Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pet Boxes! Get Your Pet Sample Boxes....

Hi All!

Sasha here. Mommy has been very busy lately so I haven't got to get my blogging in lately. That makes the wiener dog a little sad you know, and I have been barking about it with Rocky the neighbor dog a lot today.

Well, I learned not to eat cupcake wrappers early this morning. Last night was grandma's birthday party. They had cupcakes and one of the human pups dropped a wrapper on the floor and I was off and running with it. It was a good game of keep away until grandpa caught me. Then, I did what any doxie would do. Destroy the evidence. I chewed down about half of it before Mommy got the other half out of my mouth. Mommy was all worried, and said that I will be sorry for that later. All I could think about was how yummy the cake residue was. Well, sure enough, I woke mommy up about 3 am gagging. Mommy rushed me up stairs just in time for me to well cough up the evidence. I was just about to try and get rid of it again, but mommy picked me up and said no. She cleaned it up and I felt a lot better. So lesson learned no cupcake wrappers without the cupcake to go with them right?

OK. Now, a little promoting for one of mommy's team shops. This store is run by a special friend of ours and is very cool. You can get sample pet themed items from a variety of etsy shops in one box. Then, even better news. They are on sale this month for a really good deal. The team is doing their own version of a stimulus package by reducing the 15 dollar box to 5 dollars plus shipping. The problem is this store only makes a few a month so once they are gone they are gone. You have to get there at the beginning of the month to get your paws on one. If I new mommy's paypal password, I would get one cause I just bet there are treats from my favorite etsy shop in them. Well, hope you get one if you are wanting one. Here is the store: Petsjubilee.

Take care all. Off to try and figure out Mommy's paypal password.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Charlie got groomed and I got a pedicure.

Hi all,

Sasha here. Charlie got to go for a ride this morning without me and I was so upset. I tried to tell Mommy that I am the one that gets the car rides around here. I whined by the door for 30 minutes until mommy made me go lay down and snuggle with her. But, then I got to go when it was time to pick Charlie up. I was so excited. Once we got there. A lady who has done my nails before took me right away back to have them trimmed. Charlie was in a portable crate bellow the grooming table and I so wanted to be with him. I was way wigglier then usual. They let Charlie out and I almost jumped right off the table to him, but the lady caught me. I got my last toe nail trimmed and filed. Then, I got to be down with charlie. He smelled so clean and he had a lot less fur. I wonder how they get the fur off of him so I asked him. He said they take this nasty buzzing thing and shave him. They even shave his butt. Which he doesn't like at all. There were two pugs there that I had to say hi to. Then, we were out the door. It was a very exciting day. Charlie doesn't seem to care for the groomers. I probably wouldn't either if they had to shave my butt. It must be because I am a girl. They wouldn't shave a lady dogs butt would they? Well, take care folks.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

100 th Sale in Etsy Store Today! Woohoo!

Sasha here.

I can't chat long cause mommy has a meeting in virtual labs in a bit. But, I wanted to say. We got a sale number a hundred today. Woohoo! It has been about 6 months on Etsy and we have a hundred sales. Mommy and me are so happy we did the happy tails butt wiggle sales dance twice. I got a car ride to post office. Mommy treated me to a special lunch of a cheese cube and tuna on a rits cracker. Then, we went out for a walk. Any day that involves human food, car ride, and a walk is a wiener holiday in my book.
Mommy also has two treasuries going on right now. Dachshund Team one and Flight of Fantasy one.
Well, off to rest up from all the fun. Take care.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I guess I am getting over the sandbox.

Sasha here.

I am slowly getting over the death of my precious sandbox. I have been pouting a lot the last few days so I think the humans got the hint that I was not a happy camper.

Well, not much going on here. Mommy has been busy with etsy sales and selling things on ebay. So I will probably get a car ride to the post office tomorrow. She is also trying to arrange a play date with my red wagon wiener dog friends. I can't wait to tell them all about the loss of my sandbox.

Oh, and Mommy thinks she might be coming down with a cold, but you know you can't really tell with humans. There noses aren't usually cold and wet. I will snuggle with her to make her get better soon if she does get one.

Mommy put a new item in the store the other day. It was that special one that I talked about a few weeks ago that Tony from woodnwonders made for mommy. They are these little wooden doxie clips that look like a red wiener dog out for a walk. Mommy attached the wooden doxies that Tony made to these clips that use to have plastic toys attached. Grandma used the toys for a birthday cake that she made, and the clips were left over. You know mommy. She doesn't like to waste stuff so the idea of creating doxie clips came into her mind. Thus, these cute little clips were born.

Well, got to head out. Mommy might need some snuggling.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The death of a sandbox.

