Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blog Tag Game Part Two

We were tagged again on another blog. So it is our turn to blog tag someone else. This time it is Miss Alice of makingstuffwithlove. She is such a sweet human. She gave mommy some supplies to help her with her paper cutting that she has been doing lately.

Well, anyways, she makes all sorts of things in her Etsy shop. She is most famous for her little felted dog sculptures like these:

She doesn't get many requests for doxies though. I wonder why?

She also makes purses and totes.

She has recently started making custom name pillows as decor for a child's room. This is just awesome pawsome:

Oh, and I agree with mommy the dot on the "i" does look like a sheep. heehee.

Well, if you are ever interested in dog sculptures or handbags or wall decor don't forget to check out makingstuffwithlove on Etsy for all the newest handmade treasures that Miss Alice has come up with lately.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How to punish your human for the B-word.

OK. Most folks know my human has a nasty habit of giving me the B-word (bath). I got one today and I didn't really need it. She said it was because I was going to the vet tomorrow for my shots. Really, vets have smelled dogs before and I am sure my aroma wasn't near as pungent as others. But, anyways, I think it was time to teach her a lesson since the shaking and completely soaking her and the bathroom with wet dog hair wasn't working. This is what I did and please, dogs out there feel free to use this technique to keep these humans from bathing us for no decent reason.

1.) After the bath, turn your back on the human that gave it to you.

2.) Give the human a brief glance and then turn your head and shut your eyes. As if to say, "Nope, still mad at you. I can't even look at you right now."

3.) After a period of time, turn to face them, but don't look them in the eye. This really lays on the guilt. Trust me on this one.

4.) After another wee bit of time, roll around on the carpet having the time of your life. It serves multiple purposes. One, it gets that arful doggy shampoo smell off. Plus, it helps get some of the remaining water, and it shows the human you can have a good time without her.

5.) When the human makes an attempt to join in on play, freeze. And don't play with her even if she sneaks in with a foot rub.

At this point the human usually takes a time out in another room, that is when you come in for her emotional weak spot.

6.) I forgives you now. Can I have some cheese, please!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blog Tag- Patty!

Sasha here. Hi. Mommy and me were tagged on someone else's blog in a new game we are playing. So I thinks we are suppose to tag someone else and pawmote them. I hopes I is doing it right. Mommy said I could pick the person so I picked Miss Patty. She has some of the cutest doxie stuff ever in her DogBarks shop on etsy.

She made this cute pillow cover from one of mommy's ideas (but we all know the idea really came from me). Us doxies really don't like the rain or the flashy loud monsters in the sky. This pillow cover is pawfict for any doxie home.

Then, she makes these cute pj pants that are walking the dog style. These are our faves, too. Because, us doxies sure do like to go for walks and bye-bye trips. We don't even care if our humans are in their pjs or not. (Oh, and if she doesn't have any in your size she can custom make some.) Mommy sent her some old jeans and she doxiefied them for her. They were so cute and she wears them all the time.

This little art is something else she makes. She got Mommy started on drawing dachshunds and taught her a few things. (I am not sure how I feels about that. My photography modeling career has gone down hill since then, but that is a whole other story.) Her art is so cute and I love all the doxies in them. If only, mommy would let her do all the art....

I lost my train of thought for a moment. Sorry. These are the other doxie things she makes. These ones are the miniatures, but she does make bigger stuffed small pillow sized ones. Mommy likes these small ones cause they are awesome to hang from a rear view mirror in the car.

Miss Patty is a awesome pawsome human that pawmotes us all on twitter so much. She is a very sweet and spiritual human. She only has one down fall. She is kind of a cat person. Shhh! Don't tell the other doxies out there. Also, she has rodents as pets. (Not squirrels though- thank goodness.) I have been working my doxie mind control on her so maybe she will convert to doxieisum eventually. Oh, and for the cat peeps out there she has cat shops (
catcalls and MewMart) on etsy, too.

If you like any of the above items, please, have your human click them to see how to get one of your very own.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Mommy's been crafting. I've been hunting.

Hi all. It has been busy around here. Grandma went to the human vets to have surgery on her shoulder and now is healing up from that. No cone for her, but she does have to wear this thing on her arm. Kind of like a portable pillow.

Mommy has been learning a new craft of paper cutting and collage. She is making all sorts of new items in our shop, but not much with my cute little doxie face on it. Which of I let her know, is not alright with me. The above card is her latest. She isn't sure if she likes it or not. What do you all think sell or give away?

Oh, and the best thing was today their was a marmot in my yard. Charlie and I chased him under the shed. We had him cornered, too. Both of us on both sides. I was starting to dig to get him, but mean mommy toted me inside. Doesn't she know they are cousins to the evil squirrels. No fit doxie would permit such a critter to take up residence in his/her backyard ever. Well, I whimpered and whined forever, but Mommy wouldn't let me back out until he escaped. Humans!

Well, hope you all that are having a holiday weekend this week stay safe. Bark at you all later. Sasha.