Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bolt The Movie Review

Sasha, the wiener dog, here. Mommy and I watched the cartoon Bolt today. It is all about a super dog that really isn't a super dog, but he doesn't realize it for most of the movie. There was a lot of funny parts and there was a black and tan wiener dog in one short scene. I give this movie two paws up and is a good movie for even the puppers to enjoy. The dachshund should have had more than one line, but I is happy they had a wiener dog at all. There is a great hamster in this film that really steals the scenes with funny lines, too. It is a good film that teaches the importance of the human pet bond and what happens to abandon animals. Here is an etsy treasury with bolt related items.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Pool Party Horror!!

(Seriously, would you want to share a pool with that crazy wiener?)

Sasha, the wiener dog. I was all excited about going on a play date to my buddies Frito, Zuke, and Peewee's house and something called a Pool Party. I figured party means food and where food is I is going. But, you can imagine the horror on my face when these crazy humans and one slightly insane wiener dog (who shall remain nameless) decide to involve water in this so called party. Don't they know that wiener dogs don't like wet fur! Seriously! Then, they all laughed at me when I was just showing the boys how a proper lady doggy paddles before I even got in the pool. Those boys were just splashing around getting everything wet. Best I show them how it is suppose to be done without all that needless exposure to excessive water and all. After that the humans through MY toys into the water. My blob and my squeaky bone that Miss Diana made me for my birthday (It still had a working squeaker, too.) went into the pool. The boys got all excited over this so I went to pout far away from the pool. So I thought I was done with this whole getting wet on purpose thing, then they brought out a party game. Bobbing for hot dogs! First, of all I ain't bobbing for nothing. Second, isn't it a bit weird that you expect wiener dogs to go bobbing for wieners. It was a bit too creepy if you ask me. So of course, I politely refused this activity and the soggy hot dogs.

Well, after all this torture, then Mommy goes off to her allergy shot and leaves me there. So I thought, OK see what there is to do that doesn't involve wetness. Nope, I was quickly snatched up and doxie hijacked to what apparently was some kind of park. Well, you can see (at this you tube link) that I am not to happy about this either.

So I came home to go potty after my dinner and to end this horrible day the sprinklers came on just as I was going. I gave mommy my "OH POOP!" face and quickly finished my business. Well, off to rest up from this pool party horror story.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sasha Takes Flight!

After spending a good part of the afternoon studying the art of flight from the birds, I, Sasha-the wiener dog, will attempt my own aerial doxhoovers (AKA maneuvers).

Darn Gravety!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Butterfly stamp we got from etsy.

Mommy got a package today from dragonflybuzz on etsy. There was a new rubber stamp in it that had a strangely familiar shape to it. I wonders how they did that? Could it be magic? Wells, not sure how they did it, but I do give the stamp 4 paws up on the cuteness scale.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sasha's State Of The Economy Report!

Well, I thinks it is bad when birds are losing their homes, too! I figure this is either a nestclosure (foreclosure for birds) or an example of low income housing. Either way it isn't good for the feathered ones at all!

Monday, June 14, 2010

There Be Flowers In My Weeds?

Sasha here. We have a real mystery on our paws. There be flowers in my weeds. The rocky area where grandma didn't plats anything, but it is where the weeds seem to magically grow very fast. Today, I discovered a red flowers growing in the weeds. Now, how did they get there?

I sniffed around for clues. There has got to be something strange going on here. No cat smells. No squirrel smells. No people smells. Could it be the work of fairies?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Not the B-word!!!

Sasha here. Mommy took Charlie and me to the groomers today. I knew I was in for it cause Mommy called them on the phone and said the B-word (BATH) with my name. I was so not wanting that this morning. Now, I smell more like melted ice cream than a doxie and Mommy won't even let me go roll in the grass to get it off. Plus, they put bows on Charlie again. I is the girl not him. Why no pretty accessories for my ears? Maybe, if I plays dead, then they won't make me get wet on purpose again. Well, thought I would share the after groomer pics with you all. Off for now until I bark at you all latter.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Spring Sites!!!

Hi all. Sasha, your snoopy wiener dog friend, here. I've been sniffing around the "pawporty" and found some special sites to share with you today. They smelt better than they look, but you'll have to take my word for that. Bark at you all later.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Tunnel!

Hi all,
Your furry friend Sasha here. The electrician is gone for now and he left behind something really cool- a big, giant tunnel!! I has been trying to explores it, but Mommy always barks at me in that I'm going to be in trouble human bark when I get too close. I only fell in once and that was cause I wanted to bark with the neighbor dog, rocky, before I realized it was "booby trapped". Mommy gave me a paw and lifted me out with no harm done, but the tunnel is still pretty cool. I kind of wish mommy will lets the guy keep it that way after the chief inspector sniffer guy comes and gives the paws up sign on the electrician's work. If not, I wonders if grandma will let me dig my own? Bark at you all later.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Electricians Go Home!!!

Sasha your favorite frustrated wiener dog here. Those electricians are still not done. I have had precious little on-line time all week cause of them. I have been trying to be good either cooped up in the basement or in the computer room. But, there is nothing to do but bark, read books, and watch two movies on a portable DVD player mom has. The battery only lasts for about two movies. Not fun at all.
Mommy did let me pick two library books though for my very own to read, but I caught her reading them, too. Of course, I picked two good dachshund fantasy ones. Unfortunately, they were in the human pup section. What don't human grown-ups like to read about doxies who are magic and can talk or plot to take down Westminster Dog Show. You know I don't think a dachshund has ever won best in show ever, and don't tell me there hasn't been at least one good dachshund in all those years. Well, that is what really gets to us dachshunds no respect for the fine breed we are. I know back to the point.
The Dogmagic book by Holly Webb had a very cute doxie pup on the cover, and I could swear that some one broke into my puppy pic files on that one cause it looks just likes me. The book was about Sofie a talking dachshund who was a human girls witch's familiar. She was french and I just loves her doxie attitude in the book. I just wished they put a warning label on it cause Sofie being a magic dog ate chocolate, drank coffee, and ate raisins. However, if human pups gave their dogs those things it would make them really sick. Not good.
Flawed Dogs The Novel by Berkeley Breathed was just awesome pawsome. I loved it. I laughed. I cried. There was so much of it that taught several good lessons. Plus, you got to like when the dog show gets trashed. heehee. Doxie revenge is sweet. 4 paws up and yes even adult humans would like this book. Plus, the cartoon pics are so funny.
I wonder what will be next on my library list. I so wish that dogs could have their own library cards. Not all of us eat the pages you know.
Well, I best be back to the umpteenth showing of Open Season 2. I do love Mr. Wienie, but really mommy I can bark the lines myself by now.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dachshunds made it to front page of etsy.

Sasha here. I is really excited. A whole front page of wiener dogs on etsy. Thank you etsy and the human that created the wiener dog treasury. Here it is at the wiener dog etsy FP link. My dream has come true. I don't think any other dog breed has had a whole FP feature. Go wiener dogs go!! Yip Yap Furray!!!!!!!!!