Saturday, September 28, 2013

Squirrel Chasing, Mommy's Shirt, And Wiener Wrestling

Hi all.  Sasha heres.  I have been busy with the approach of squirrel chasing season.  I almost gots me one today, but mean mommy had me on my leash and it just is not long enough sometimes.  Little Bro Bear spotted big squirrels the other day.  I was thinking big squirrels.  He said yes with masks and stripy tails.  I looked outs the window and five raccoons were feasting at our bird feeder.  We barked the alarm.  Squirrels are out to take over the world.  But, raccoons are kind of like the wild life moffia.  Seriously, they can be baught off for a price usually cat food or kibble, but most of the times they are just a pain in the rear end.  Theives and ruffians is what they are.  Can't reason with them unless you are holding a can of tuna in your paws.  heehee.  Well, anyways, Bear has learned that the big squirrels with masks are to be left alone. 

Mommy has been working on more tie dye shirts.  Her current one is a Christmas one with doxie ornaments all over it.  I will shows it offs a little in the pics below. 

While mommy works, Bears and I practice a little wiener wrestling and pillow fighting.  You know sometimes I thinks he doesn't know he is a Pomeranian. 

Wells, I best get to begging for some dinner.  You knows all this wrestling makes a wiener hungry.  Sasha overs and outs.