Hi all,

Sasha here. Yes, my precious sandbox has been taken from me. The guys working on grandma and grandpa's new shed pored little rocks and other stuff, and bulldozed it right over. No one asked the doxie about taring down her sandbox to put up a stinky shed. So what if the ants and bugs and weeds take over it in the summer. It is my domain and not fair to have it demolished. I am very upset right now. I can't believe the humans did this to me. Where am I suppose to practice my digging skills now? And no more doxie dump truck driving. I think I am off to pout some more. Here is a video of the good times last year with my sandbox in honor of its demise.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mommy Treasury champ and a trip to PO.

Hi all,

You furry friend Sasha here as always. Mommy is the treasury champ. She had one made and ready to go, but then she realized both treasury main and treasury west were opening within a few minutes of each other. Somehow mommy managed to nab both in just a few minutes time and got them up and ready for viewing at the same time. I just don't have the quick paws like mommy I guess. The first one we created in honor of those hard working barkers (um chatters in human words) in the chat rooms all the time. This is the main treasury one called Fun In Chat. It is items from some of the chat regulars that chat with mommy a lot. The second one Mommy let me have a say on since we had to make it arfully quick. I call it Raining Cats and Dogs because the weather has been so wet lately. So it proves us wiener dogs can think fast on our paws. I hope you enjoy them.

We got to go to the post office today. We had someone bid on e-bay on some Easter baskets that mommy had and wasn't using anymore. So I got a car ride. It was pretty exciting cause we went right when a human pups school was letting out so lots of stopping and going and looking at the human pups walking home. Then, we got to the post office and the guy at the post office gave mommy a free roll of tape for when she ships priority packages. I got to guard the tape on the way home. I was so proud of my guard dog responsibilities. I almost didn't even notice the rollerbladers crossing the street when Mommy slammed on the brakes. Lesson for today, tape protection can be a very dangerous job for a doxie. Mommy made sure I was OK and the boys were a safe distance away, before continuing on, but I think she was pretty upset that she could have hit them. We were almost home, and there was the big huge neighborhood orange cat that likes to tease Charlie and me. It was all bent over, and then pounced at something in the field. When it came up there was something furry in its mouth. The stinky cat is a better hunter than me. Not fair!

Well, to end with tonight I have the picture of me posing at what I looked like when Mommy slammed on the brakes. Good thing I was attached to the seat. I am sure more adventures wait with future car rides. Take care all.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dachshund Team has a new member wandaoconnor!

Hi all,

Your furry friend Sasha here. I am pleased to announce that the team has a new member. Wandaoconnor has joined our fast growing dachshund team. Woohoo!. She does a variety of crafts, but her doggy art is really neat. She has a a dachshund named Spencer and loves him so much that a good amount of her art features him. Well, if you all can take a peak at her shop and give her art a few pets it would be greatly appreciated.

Not much going on here. No word on the job hunt for mommy, but sales have picked up a bit in our etsy store so maybe the economy is coming around.

I entertained myself today watching the police car out front pull over speeders most of the morning. It was pretty exciting. It was like watching an episode of speeders right out the front of my house. Mommy said someone must have complained about people speeding through our neighborhood with the kids and people that go walking, biking, and such all the time. I counted 5 pull overs in one mornings work so maybe the streets will be a little safer for when Mommy and I go back to our walking when the spring weather gets here.

I heard spring is officially on its way, but not sure I am up for the pouring rain potty trips again. At least with the snow, your fur doesn't get totally soaked. But, I am so looking forward to worm hunting, bunny chasing, and rolling in grass again.

Grandma and Grandpa had a guy come look at leveling out the yard for the new shed that they are having built to replace the one that caved in this winter. The guy had a wiener dog just like me. Well his was a little red girl, but I could smell her on him for sure. He gave me lots of pets and let me give him kisses. Mommy gave him a wiener shaped business card for out etsy store. Good thinking mommy. I always forget when I am getting lots of good loving.

Well take care all, have a good St. Patty's day.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dachshund Team Treasury West.

Hi all,

Sasha here. Not much going on here. Mommy is busy crafting today while I nap. We snagged a dachshund team treasury west last night. It is good to see the whole team in one treasury. It is called Proud To Be... A Dachshund Team Member. Enjoy. I have to get off to let mommy use the computer to put more fishy tails on dachshunds or something. Take care.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Movie Hollywood Chihuahua and Treasury.

Hi all,

Sasha here as usual. Still no news on mommy's job interview. We are still hoping, but like mommy said lots of people need jobs right now in this town.

We watched Hollywood Chihuahua with a could human pups mommy watches. It was an OK movie. It should have stared me and my doxie prince Oscar. Poppy was a good hero, too though. Chloe was supper spoiled like me, but I have to admit I am not that spoiled. I still have a normal collar and eat kibble and all. I liked the Chihuahua Warriors verses the mountain lions part. They have some major bark ability. But, I give it two paws up for a good dog family movie.

