Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sasha Verses The Evil Sprinkler System!

Sasha here. Your furry friend has had a hard time battling the evil sprinkler system. Mommy just laughs, but the darn thing comes on when you least expect it. We went out to potty, and I was just getting down doing my business. When the horrible beast started to hiss, spit and sputter. Then, it was a full fledged doxie attack. I did my best, but I was trapped between three different evil water squirting beasts. I ran as fast as I could to the dry rocky zone and whimpered my pathetic pleas for mommy to help me. She just laughed. She says it is all about timing, but she doesn't have my short little legs and is low to the ground. How am I suppose to watch three sprinklers, and where I am going at the same time. I managed to walk the edge and get to the deck with only a slight spritzing. Then, she pulls out kibble to torture me with. I wanted the kibble, but didn't want the evil sprinklers to soak me either. I braved the dark scary place under the deck that I had not gone since my trauma as a wee little pup, and came up between the steps. Mommy rewarded my cunning and bravery with a handful of kibbles. I think I should have got bacon for all that, but hey I takes what I gets. Well, off to dread the next sprinkler attack.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Hi all,

Today is my mommy's birthday. We started our day by sleeping in. I always let her sleep in on her birthday. Then, we had breakfast and lots of play time. I let her give me all you can rub tummy rubs. I gave her lots and lots of kisses, and am still trying to figure out how to make a cake for her. Not sure she likes mud cake. I found a worm to put on top, but something tells me she would not want it. Humans are so finicky you know.

Mommy is trying to make me something special for winter. I am not sure what she has planned, but there is a big square box, and she put dirt in it, and is trying to grow some grass in it. She kept saying something about pottying in that on the back deck this winter instead of the snow. I am kind of liking the not pottying in the snow thing, but not sure the box idea sounds so neat. Cause you know, doxies aren't cats! Take care all.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Video Contest-Yes, I am trying to get treats again.

Sasha here. I am in a video contest this time to get those ever so needed box of treats that I lost last month. Here is the link at to vote: Sasha #2. Leave a comment and some kind of ID to let the person running it know it is an original vote. It can be your first last name with where you know me from, google account, etsy url, or something. This month I am determined to win. So please, please, with kibble on top vote for me. Here is a video to show you just how much I need those treats while you vote for me. Thank you and double dachshund kisses to those who vote.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The battle at my water bowl!

Hi all. Sasha here. There was a vicious battle at my water bowl today, and I have video to prove it. This video might make you humans realize how much us doxies have to protect our water bowls, and it ain't funny mommy. So stop laughing at me.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Interview with my Cuz Toy.

Sasha here. I have been viewing a lot of blogs lately to see how to improve my little dog blog here. Well, a few of the bloggers out there have been doing interviews on their blogs. So I decided to do one on mine. Here is my interview with my cuz toy.

Sasha: So is it hard being a doxie's chew toy? I would think some days you would just not feel like squeaking.

Cuz: Well, life was pretty good till you bit my tail off. I got to go everywhere, even outside. The only squeaky that your mommy would let you take outside you know. Then, you bit my tail off. AgggH!

Sasha: Well, I is sorry about the tail. Got a little over zealous with my chewing I guess.

Cuz: A little? I have a stub of a tail now, and all us toys knows what happens after the first rips and tares. The big trash can in the kitchen is our fate.

Sasha: Mommy wouldn't throw away you. You don't have stuffing to get all over the house like the others. Besides. I luvs you.

Cuz: Aww. That is so sweet. Just watch the dismembering and all will be forgiven.

Sasha: Deal.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Petsjubilee Video Talent Contest Entry

Sasha here. This is my entry for the talent video contest this month on Petsjubilee team. I am once again hoping to win me some treats. Wish me luck and enjoy my video.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009