Friday, May 10, 2013

We got mail with prezzies.

Sasha here.  I knows I knows.  Long time no bloggy posts.  But, I has beens really really busy with training Bear for SP and of course lots of new things happening in my neighborhood.  Buts, anyways.  I do hopes you alls forgives me for not writing so much. 

Today, we all got prezzies from Miss K from kceknits on etsy.  She sents me, Bear, and Charlie three new toys.  I knews right a way which one I wanted.  But, of course little bro Bear had other plans.  But, all three of us shared them all very nicely.  Well, as nicely, as we knows how to do. heehee.  I still stake claims to the hot doggy.  Shh... Don't tells mommy that or she will makes me share it some more.  Miss K, also sent mommy some of those fancy wax things that don't taste very good.  Not sure what purpose they have, but the human kids use them a lot and they taste terrible.  I knows from my puppy days of course.  Bear hasn't learned that yet so Mommy is going to have to puts these special ones up until he does.  Cause, I knows for sure he will eats them.  Hey, he eats poo for dog sake.

We just wants to thanks Miss k for the special prezzies.  All of us had lots of fun with them and so did Mommy.  :)  You is so sweet to treat us to these prezzies.  It makes all our tails wag.  Well, Mommy's butt doesn't wag, but she did smile.  Apparently, smiling is a good thing with humans and it doesn't means back off or I will bite you either.  Humans sure are funny sometimes. 

Well, I has got to go hides my hot dog in my secret lair.  Untils, I blogs again, happy tails to you all.