Mommy got a new main treasury tonight and it is space themed. It is called Out Of This World. You got to take a peek at the aliens and space ships. Totally, cool. I wonder if there is an etsy arfist who can make me a alien doggy outfit?

We got to do the happy tails butt wiggle sales dance this evening for our etsy store. No post office trip though because our post office is closed on Saturday. Mommy is going to mail it tomorrow at the grocery store. Darn, I don't get a car ride on this one. She can't keep an eye on me in the car at the grocery store like she can at the post office with the big windows and all. Really, how much trouble can one little wiener dog get into in 5 minutes time?

Off to chat for awhile. Take care all.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mommy has ignored me all day!

Sasha here.
My mommy has ignored me all day today. She has been busy cutting out business cards and getting a treasury west. I had to beg a lot and use my supper cute pupper looks just to get my dinner on time. The things we doxies have to do to get a little attention. Mommy says I am exaggerating a little. She reminded me of the tug of octopus game, the ear scrunchies, and the sharing of her cheese and crackers snack. Darn, mommy's they always have to spoil a good whine.
Well, here is our Treasury West. One of our favorite songs inspired this one. Down By The Bay.... where the watermelons grow. Give it some views if you have time.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Two trips to post office today. Wiener dog happy!

Hi all,

Sasha here. Today was a two car trip day to the post office. Mommy had sold some old dvd's on e-bay and was taking them to the post office. Then, when we got home. There was an etsy sale. We both did the happy tails sales dance which is quite funny to watch. I keep telling mommy she should video tape it and put it on you-tube but she doesn't listen to me. So mommy got the package ready and I got my leash back on for another car trip to the post office. Woohoo!

We got back and waited for a treasury to open and Mommy got a main treasury. This one features the underdogs of etsy. You know all those doggy items whose stores have 50 sales or less. I have my eye on the dogs playing poker apron, but too bad it doesn't come in dachshund size. Well, please give some views to these hard working Underdogs in our new treasury.

Well, no word on Mommy's job interview. They said they still had a couple more days of interviews so we will see. We still have our paws crossed though.

Talk to you all later.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sorry that it has been a few days folks.

Sasha here.

Well, things have been very exciting around here lately. Mommy got to the third round of a job hiring process and she is so excited. I am not so excited, but mommy says more money in the house means more etsy treats for me so I guess I can't complain too much. I just have been liking the fact that mommy was a stay at home doxie mom and was starting to get use to it. But, all good things must come to an end or so the humans say. She has hopefully her last interview tomorrow afternoon so I gots my paws crossed for her.

Other than that the etsy store is doing good. We are almost to our 100 sale. Mommy thinks we should do something special, but she has no idea on what that is yet. She has been working on space dachshund and merdoxies lately and they are really cute. But, we are waiting for grandpa to help with the special wooden doxie items to finish them up. Apparently, mommy doesn't like to use power tools. I don't blame her. They are so loud.

We got a new treasury west today just in time for St. Patty's day shopping. You got to check out the green wieners in this one called Green With Wiener Envy.

I also helped mommy with the laundry today, and mommy took pictures of me playing with her bra. Don't understand why humans have to wear them, but they are fun to play with. I wonder if Victoria Secrets needs a undie model in an extra long size. heehee. Take care all.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Dachshund Team member and my day.

Hi all,

Sasha here again. We have yet another team member joining our little etsy dachshund team. I thinks we may have to take over Etsy here soon. heehee. The shop is called Mattanda and there isn't dachshund items in there yet, but a lot of very nice jewelry. The owner of the shop has a dachshund named Alfanzo, and is addicted to us little long ones, too. Please, give her some views and welcome her to the Dachshund Team if you see her out and about.

I got to go to the post office today. Hadn't been in awhile so I was so excited when mommy had a package ready to go. I knew I was going to get to go so I waited right by my leash when she was grabbing her purse. It was such a nice ride. Lots of sun shine and mommy didn't even have to run the heater. We parked next to a van with a whole herd of Chihuahuas in the car. The lady that had the herd of chihuahuas waved at me and talked to mommy for awhile. Us dogs barked at each other and had some conversation, too. Apparently, they were on the way to a pet store to get treats and new spring outfits. I said I wished I could go, too. Then, our mommy's left.

I came back home and the sheets were all clean and warm from the dryer. So of course I had to help mommy make the big bed. You have not had so much fun as bed making time with doxie help. First, mommy puts the bottom sheet on and tucks it in. While she goes to all four corners I sneak off to the opposite one and hide under the sheet. She smooths out lumpy me, and eventually gets the bottom sheet on. Then, more hide and peek under sheets and find the squeaky hot dog toy, and the bed is made doxie style. You got to have fun with chores is my motto.

Well, better go Mommy want the computer again. Take care all until we bark again.