Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bear In Training

Hi all.  Things has been going well since my paw has been all healed up.  Charlie and I has managed to stop the squirrels from taking over of what is remaining of our garden.  Apparently, they don't like green tomatoes being tossed their way. heehee.  Mommy often wonders how come the lawn is full of little green tomatoes, but we never let her see us aiming them at the nasty squirrels.

Bear, the new puppy, is still in training.  He does learn fast, but he just doesn't have the stickedittoitness that us doxies have.  Seriously, he rather chase the tomatoes and leaves falling than the squirrels.  But, we are working with him.

This is Bear after capturing his first Bobo in our bobo capturing game similar to your human's capture the flag.  You can see he is really proud of himself. 

This is one of our training techniques catching a bobo in the air.  Great for learning squirrel pawtrol airborne pawnewvers later.

This is me as drill doxie instructing him to go to silent stalking mode.  Apparently, he has a hard time controlling his yapper.

You can't deny the importance of classical dancing lessons to help steady a young pups pawwork.

All this Bear training makes me, drill doxie Sasha, a very tired wiener dog.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Squirrel Pawtrol Training Of Bear.

I is teaching Bear all I knows about the squirrel pawtroling.  He hasn't had all his shots yet so he can't go on any solo missions as of yet.  So he is focusing on his drills.  This one is the duck and cover.   You can see from a squirrel's point of view he doesn't even look like a dog in this position.  He still needs work on keeping the pose a wee bit longer before yapping, but he is doing pretty good for a pup in training.

This may look furrocious, but he is actually practicing his mouth to snout recessitation just incase of a dog down emergency. 

This one is a more skilled technique that is used for escaping squirrel P.O.W. capture.  Remeber give them only name, breed/species, and liscense number critters out there whenever you fall into squirrel enemy claws.

Finally, running long distance yard zoomies to build up stamina for secret long distance operations on squirrel home turf.  Caution when viewing if you experience motion sickness.  No kibble tossing on the keyboards out there please.  Cause the humans don't know you know how to use them remember.  Until, next time.  Your furry leader of the squirrel pawtrol Sasha.

Friday, September 14, 2012

I got treats in the mail today!

Hi all.

I gots treats in the mail today from Miss Shari and Velvet from Ciaohound on etsy.  Mommy mades me share, but I so loved my bites.  I haves been missing those treats.  You knows Charlie and I knew what was in the package right away.  We were jumping and begging and Bear just didn't understand how a silly box could be so exciting.  Then, the treats cames out and he tasted them and he now understands the power of homemade treats!  Thank you Miss Shari for them.  Mommy also loved the special card.  She read it while the three of us danced for more treats.

A couple weeks ago Miss Jutta who was visiting from across the pond gave Mommy some doggy sausage treats and some human short bread biscuits (cookies for us Americans).  I so loved those sausages, too.  Mommy loved the cookies.  Thanks, Miss Jutta for those. 

Mommy says we all needs to goes on a diet for all these special treats lately, but I just showed her our workout video instead.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Cone Of Shame

I think these pics bark for themselves.  Mommy wants to thank Miss Suz for letting us barrow her dogs' cone of shame for my rehab duration.  I am not so thankful, but you all could understand why I am sure.  My paw is feeling arfully itchy today's so Mommy says that means it is healing.  I also wants so bad to play and zoomie, but Mommy says no.  Mean Mommy, it was just a little toe owie!

I Is Recovering With Love

Hi all.  I is recovering from my paw surgery today.  The pics aren't that great cause I didn't want mommy to mess with it.  But, you all can see the owie between my toes.  Trust me it was a lot worse looking before the surgery.  A big bubble of infection and Mommy was really surprised that I wasn't limping on it.

You knows I blames squirrels for this.  Probably one of their backyard nut booby traps to put me out of commission for a week or so.  Darn squirrels and such a crucial time of year, too.  Charlie and Bear are doing their best at pawtrols in the backyard while I am recovering.

Well, I also wanted to say Mommy checked her e-mail last night (after a kindly reminder from someone who shall not be named :) ) after I was all comfy and cozy sleeping off my drugs the vet gave me.  She found a very special surprise and it just made her so happy.  She even cried a little.  But, don't tells her I said that.  She likes to be the big tough mommy you knows.  But, to all our friends that sent such a wonderful gift, we oh so appreciate it.  Mommy even said it was heaven sent.  You knows I bet she is right about that.  But, anyways, you all are so kind and loving.  You really do make a little wienie dog and her mommy feel there is much kindness in this big world out there.  For all you reading this, know we have awesome angels in human form lurking behind computer screens.

May all my thank you kisses that I am sending be felt to each and every one of yous today.  Sasha and thank you hugs from Mommy. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thank You All For The Long Wienie

Hi all.  Sasha and Mommy here.  We are just popping in to say thank you to some very special people.  We isn't naming names, but you all know who you are.  We got a special prezzie today and it came with some very sweet messages of love and kindness, too.  We just are so glad that we know such special people in this world that take time to make my mommy and me feel so loved.

We got this long wienie dog that is as long as I am and just love it.  You see I have an owie on my back paw and have surgery tomorrow and mommy has been stressed.  This just helped so much.  I am wondering if the vet will let me take it into surgery tomorrow or at least wake ups with it next to me.  Might have to ask Mommy.  If not, I am sure she will let me snuggle with it and her when I get home all wounded with the cone of shame and all. 

Anyways, thank you who helped with this special gift.  It meant a lot to Mommy and Me.  Hugs and Kisses, Sasha and Mommy.