronts and backs.  This one is reserved for Miss Diana, but if she doesn't wants it then we will puts it up in the etsy shop for anyones to grab.  It still needs to be dried, ironed, and washed agains though.

This is the firedoxie one that Mommy is workings on rights nows.  She still has much to dos on its, but I think it is pretty doxierific already.

Well, I best ends my bloggy for now.  Again, thank you Miss Shari and Velvet for makings Mommy so happy with the surprise prezzie.