Sunday, September 26, 2010

Is Maddie Ever Going Home?

Sasha here.

My Chihuahua cousin Maddie has been here for over a week now. This is just not right. A doxie girl can only take so much dog thinking she is a cat kind of stuff. She is getting so pampered. Mommy hand feeds her kibble on the couch. She gets some of our treats and of course she licks her self like a CAT!! That is so gross and undognified. She even came outside with us, but do you think she left the porch. Nope. Not once. Not even during the zoomies. Really, it just isn't right.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Blog Hop Time!

Well, you all did great on my little picture puzzle. The one almost all of you missed last time was the border. The first one had a black border and the second one didn't. But, I thinks I must try and make a harder one next time. I will have to put my doxie brain to work on that. heehee.

For now, a blog hop from the petsjubilee blog.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dachshund Picture Puzzle

Hi all Sasha here. I hear humans like puzzles so here is a picture puzzle just for fun. Look at the first one, and then at the second one. Then, without cheating, write all the things that are different in the two pictures in the comment area below. Have fun!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stress Relief For Hard Working Humans

Sasha here. I keeps hearing all these things about how the humans are really stressed with too much work, not enough work, not enough money, and family issues. I thinks the humans should do what we wienies do when life gets a bit too crazy. We watch a little NATURE and for some reason things just waddle into "furspective".
Now, humans take a deep breath in and out. Then, repeat after me: "I am but one little creature in an unimaginable universe full of wonder."
The pictures and video were taken by Mommy as a storm was approaching today. Enjoy!

This video is for those times when it seems like you are the only one spinning in circles. heehee

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Sweet Kibbles Have Arrived!

Sasha here. It is getting close to that time of year where Mommy gives out the sweet kibbles to the funny looking human pups that come to the door. I have discovered her secret stash of sweet kibbles. Now, if only I can unlock the doxie proof security force field, they would so be MINE! (Evil mad scientist doxie laughing going on.)
By the way, I am trying to do a poll on here to see what kind and flavor is all you humans favorite sweet kibbles (AKA candy). Since I am not allowed to have any (especially chocolate), I have to just take your word for it they are good.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sneak Peek: Mommy's New Creations!

Hi all. I don't usually yap about mommy's crafting much unless it involves me getting ignored all day. Which happens a lot! I am a cute little wiener dog and I deserve constant attention and play time. Unless, I am napping of course.
Well, I do believe my Mommy has created a few awesome pawsome items this time. I may have to steal one of the little ones for me when I go on walks. A wiener dog needs to accessorize sometimes you know. The little ones would so be perfect for holding the poo bags (even though I would so not poo on my walk too busy socializing), my treats, and the cell phone for emergencies (like if we run out of treats).
Well, what do you all think? Does Mommy have a wiener here to put in our ETSY shop? Or do I gets to keep them for my very own? heehee.

Monday, September 6, 2010

BBQ and the doxie gets none.

I am a pouting wiener dog right now. My humans had BBQ ribs and didn't share. You know an upset tummy is so worth BBQ pork ribs. All I managed to sneak was a few potato chip crumbs and a gummy candy from a human pup. Then, I gots the gummy stuck in the black part of my mouth near the back teeth. I couldn't get it out so Mommy fished it out and threw it away. Nothing like having your dessert contaminated by human fingers and then tossed out with the trash. :(

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Late Night And Mommy Is Still Up

Sasha "Gee Mom it is almost morning. I think the computer needs some down time!"

Charlie "You don't want to know where I want you to stick that flashy thing right now!"
Sasha "I gives you ten more minutes or I am going to go to bed without you.
Charlie "Let her stay up. We will sleep here in this chair. Then, when she goes to bed and just falls to sleep we will both pounce her." (Evil dog laughing while starting to snore.)