Friday, December 26, 2014

Another Prezzie In The Mail

Hi alls.  Hopes your Christmas was very munchy.  heehee.  Mine was full of good eats and some snuggling with Mommy. 

Mommy gots a special prezzie the other day from Miss Alice.  She has a heard of furbabies herself and sent Mommy a cool new purse for Christmas.  And she mades it herself with her own two paws. 

Isn't it the cutest doxie purse you could ever find.  One of mommies favorite colors, too-Blue.  Mommy just loved it and it really mades her day. If she hads a tail she would have wagged it. Miss Alice makes lots of cute stuff in her etsy shops GrandmasBliss  and  Makingstuffwithlove

I at first thought it might be a cute snuggle sack for me, but we then saw the three cookies in the package and knew that was my prezzie.  Even though mommy made me share two of the cookies with my bros.  We all loved the cookies. 

Thank you Miss Alice for the purse and cookies from Mommy and us puppers.  We hope you had a Merry Christmas, too.  Doxie thank you kisses going your way. 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Prezzie In The Mail Part Two

Sasha heres.  Mommy gots another prezzie in the mail today.  Miss Shari from our Secret Santa gift exchange gaves us another prezzie today.  Well, this one is for sure for Mommy.  Cause it is way too big for my paws and mommy is not going to let us use it as a toy like she does the other socks that gets the holes in them.  Anyways, these socks will keep mommies paws very warm this winter and of course they have lots of cute doxies on them.  We loves them Miss Shari.  Thanks you so much for both prezzies that you gave us this year.  We Woof You A Merry Christmas, too!  :) 


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Prezzies In The Mail

Sasha's here.  I knows again.  No bloggy furevers.  Well, Grandma broke her paw and squirrels have been driving us crazy and new dogs next door to barks with. Well, you all gets the idea.  A little doxie has no times to blog most of the time.  And until the humans invent bark to type software, then I has to keep my bloggy posts to the really important stuffs.  Or in other barks, prezzies in the mail! 

First prezzie we got was from Shari.  She is the team captain on the Petsjubilee team on etsy.  Mommy and I signed up for the team secret santa gift exchange and so Shari was our Secret Santa.  She got mommy and me a vinyl sticker doxie.  Mommy and I have debated what needs more doxifying.  She thinks it should be put my car (She thinks it is her car, but I just lets her drives it for our bye-bye trips.) or on the lap top.  But, since my face already claims the lap top, it is only fitting that the car needs a little more doxifycation.  Rights?  Well, anyways, we loves it Miss Shari.  Thanks you very much from Mommy and me.

Second prezzie we gots in the mail was from Sue Ann and the BBB.  I is sure a certain hubby was also involved, but of course he is remaining silent.  heehee.  It is the cutest doxie ornament ever.  You knows you never have enough doxie ornaments on a tree.  How else are you to keeps the squirrels outs of your Christmas tree.  heehee.  Thank you very much Miss Sue Ann for the lovely ornament from Mommy and mes, too.

Well, all those prezzies opening has me all worns out.  I thinks I needs to go undercover for a little prebedtime nap.  Sasha blogging out until we barks again. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Treats! Glorious Treats!

Sasha heres.  You wouldn't believes it.  I got treats in the mail today and it wasn't even my birthday.  Of course, I was a bit skeptical.  You knows squirrels sending bad treats in the mail for mes I wouldn't put it past their evil plotting to take down key members of the squirrel pawtrol.    But, mommy says the treats are from a friend on Etsy named Georgiana and her dog, Sir Boston.  Her shop is PuppyLiciousBakery.

Well, after the all clears from mommy, I tasted one little bone shaped one.  It was so yummy and I wants mores.  Mommy only lets me have ones because I hadn't had my dinners yets.  I shared one with Charlie, toos.  Bear has been having tummy issues so no treats for him today which was oks cause he was napping in his crate.  We saved him ones for later. 

Thank yous Miss Georgiana and Sir Boston so very much from all us doggies and my mommy .  May, there be much success in your treat shop in the futures.  Now, I is offs to get dinners and maybe  some after dinner treats.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Me And My Cuc-Ducky

Sasha heres.  Mommy picked a special cucumber from our garden yesterday.  She thinks it is too cute to eat.  I thinks I gots me a new friend.  Meet Cuc-Ducky. 
 I wonders if it is a teenage mutant ninja cuc-duck.
Well, apparently it does loves to give hugs. 
Pawhaps, a little smoochie from the poochie.
You knows Cuc-ducky.  You kind of tastes pretty goods. 
Mommy, pass the ranch dressing please.  heeheee. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mommy's Birthday And The Cookies That Came In The Mail.

I knows.  I knows.  It has beens furevers again.  I isn't a young doxie anymore you knows. heehee.  Well, anyways, today is Mommy's birthday.  She is pretty old for doxies, but not too old for humans.  heehee.  Well, I lets her have a break from the pooper scooping today and held my poo until noon. heehee.  I can dos it if I wants, too.  I couldn't get the boys to dos it though so she still had to pick up theirs.  Boys will be boys.  No respects for birthdays and alls. 

