Thursday, December 31, 2009

Yappy New Year!

Sasha, the sleepy dachshund, here. It is about 35 minutes till midnight our time and I might just make it this year. In the previous years, I have always nodded off by the time the new year came. I have had Charlie keeping me awake with constant licks in the face and of course frequent potty trips out in the cold snow which means more water rations for me today. I am doing my best, and just maybe I might make it this year. Paws crossed. Yawn. So sleepy though. Maybe, if I just shut one eye, or maybe two eyes....

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Santa Paws Visited Us Tonight!

Sasha here,
I just had to blog about this. I saw Santa Paws tonight. So I thought I would share my encounter with all of you.
Charlie and I were just getting into begging for some Christmas Eve dinner, when what did my little ears hear. The screech of breaks in front of our house. Charlie and I went straight to the front door to bark like usual. Mommy put down her plate of food, and went to the door, and who do you think should appear before her. A mail man at 6 in the evening on Christmas eve? We dogs think not. Charlie and I barked at this mail man impostor cause we know no postal carrier will be out that late and the mail already came for the day. Mommy thanked the man and wished him a Merry Christmas. Then, told us to hush, just as Mommy was shutting the door. I saw him. The mail man was Santa Paws, an all white doxie in a red Santa harness minus the hat of course. Santa Paws winked at me, gave me a doxie smile with a butt wiggle, and then magically turned back into the mail man. As he drove away, I can hear him bark Merry Christmas to all creatures great and small.
It was so awesome pawsome, and I was so excited. I was jumping up and down as Mommy was opening the package. It was treats from my favorite on-line Etsy shop Ciaohound and from Shari (or so the package said). But, I knows Santa Paws was in on this gift even if he just was part of the delivery service. There was so many yummy treats and a little something special for Mommy. So thank you Santa Paws and Miss Shari. You made me, Charlie, and Mommy very happy this year.
Merry Christmas to all, and if you believe in Santa Paws don't forget to let him know every once and awhile. :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Santa Paws and a message from Mommy.

Hello all,
Sasha's mommy here. My girl has been begging me all day to get her letter to Santa posted here on her blog. Puppers,pets, and peeps out there feel free to post your letters here, too. It is fun to see what all you out there want for Christmas. heehee.
I just wanted to thank 3 nice guys who did something very special today. I won't say what it was and I really don't know who they are, but lets just say that little things people do for others mean a lot these days. With all the negative things on the news, and the lack of holiday spirit because of the mess this economy is in, I find it rather refreshing to see people help others in times of need. These three guys gave nothing but a few spare minutes of their time in service to my family. In all this holiday chaos, it is these random acts of kindness that really show the true meaning of the holidays. I thank these nice men and their parents that taught them to help others before themselves.
Now here is Sasha's letter.

Dear Santa Paws,
It is me. Your cute and furry friend Sasha. It has been another long year, and you know I do try to be good. I have only had a couple accidents in the house, and I really haven't chewed up anything very valuable lately.
Well, I don't need much so anything you find laying around the shop that you think a little dachshund might enjoy is fine with me. Also, Charlie, my big brother could use something nice. He did love the treats you gave us last year. You know what Mommy needs, and so do lots of other people from whats I am hearing through the doggy bark line. Please, do your best to get all the puppers out there that need forever homes to find good ones like mine.
Lots of love, hugs, and doxie kisses,


PS: Barked to all the dogs on my block and you are cleared for delivery on the 24th. No air conditioning holes in the old Santa Suit this year, but I really wouldn't trust the neighborhood cats if I was you.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Tis The Season To Be Jolly!

Hi all.
Your cute little furry Santa dachshund here, Sasha. We have our tree up and of course it has dachshund ornaments on it. Miss Suz, you know the human that lives where I goes for my play dates paw makes the best clay doxie ornaments. Mommy has two of her creations on our tree that look a lot like me. She sales on E-BAY and ETSY in case anyone wants some of her lovely creations. Well, just stopped in to share pics of me in my Santa hat and the doxie ornaments. I am still working on my draft to my letter to Santa Paws this year. I am trying so hard to be good, but you know it is really hard for a dachshund to be good all year long. Take care all.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

I got a new bandanna and I am training Mommy.

Hi all,
Sasha here. Yesterday, I got a new bandanna in the mail. Another contest that mommy won something from for me. But, anyways, I had to show it off in the pics above. It came from PolyCritters on etsy.
Also, Mommy thinks she has been training me to do a new trick. She goes and hides my favorite squeaky ball out of my sight, and then I have to go find it. I was doing pretty good at it, and didn't have the heart to tell her that us doxies can read humans minds. I think it spoils the fun of human training that way. So every once and awhile, I will sniff it out just to make her think that I really don't know where it is. Then, she gets so excited and I get pets and treats when I find the ball. A doxie can't pass up pets and treats you know. heehee.