Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pet Photo Contest and I gets in Big Trouble!

Hi all Sasha the cute and long little dachshund here. I just couldn't wait any longer to tell you all about the petsjubilee pet photo contest. Mommy and me are team members so we can't vote or be in it this go around, but there is already like ten cute and furry contestants. We need more. If you have an etsy account, then go petsjubilee blog for more details and to see the furbabies in the contest. (If you don't have an etsy account and want to sign up with etsy go to and sign up). Mommy and I came up with this idea, and we hopes to see lots of cute critter friends in the contest. Go pets! Oh, and don't forget the May samples boxes are available in the petsjubilee team etsy store starting May 1st. Your pets would want you to go to these links.

OK, now to the me getting in big trouble thing. Mommy and the grandparents took away my backyard and sprayed all this green foamy grass stuff on it. Well, mommy said no yard zoomies or pottying till the grass grows in and that could be weeks. Mommy thought she would get me to potty while walking on a leash in this rocky area, and I was saying no way to that. First of all the leash is for walks and car rides not for potty trips. It spoils the whole excitement of seeing the leash. Second, I am low to the ground pottying on rocks is like you guys wiping your bums with sandpaper. It ain't fun at all. So I staged a no pottying protest. And well, at some point you just can't hold it any longer, and well. You guesses it. I peed on the hallway carpet. I was grounded from the computer and given a big time out. After mommy was done being upset, we had a chat, and we came up with a compromise. She fixed an area on the side of the house with a baby gate attached to the fence so that I could have off leash potty time. It still has to be on rocks, but I gave up the comfort to have a little freedom. Well, off to look out the window and watch the grass grow. Paws crossed for magic grass seeds that grow very quickly.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

So much going on!

We have two new members to the dachshund team. Mommy joined facebook, and has been addicted to that, yard work galore, and so much more. I even had a play date yesterday, and it was a lot of fun hanging with my wiener dog buddies. I am trying to convince Mommy I need to join dogbook, but she says maybe once She gets the hang of facebook.

One new team member is Pam and Pepperini's store the CosmicPepperini. The other one is joolzbyairdrie. Cool little jewelry shop. Please, take a few peaks at what the new pups on the Dachshund Team are up to in their stores.

Well, got to go mommy has to go harvest crops and feed virtual Sasha or something like that on facebook. Silly, humans.

Friday, April 17, 2009

It was my birthday and I'm 2 years old now!

Hi all,

Sorry I have been away the last few days. We have been so busy. First my birthday, mommy babysitting, wood gathering and storing for next winter, and then mommy got hooked on facebook with lots of games. It has been busy.

I had my birthday and got a birthday sample box from petsjubilee team store. I have video down bellow of all the fun with that. If you haven't got one before, you must leave hints for your humans to get you one. I always love the favoriting the link method or if you are very sneaky just find your human's paypal password and get one yourself. heehee

I got so many goodies. I got a bandanna from craftsofdistinction. I got a bow which I had to wear all day on my birthday from doggiestylin. I got a yappy birthday card from foreverfoxed. I got a angel pet charm from beadedspiritdesigns. Oh, lots of treats from Petables, luckydgotreatcompany, divinecanine, and ciaohound. Then, the best surprise ever my own birthday cake from ciaohound. Thank you all for making my birthday so special. Four Paws up, for giving me happy wiggle butt tail wags!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt Doggy Style!

Hi all,

Sasha here wishing all you humans and furkids a Happy Easter! The Easter Bunny had a tight budget this year so no new toys, but I got to have my very first egg hunt. Mommy told the Easter Bunny that I was old enough to handle it now without eating the plastic eggs. So Charlie and I had our hunt on the back deck since it was raining. I have video of that down below. It was a blast sniffing out those kibble filled eggs. I also had a bite of boiled egg. Never had that before and it was really good.

Etsy news mommy made two treasuries. One featuring dachshunds of course called Dachshund Fun!. The other one featuring pet items called 4 the love of pets. Please, give clicks and views if you can.

Happy Easter all! Off to rest up from my egg hunting adventure.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Not much going on here.

