Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I didn't win the photo contest folks.:(

Well, been coming off the campaign trail highs and the low of not winning. Those yummy treats have escaped my paws yet again. Well, we did try our best I guess.

It has been busy around here. I have yard privileges again as long as I don't potty on it. Which is really hard for a doxie not to do, but I have made it to the potty path so far each time.

Dachshund team news is we have another new member. Doxiedoodles so please check out the store if you get a chance.

I am tired, mommy is tired, so I will post sad me pic, and my two liter bottle wrestling video than head off for a nap.

Take care all and thank you to those who have voted doxie kisses headed your way.

Friday, June 19, 2009

New Campaign video! Read all about it.

Sasha here.

I gots a new campaign video so please view it. Thank you to all who have voted so far. I need more votes to win though. So ask your friends to vote, and if you haven't voted yet, then VOTE please! All you have to do is click on this link: furbabies! Add a comment and sign it with a unique signature like your etsy store name, e-mail user name, face book name and state from facebook, etc. If it is not unique and/or no name then the vote will be deleted and it won't count, and that makes me cry. You wouldn't want to make a wiener dog cry would you. Oh, and please vote at the link not on here. This is just where my campaign videos and progress will be posted. Thank you all my friends with lots of doxie kisses. Now, enjoy the video. Too cute I do say myself, and mommy helped this time. Yeah!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day two and wiener still in the lead!

Hi all,

Yip Yap Furray! Thanks to all my etsy, blogger, e-mail, and facebook friends for voting. I was in first place again today in the petsjubilee team pet photo contest. It was close. I had a couple chihuahuas barking at my tail and pull a head a couple times, but at the end of today the wiener dog was in the lead. We still have voting until the 30th at noon so please if you haven't voted. Please, vote for me. You do so by leaving a comment at this link "Furbabies" and sign it with a special signature like blogger name, etsy store name, full name and where you met Sasha from, or so forth. If not, the vote will be deleted, and not be counted. It has been so close all day, and I lost 4 votes today due to this rule, but I do understand we have to have the rule to keep the contest fair, too. Well, I am off to celebrate another days lead. Take care all Sasha-the cute dog after treats.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sasha in the lead in photo contest!

Read all about it:

Hi all Sasha here. Quick post tonight. The first days official vote tallies in the photo contest that I am in showed I was in the lead by only 2 votes. Woohoo, thank you all for your votes! Those that have not voted, I am begging you. Please, with kibble on top vote for me. The contest will run till June 30 noon EST. Please, when you vote sign it with a unique voting name /ID and maybe where you are from like etsy, blogger, aol, google, etc... We want your vote to count. Click here to vote for me. Thank you Sasha-A cute dog after treats.

Monday, June 15, 2009

VOTE for Sasha!

Hi all,
Your favorite political wiener pup here. As you all know my mommy entered me in the petsjubilee photo contest, and the deadline for picture submission is up now. Thus, the next step is voting. Voting starts at 12:01 am EST on June 16th through June 30th noon EST. So you can start voting in just a few hours I am so excited.
I am kind of new to this campaigning thing, and mommy says it is only a chance that I will win. I get that, but we are talking treats here. I wish all my fellow com-PET-itors the best, but all is fair in love and treats. Thus, I contacted my political adviser who shall remain nameless, hired a campaign partner (my big brother Charlie), and researched human politics in my Doxie Guide To Taking Over The World. Thus, I have concluded that all great politicians have campaign commercials. I researched some more, and discovered most are negative. Didn't like that. Us doxies are positive pups. So here is my petsjubilee team photo contest campaign commercial. Enjoy! Oh, and please vote for me tomorrow. All you need to do is leave a comment under my picture contestant #1 at this furbabies link with some kind of ID like website URL, e-mail address, google blogger id, and so forth. (An etsy shop URL is a good way to vote for me and advertise your shop at the same time.) This is so we know each vote is from a unique person/critter if any of the pets are voting out there. heehee Well, now sit back and enjoy my commercial.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Naptime Interrupted!

Sasha the cute little wiener dog here. You know I am very cute and so I don't need as much beauty sleep as other critters do, but the occasional towel to tunnel under does promote some rare catch up Z time. I have pictures of me napping until I was rudely awakened to the flashing of a camera. So once awake, I say you might as well play. Enjoy the pics and video folks.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh, I don't know what to title this thing.

Hi all,

I know been naughty little dachshund for not writing in awhile. Been busy promoting the photo contest on petsjubilee. I am cute pet number one by the way just in case you want to stop in and vote for me on the 16th of June. Just scroll all the way down and leave your blogger id or a url of your etsy store so they know it is a unique vote. Hint hint...

We have three new dachshund team members to report- thebellefleur, maybeads, and MericoX. Please, visit their shops when you get time.

Grass Update: Still not allowed on it. I have been looking out the window pathetically for weeks now, and to aggravate me even further. Grandma and Mommy fill this bird all you can eat seed buffet bin out there, and all the birds in the neighborhood are hanging out in MY BACKYARD! A doxie can get her fur rubbed the wrong way with this kind of treatment.

Mommy has been working on new cards for the store, and I thought I would post a few pics of them. They are pretty cute. Especially, when they star cute little old me. The store has been slow these days. I thinks it is all the good weather. People are outside and not next to their computers all day. Well, I might have to teach these birds to drop flyers of our store down on all these people outside instead of pooing on everything. Mommy doesn't think I will have much luck at that, but I am smarter than your average doxie you know.

Well, take care all. Oh, and please vote for me soon. Off to go lick some babies, and shake paws on my dog walk campaign for votes.