Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Jumbo Bone Arrived!!

I got my Jumbo bone with double squeakers from stylindogsboutique today. Here are the pics and hopefully video of all the fun. Thank You Miss Diana!! Four Paws Up!!

Mommy Too Slow Opening Package:

Charlie Wants My Bone. Can you tell?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Collar Bling Today

Sasha here. I got new bling for my collar today in the mail. It was an expensive little bling that I didn't even get to pick the color or shape or anything. 20 dollars a year for a little star that says I am an official pet. Silly humans, I don't need no tag to tell my that. However, I guess it does tell other humans how much my mommy loves me so I guess 20 dollars is worth that.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pup quiz: Time for some schoolin.

Hello all,

Oh no!! Looks like all my friends may need some doxie media schoolin. heehee. Well, here is a few just for reference in case you come across a doxie trivia game show in the future.

1-3.) Toy Story 1-3 ( slinky dog in one and slinky and the house dog was a dachshund in the other two)

4.) The Ugly Dachshund (One of the best dachshund films of all times. I is so hoping they make a remake of that one with a modern twist.)

5.) Beverly Hills Chihuahua (dachshund on tread mill when chihuahua goes to groomers)

6.) Hitch (one of the ones he fixes up at the very beginning was when the dachshund escapes from the elevator and chases the female dachshund bait he was using to introduce the guy to the girl)

7-8.) Open Season 1 and 2. Mr. wienie in number two is so awesome.

9.) Bolt. (One of the first dogs he meets on the street was a black and tan dachshund. Who offers him to sniff his butt.)

10-11. ) All Dogs Go To Heaven 1 and 2 (Even though the animator sure didn't have a clue on how to draw wienie dogs, Itchy was a dachshund. I still think he looks more like a basset though.)

12.) Wiener Takes All -A Dogumentary (I so want to see this movie!!)

13.) National Lampoon's European Vacation ( The unbarkable happens when the boys hat gets tossed of the Eiffel Tower - an Innocent doxie jumps after it. Not one of my favorites and we do believe a squirrel was behind it.)

14.) The Truman Show- A wienie is being walked in the center of town a few times during the movie.

15.) A Dog Named Christmas from Hallmark Hall Of Fame- A red wienie has puppies in the boys barn. A cougar tries to attack, but Christmas saves the wienies. A great film!!

I am sure there are more, but that is just a few off the top of my furry little head for you. We won't mention dachshunds on TV and in commercials that could take a year to list all those. heehee.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dachshund Pup Quiz!

Since school is going to be starting soon, I , Sasha -the wiener dog, thought I should offer a Pup Quiz today. Lets see how smart all my friends and friends in fur are out there. How many movies can you name with a dachshund in them? You can count sequels as separate movies.
Here is the scoring: 1-3 movies New Wiener On The Block, 4-6 Doxie Pup Star, 7-9 Hot Dog With His/Her Own Set Of Buns, 10 and up Wiener Dog Addict (You might want to start a 12 paw step program.)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Dachshund Book Review: Hairy Pawter/ Harry Potter?

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Book 1:

Sasha here. Time for another dachshund book review. I decided to read the Harry Potter series with my Mommy. She had read the series before, and figured I was now old enough to read it with her. So we started reading the series together. The first book is what I will bark about today.

First of all, I think his name should have been Hairy Pawter especially if they ever do a dachshund version.

I liked the book. The idea of an orphan discovering he has magic and then is like a major super star among the magical people has got to be pretty cool. I like how there is a good and evil force in the book and how sometimes he just didn't know who he could trust or not trust. The whole idea that sometimes doing the right thing can lead you into trouble. Like me barking at the evil squirrels, but that is getting off the point again.

The book also reminds me of traditional Greek mythology where the hero who is a very ordinary human with major flaws has to battle so many unearthly challenges to somehow gain a prize for the greater good. Dumbledore is defiantly a god like figure that leads Harry to choose the right path through all his challenges. The other teachers to play a similar role just like the ancient Greek gods and goddesses with their unique powers or gifts.

Then, there was Harry's friends, Ron and Hermione. I believe this is where the plot deviates from the traditional Greek hero like stories. For Harry, he doesn't face everything alone. Even though he feels lonely throughout the book and in the end he does battle the evil one by himself, I feel his friendship is what makes the story pop. To have true friends that will die and suffer for you if need be really is pretty darn cool for a human pup of only 11 years of age.

In the end, the question throughout the book was which character was the force of evil and when faced with that evil what will Harry do? Well, you will have to read the book to find that out.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mommy Gave Me Rabbit Pellets For Kibble!

I looked at my bowl with these little tiny kibbles and then looked at Mommy like you expect to fill me up with these little rabbit pellets! Do I look like a rabbit! I need real food here! The good stuff that you can sink your teeth into to. Mommy went on about how the store was out of my brand of kibble and I will just have to make do with this kind. Meanwhile, Charlie managed to sneak in and get half my bowl. So I ate what was left rather quickly, then looked pathetically at mommy. It didn't work. I think I may starve to death on this new pellet diet. :(

Saturday, August 7, 2010

My bobo costume came!!

My bobo costume came in the mail today from DianaDesignsNY . I was so happy cause I smelled Miss Diana's dogs on the package. I even had to stick my head in the package to get a good wiff. I saw my own stickers on the bag, too so you know it was very cute packaging. Then, mommy put my costume on and even though it was a bit warm for this heat wave, I did look oh so cute in it. So I knew I had to share pics and video of me trying to get to that bobo head squeaker. Now, you all know who better when first price in the Hallowiener day contests this year.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

This Heat Has Drived Me To Drinking!

It was so hot outside that Mommy brought out my water bottle in the backyard. I went to town drinking. heehee.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I'm back!!!

Hi all. Sasha your furry friend is back. The squirrels tried to sabotage my Internet time and we have been off-line for a bit due to a sick computer. You know those squirrels are so to blame for this.
But, anyways, I have been busy. I figured out what mommy was doing with that measuring snaky thing, and I am a bit excited now. I am getting a custom made BoBo Hallowiener Day costume from DianaDesignsNY shop on etsy. No more being laughed at in a stinky pumpkin costume for me. I am going to get a really cool costume that all the doggies are going to be jealous of and mommy says the hat even squeaks. I don't care for hats really or clothes much for that matter, but I might have to make an exception for a costume of my favorite toy ever. Plus, I am wondering if I can get to that squeaker in the hat after Hallowiener Day?