Sasha here.

There hasn't been much news here. We have been enjoying the warm weather, and getting some quality long walks in. Mommy and I are reading the book Marley and Me. Mommy hasn't read it in awhile, and so we are reading it together now. That Marley seems like my kind of dog. He is always getting into trouble, and Mommy keeps telling me not to get any ideas. Now, really, some of the things he does would be really hard for short little old me to do. But, they are really funny. Mommy and me so badly want to see the movie, too. But, we will have to wait on that.

Well, I better go get back to laying in the sunshine and working on my fur tan. I do believe my tan markings are getting a little more reddish tan in the sun. Take care all.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Play date and more fun in the sun!

Hi all.

Sasha here. Today was the bestest day ever. First, I got to go on a play date to the redwagonwieners house. Frito and Zuke and I patrolled their back yard to the best of our wiener abilities. Apparently, they have new neighbor dogs, and one of the one WHO shall remain nameless has major issues with territory boundaries and trash barking. The things that dog was saying got all us wieners all riled up. I am a pretty mellow girl, but no newbie on the block of my wiener friends is going to come in barking at us like that. A wiener can only take so much you know. So I barked my mind at her and tried to teach her a little manors. Frito and me ran the fence border barking and setting her straight on a few issues and neighborhood rules.

After the visit, mommy scolded me in the car for carrying on so much. I just wished humans could understand dogs. She would have been over there with me if she only knew what she was saying. For the record, I wasn't the rude one.

We came back home, and mommy was helping move things into the new shed. You know the one that replaced my beloved sandbox. Well, I started to dig in the gravel by the new shed where my sandbox use to be by the way, and boy did I get scolded by grandma and grandpa. Mommy stuck up for me and said that I was digging where I was taught to dig, and that doxies have to dig. Don't think it got very far with the grandparents. I gave up digging for some zoomies around the yard with Charlie, and then we both took a nap in the big swing outside.

It was a great day to be a wiener dog. Even if I was fussed at a lot today. I am so over that. heehee

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Sun is here. Yippee!

Sasha here.

The sun is back today. After a few days of snow , rain, and melting snow, I do believe the sun is here today. My puppy prayers have been answered. I won't be on much today. I have to patrol my yard and see what outside toy treasures that I can find that were buried in all that snow. It is like a dachshund version of a Easter Egg hunt. woohoo!

Mommy has been busy making her sensory bottles doggy style and I do say they are cute. I even tried to grab one, but mommy said no. Not for doggies she said. Not fair! Cause they look like so much fun. I would just play with them with my paws, but mommy doesn't believe me. Something about me having a plastic addiction.

I am posting a picture of me trying to get my paws on one of the bottles and a video to show you what the bottles do. The video is a little dark. We tried one outside, but the sun was creating a glare on the bottles. Too bright today. Well, got to go find my shades, and enjoy some fun in the sun. Take care all.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Make It Stop! It is spring already.

Sasha here.

I am sick of it. I woke up this morning and it was all white again. You know it just isn't fair for us little dogs to have to potty in the white stuff, but we live with it all winter. We dream of warm spring days and rolling in the grass, but when everyone says it is suppose to be spring, and it is all white. It just ain't right! I didn't even get to go to the post office today cause mommy didn't know what the roads were like. I am sick of it. S I C K.

Ok, enough ranting. Not much going on here. Mommy heard back on the possibility of doing temp work, but so far she is in the beginning stages of that application process. I have my paws crossed for her. We are starting to work on our spring product line even though it don't look like spring yet here. Mommy is making the sensory bottles again. They are recycled bottles with water, oil, toys, and such. We will post pics when they are all done. Mommy also made some wallpaper kitty cards like the wallpaper wiener dog cards before. I made her put at least one wiener dog on them. I have issues with the neighborhood cat and didn't like the idea of mommy replace cute wiener dogs with kitties. But, Mommy said lets just agree to disagree. Like that ever solves anything.

Well, I will post a picture of what I woke up to this morning. Can you believe it is April. Take care folks.