Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ok. My poo was smoking today. Help!!

Sasha here. Sure you humans in the warmer temp areas say this white stuff looks pretty. But, all I can think is it just isn't right to have your poo smoking in the morning. Off to get back in bed under my covers.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Make it stop snowing!

Sasha here. I is still not happy. The snow keeps falling and it is cold and I want to smell the grass again. Mommy found my coat and you can see how happy I am about that. NOT!! Coats mean having to go outside even longer in the snow.

So we went outside and the white stuff was everywhere. On the tree, on the hedge, on mommy's bye bye car, and yes even on my paws.

Then, I came back in and pouted in my computer chair and I is not barking to Mean Mommy at all.

Friday, November 19, 2010

I gots new toys in the mail.

Hello all.
I gots new toys in the mail from Miss Diana and The G's. Well, I truthfully, I do have to share one with my big brother Charlie so technically I only got one new toy. But, I will take his when he's not looking. heehee.
Mommy brought in a package from the mail box and I knew right away it was for me. I can smell the G's on it. Plus, all packages are mine right? I just lets the humans have the ones that don't contain toys or treats. heehee.

Well, Mommy was taken forever to open my package. So I sat there in the beg position. You know up right like those meerkats do. I kept looking at Mommy and my package and back at Mommy. So finally, the doxie mind control kicked in and she put down the non-doggy mail.

She opened it, and it was two Christmas double layered fleece squeaky bone toys from stylindogsboutique. I was so happy. Mommy made the mistake of giving the bigger one to Charlie first. I gave him the whose the boss look and he wouldn't take it. So Mommy gave it to me. Then, she gave Charlie the smaller one. I pranced off if my new toy and played. Charlie had Mommy throw his a few times. We had a blast. Thank you Miss Diana and the G's for making my doggy day!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oh POOP! THe White Stuff Is Back!!!

Look what I woke up to this morning, and I is not happy about it at all. Mommy needs to find my snow suit right now!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Peeps Are Gone I Can Zoomie again!!

Hi all. Sasha, the wiener dog here.

Boy, it has been so interesting the last few days. First, my brother eats half a bar of soap. He still won't tell me why he did that. Grandma caught me taking the bar away from him and she thought I had eaten it. But, the evidence was puked up later that even by mister Innocent Charlie who would never do anything like that. Mommy was so proud that I hadn't eaten any.

Then, all these peeps showed up for great grandma's 91st b-day. There was 5 generations of peeps from big ones all the way down to the littlest new human pup.
Charlie and I got pinned up a lot. We didn't like that at all especially with all the eating going on. Then, there was a very cute human pup that so kindly like to share what he was eating by regurgitating it for us dogs. But, Mommy wouldn't let me go lick him up. Silly, Mommy.
Then, there was lots of pics and no one took any of me. Then, we slept on the couch with Mommy. She wouldn't even let us wiggle or get down and sleep with anyone else.
Now, the peeps are gone and I gots to zoomie all over the living room while Mommy brought all my toys out from her hiding spot. It is sure fun when peeps come to visit, but is it wrong to miss your toys and bed a little?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thank you all for the prezzies.

Hi all. We have been so busy around here I haven't had much time to bark on my blog. Mommy is getting ready for Great Grandma's 91st b-day, the leaves have been pooing all over the yard. and lots of getting ready for winter going on.
We have gotten a few prezzies and packages through the mail. So Mommy and me says Franks A Lot to Miss Tammy, Miss Patty, and Miss Alice! We do love them. Some of the pics above have links to the stores that have been so nice to us lately sending us some great items. Miss Alice sent the soap that she got from PersnicketyPelican. Miss Tammy sent me a lovely bandanna and hat. Miss Patty sent Mommy stuffed wiener dogs and a little treat bag for mes. Just got to convince Mommy I need new treats to fill the bag. heehee.
Well, missed you all, and now I must go. Mommy wants on the computer now.