Thursday, October 18, 2012

Deer On Pawtrol

Hi all,

Sasha here.  All has been quiet on the squirrel front the last few days.  But, today after a long day of being couped up indoors due to the neighbors having an estate sale,  (And you knows a girl can't poo with all that comings and goings right by my potty grounds.) us dogs got to have a bit of a special visitation.  Bucky and Venison our wildlife squirrel pawtrol agents stopped by for a visit. 

We were having a debriefing session when Mommy interrupted us with the flashy thing.  But, they said the squirrels seem to be laying low right now all over the neighborhood.  They seem to think the cold front coming in might be something to do with it, but I suspects squirrel evil doings are going to happen soon. 

 But, you knows these deer agents are pretty good at not letting mommy know they were talking with us.  They went right into head butting whens they saw her.  They said humans always likes to see that sort of thing from deer. 

I tolds them humans don't have the ability to communicate across species unless I help translate with my doxie mind control.  They said just to be on the safe sides to cuts the meeting short for tonight. 
So we dids.  But, thoughts you all would like to know the squirrel pawtrol has many agents out there helping to keep us all safe from the squirrels' evil plots to rule the world.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Another Prezzie In The Mail

Sasha here.  Things have been kind of crazy since Chi-kitty Maddie has been visiting.  She has no squirrel pawtrol skills at all.  She finds Bear's training useless and rather teach him kitty self grooming techniques cause those would be way more useful.  Long story, but lets just say we put our squirrel pawtrol training on hold just in case Maddie is a Chi-kitty squirrel informer. 

Meanwhile, we gots a really cool prezzie in the mail today from Miss Carole from FurriPersonal.  There was a sweet doxie card and a bookmark with a fluffy ball pom that looks a lot like Bear.

This prezzie package really made our day and Bear is just starting to figure out the postal system.  Mostly, the mail lady brings the prezzies.  Bear is saying thank arrroooo in this photo to you Miss Carole.  I thanks you and Mommy does, too.  We really likes them a lot.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Miss Suz B-day And The Chi-Kitty Is Back.

Hi all.  Sasha heres.  Boy has today been an odd day.  Mommy went off to take Miss Suz her b-day prezzie and then when she got backs Maddie the chi-kitty is visiting with us again.  Maddie hadn't seen Bear yet.  I don't think she is so thrilled with him.  Just another dog reminding her that she has no hair and acts like a cat.


Well, backs to Miss Suz B-day.  Cause you knows Mommy was at a loss at whats to gets her this year.  So through my wonderful mind control capabilities I gavse her the idea of Hoho (little debbie swiss rolls) dachshunds. 


Basically, those that chocolate doesn't kill you and who have thumbs take a hoho and wrap in chocolate cake decorating fondant.  Use white fondant to mix in to get a lighter tan and the white eyes.  Then, you just sculpt the heads, butts, and paws. Lets them dry goods and glues them onto the chocolate fondant wrapped hohos with chocolate frosting.  The bones were done with candy molds by pressing fondant in them.  The fire hydrant is one of those leash poo bag holders.  There is a pretty chewed up bobo made out of pink fondant hiding on top of the fire hydrant.  There is green coconut grass and yellow frosting around the grass to represent (well you knows).  The candles are stuck with brown frosting represeting (well you knows that, too).  And if she lights the candles she would have flaming (well you know whats).  heehee.  Any doxie lover human cake decorating folks out there feel frees to copy this idea ifs you likes it.  I don't mind sharing. 

Well, Miss Suz loved it and she also hads a special prezzie for mom.  It was franknweenie!

Whats a cute necklace.  You knows if I didn't already have tons of bling with my license, my rabies tag, my id tag, and so forth I would so have mommy gets me one, too.  Miss Suz, Mommy and Mes loves it.  Thank you so very much.

Now off to trains Bear how to chase Chi-kitty Maddie.  Heehee.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bear's First B-Word (Bath)

Sasha here.  Training has been going pretty well lately.  Bear is right on schedule in fact.  Since all of our training has left the pup rather on the dirty side.  The humans decided it was time to indogternate him with his first b-word (Bath).  Of course, Charlie and mes went to hiding just in case the humans had plans for us getting a b-word, too.  But, we escaped this time.  Apparently, they were all tuckered out after giving Bear his. heehee. 

Well, here is our young recruit getting his first b-word.  He did really well no whining or yapping.  He was kind of making us look bad for a while.  But, then the big hot air monster came out and boy did he carry on.  Charlie and I gave each other low paw fives for that one.  We did have to chuckle at how the tough little pup didn't like the hot air monster at all. But, he survived like we told him he woulds. 

Here are the pics of the yucky first b-word of Bear.

Here is him all fluffy again after the hot air monster.  You know I would never have guessed he was half a dog smaller when wet. heehee.

Times to gets dirty again with more squirrel pawtrol training sessions Bear.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Squirrel Pawtrol Training Continues

Sasha here.  Been training Bear in paw to paw combat and other necessary skills for the squirrel pawtrol.  Working on sending messages to Mommy on how to get him a proper uniform harness to keep the big bad birdies from thinking he is a bunny and pawhaps scaring squirrels away too if we are lucky.  Not sure she has got the message yet via mind control though.

Here is some recent photos of our training sessions.

Here I is pawtending I is a stupid squirrel with my back turned.  You can see Bear is ready for a single pawed attack.

Here I is demonstrating pawper hind paw placement for balance while being pounced upon.  I can not be moved by a Bear or squirrel.

Here yous can see that Bear has mastered the "Yep, I Is Bigger Than You!" stance.

This is Bear's big dog growl and snarl.  He needs some work on this still.

This is me showing him how the big dog growl snarl is really done.  You can sees Bear is observing quite studiously.

Well, that is all for todays folks.  Stay tuned for future Bear training photos.  I is going to make this fluffy one a good squirrel pawtrol canine agent if it kills me.