Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Prezzie For Mommy and Mes From PJ Team.

Sasha here.  Sorry, I have been gone away so long.  Mommy and mes has been busy taking care of great grandma.  Oh, my Mommy and I gots the biggest surprise ever today.  We had just come up from a couple hours nap before the night shift when we saw a big box on the table for us.  I smelled good things coming from that box.  I couldn't wait to see what was insides it.

The box we thought was from Sean, but turns out it was from the whole petsjubilee team on Etsy.  It was a care package for us.  Here are a few of the goodies we got.

First up, I spyied a squirrel toy in the box.  You knows I wanted that right away.  Charlie and I had a bit of mixed words on how to handle this new toy.  I pawsonly wanted to dismember the squirrel starting with the ears and feet.  Charlie just wanted to squeak it and have someone throw it for him.  The team knew I had been missing my squirrel pawtrol duties and sent me my very own training squirrel.  But, mommy made me share with Charlie and wouldn't let me tare it up in the first five minutes I had it.  So I pouted a bit about that.  But, then, I gots my fun with it.  You know those limbs are really hard to rib off.  I haven't destuffed it yet.  I wonders if I is getting rusty on my squirrel hunting skills.  :(

While we puppers were busy with the squirrel destuffing, Mommy looked at all the treats.  Nice healthy snacks to keeps her awakes at night.  Most of which I could eats, too  (hint hints to mommy) except for the deadly trail mix.  Mommy says no to the raisens and chocolate for us doggies on that. 

Then, there was the DVD's.  You knows mommy and me will be watching these in the wee hours of the morning. heehee.

Then, there was sci-fi books, too.  I wonder if there is a mutant doxie that tries to take over the world in one of these.

Lastly, we can not forget this cute card with the special heart warming message inside.

Thank you alls from Mommy and Mes and Charlie, too.  Doxie kisses from me to Annie, Teri, Kay, Sean, Patty, Sandra, Sue Ann, Diana, Alice, Tammy, Pauline, Solange, Shari, Sue, Eva, and the rest of the PJ team for being there through our ups and downs right now.  Mommy doesn't think she could have done it without all of you for support.  This little care package means a lot to us.  :)

Now, I gots to get back to destuffing that squirrel.  Charlie it's my turn now.......!