Well, I was going to insist on a birthday walkies today, but the bad weather happened so we stayed home undercover of blankies until it passed.  Then, after the sun came back outs, the mystery cookies arrived. 

We dogs had to sniffs and makes sure no squirrel surprises were in the box the man in brown dropped off on the front step.  Mommy was just going to let it sit there thinking it was a shirt for grandma or something.  She had too much cheese and grape juice todays I thinks.  She doesn't drink so her special treat is sharp cheddar cheese, crackers, and grape juice.  It had TOP in big letters on the box and she was busy finishing her special snackie when it cames.  Silly mommy that was justs how they were suppose to put the package so the Top was on top.  Well, our attentions didn't deviate from the box on the floor back to her cheese which was surprising in and of itself.  So Mommy figured she woulds takes a closer look after the snackie.  Well, she dids.  And our noses don't lie.  There be cookies in that box.  Not just one, but a box of special happy face and flowery cookies on sticks.  You know us dogs like sticks and cookies.  That was just an awesome pawsome idea.  Well, we dogs were hoping she would open one up and shares, but she was looking for a card, but just the business card/coupon thingy which Bear says he wills be happy to eat later whens no one is looking.  No clues who sents it.  I Sasha has a pretty good guess, but I won't say. We doxies has been wrong before.  Not often though. 

Well, Mommy sends lots of thank yous to whoever sents her the special prezzie.  She loves it and they look so yummy.  We dogs are still hoping for a bite, but Mommy said the cheese bites was all we were getting for today and that is mores than we normally gets.  Plus, the cookies are for peeps not k9s.  Really?  Oh, wells.  Maybe, she will haves more cheese to share tomorrows.

Well, I better gso sees if some doxie races are TVs on or something before Mommy kicks me off the computer.  Barks at you all laters.  Sasha over and outs.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Yappy Memorial Day All!

Sasha's heres.  I is taking a break before the BBQ starts.  You knows us doxies do get so busy this times of year. 

Between pawtecting the up and coming fruits/veggies that mommy has planted in her garden and keeping squirrels from taking over the world, I is in such a need for a weenie visit. 

Mommy and Miss RuthAnn from PawsativelyAdorable on etsy got togethers so I can meest the famous Snuggles.  I haven't hads a wiener playdate in furever so I was so up for its.  Even if it dids involve a "b-word" (bath) cause according to mommy I stank big time.  She didn't believes me when I saids all doxies smell better this way.

 But, anyways, we mets Snuggles and his Mommy RuthAnn and it was so much fun. I wish the weather was betters though.  My ears were flapping in the wind and we left just as the sky started leaking on us. 

Miss RuthAnn sells harnesses and other stuffs in her PawsativelyAdorable etsy shop, where pawceeds of sales go to her doxie rescue where she works to find rescued doxies new homes.  Go doxie rescue!  Snuggles is the main male model of her doggy merchandise.  So he is quite handsome.  But no worries my prince Oscar man.  I have eyes and my heart beats for only yous.  Anyways, if you all can stop by her shop sometime and gets the barks out about it, I woulds much appreciates it. 

Well, the BBQ should be ready soon.  A big bark out to all those humans and animals who have served in the armed forces.  May your service always be remembered and honored.  Yappy Memorial Day Alls!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Training Begins And Sneak Peeks From Mommy

Hi alls.  Sasha heres agains.  The snow has finally melted and the warm spring sun is tryings to make an appearance daily nows.  Me and Bears know it is time to get back into shape for a busy summer of squirrel chasing.  So we has started our spring training recently. 

 We started with solo toy strengthening exercises.  You can sees we are concentrating so hard.

 Then, we gots into a steady routine of squirrel capturing drills.  You can sees my squirrel imfursonation skills at work.  Bear is getting so goods at pinning a doxie acting like a squirrel. heehee.

Our grumpy old man, Charlie, leading us from his comfy place on the couch.  Trust mes if we don't dos it rights he comes and gets us until we dos it rights.

Mes whispering secret squirrel pawtrol orders to the young pup.  He might earn a pawmotion if he keeps up the good work.  This year has got to be his year to capture his very first squirrel uprising.

And while we was training so hard, mommy was working on a new shirt.  This time she attempts her artistic abilities on other breeds of dogs and um well "felines".  Yes, mommy is drawing "cats" on this shirt.  I is not at all happy about that.  But, I did insist on a fair amount of doxies on it just to balance out the um "cats".  Here is some sneak peeks of it.  It is raining dogs and cats themed.  It is XL and no reserves on this ones either.  Up to who ever gets it first when it is all finished and listed on etsy.  She still has to irons it, washed it again, and all thats so it will be awhile still. 

Well, I best gets back to my training pawnewvers.  May it bes a fruitful squirrel chasing season to all the squirrel pawtrol members outs theres.  Woofs at you alls later.