Friday, November 30, 2012

Bear Is Now Pawmoted To Pawvet First Claws

Sasha here.  I knows it has been furever since my last blog.  But, trainings a pom puppy for squirrel pawtrol duties takes a good deals of my time these days.  Bear has comes along quite wells.  He has mastered all his basic training and has been pawmoted to Pawvet First Claws.  He cans now do squirrel pawtrol pawnewvers outside with backup and he cans also do solo surveillance duty from the indoor window look out pawsition.  Heres some new photos for all yous out theres to see how much hes growing. 

This one was after his pawmotion ceremony.  He was enjoying his chew stick a little too much.

This was Bear before his squirrel pawtrol crew cut. 

I told him to take it easy on the beef chewies.  I think he might have had ones too many at his pawmotion ceremony.
Here is Bear staring me down for shark bait.  You knows I has the all time record for the stare downs.  But, he did come pretty close.
Singing the squirrel pawtrol anthem together. Over hill, over potty grounds, we hit the rocky trail as the squirrel pawtrol zoomies onward.......
He sure did hit the high barks in his solo of the anthem.

The little feller was all tuckered out and feeling part of the squirrel pawtrol pack fursure.


Bear getting his first orders after receiving his first grooming and squirrel pawtrol crew cut.  Where your blue bow proudly Pawvet.  Real Man Dogs Wear Blue Bows.

Bear sporting his new collar bling license, rabbies tag, and name tag.  All that is next is the microchipping for full access to the doxie squirrel pawtrol network.

Invisible squirrel alert.  All paws on deck. 

Bear on his first indoor window surveillance duty.

Before leaving Bear at his post, I must gives him the secret squirrel pawtrol pawword for the day. 


Aww, I cans lay back and relax.  Maybe.....What squirrel already?  Where?  Oh silly Bear that is justs a marmot.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mommies new computer got doxiefied.

A quick blogs from mes Sasha.  Mommy gots a new laptop computer from Grandma and Grandpas for Christmas a little early.  We have been having a blast skyping and all with it.  Mommy and I thought it just wouldn't be ours unless we doxiefied it.  So Mommy ordered a very special custom decal sticky thingy from DisaDesigns on ETSY.  I thinks you might recognize this doxie diva's face pawhaps.

Well, I gives a four paws up approval on this pawduct and the shop, too.  The seller was awesome pawsome.  She communicated with mommy every step of the way in the creation process and even tweeked the colors so I can be black and tan and not tan and black. heehees.  Well, both me and mommy loves it.  I knows it will scare the evil computer hacking squirrels away fursure!  So ifs you critters out there all wants to get your furry faces on your human's stuff then head on over to DisaDesigns.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bear's New Shirt From Grandma Pauline

Hell-roo It Be Bear.  (Sis Sashy Is Clickty Clacking For Mes)

I gots my first prezzie in the mail today.  It be a shirt with hippty hoppers on its.  I likes it, but I is thinkens dat clothes might slows mes down a bit.  The humans seem to have something to grab onto mes with when they wants me to comes whens I don'ts wants to comes.  But, it did keeps the drippy drips from the sky to stay offs my back fur whens I went out to potty today,  So I kind ofs likey dat.

Where here is my handsome poses for the flashy thingy in my new hippty hopper shirt.  Big Sis Sashy says I best gets use to posing for the flashy thingy cause her mommy does it a lot. 


Wells, I thinks dat I needs to negotiate a higher squeaky toy raise for mys new flashy thingy modeling job.  Buts, Sashy says negotiations lead no wheres fast.  But, at leasts, everybuddy thoughts I was so cutes.  Maybes, I can gets into more troubles dis way.

Thanks-A-Roo, Grandma Pauline froms Paulinesfashions on etsy.