Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dog Of The Flies

Now, that my garden guarding days are done for the year. I think I may have to be called Dog Of The Flies!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mommy got more prezzies in the mail.

Miss Alice from makingstuffwithlove gave mommy some prezzies in the mail yesterday. Mommy was so excited. She just loves them all because they look just like me. Cause I am extra long and cute just like these wienies.

The first and most fave of all the prezzies is the pillow case that Miss Alice made herself. Click on the picture below to get a link to one that is similar in her etsy shop. Mommy loves how the doxie wraps around the pillow to the other side and it has a cute collar, too. It even has a heart shaped tag just like mine. The doggy print fabric is just pawfect to put a doxie on cause I see doxies on the fabric, too. She even sent mommy a magic card to get the pillow to go inside the case. Not sure how that works. But, I thinks mommy gets to go to Hobby Lobby without me again. I wished they let dogs go there.

Then, in the package, there was this cute keychain from the UK. She got it from the artbyeliza shop on etsy. This photo is a link to one in her shop, too. Mommy of course had to attach my bye-bye car ride keys to it. We know whose car it really is now. heehee.

Lastly, there was this awesome coin purse that mommy just loved from persnicketypelican on etsy. I told her she could use it to store my bobo and treat funds. But, she ignored me. This photo is also a link to a similar one in their shop.

Miss Alice, I wants to thank you for all you gave my mommy. My mommy already thanks you. You are a very sweet and kind human. We don't know what it would be like if we never met you on the petsjubilee team. Doxie kisses to you. Off to see if I can get the pillow to sleep with tonight.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Well, the buzzing me has stopped.

We have conquered the nasty buzzing creatures' secret lair.  While Charlie and I were inside guarding great grandma, Grandpa got stung a couple times while spraying their secret lair.  However,  by looks of the buzzing creatures' body count below the secret lair, we did much more damage to them.  So to the squirrels out there, we have foiled yet another dastardly plot.  I can poo in peace now, but I still have my nose and eyes to the sky.  You never know what those squirrels may plan next.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Under Attack!

The evil squirrel empire has enlisted a new high tech weapon. They have entered into aerial attacks using bug warfare now, and my poo is under attack. I go to poo on the potty path and these stinging black bugs buzz at me to get at my poo. Mommy, Grandma, and Grandpa have discovered their secret lair in the maple tree. So me thinks their days are numbered. But, really, what will these evil squirrels come up with next!

By the size of the secret lair, I suspect this bug warfare technology is what the squirrels have been working on all summer. Perhaps, this is exactly why they booby trapped the backdoor so I wouldn't discover their evil plot sooner.

But, Mommy keeps laughing and telling me the squirrels had nothing to do with this one. It is just a fact of nature that hornets build nests in trees. But, I thinks not!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day. I is back.

Hi all.

My paw is all healed up now, and I can type better and all now. My nail still hasn't grown back, but I don't mind. One less nail to get trimmed with the metal nail biter thing. I haven't gotten on recently because Mommy is always on here. Really, I wait so patiently in my computer chair for a turn, and next thing you know I am asleep and she is still on it. Humans they need to learn how to share the computer. Well, I will do my best at popping on and off here when I can cause I have really missed blogging. Doxie kisses to you all and eat lots of BBQ today. Labor day I think is like a national grilling day or something. I best go supervise the BBQ preparations. Sasha.