Saturday, August 17, 2013

Another prezzie in the mail today.

Hi alls.  Sasha heres.  Mommy gots another cool prezzie in the mail todays.  This one is from Miss Sue from FrumsGlassMenagerie on etsy.  She sents mommy a belated birthday prezzie with the cutest doxie on it.  I am sures that doxie looks a bits familier.  I justs can't put my paw on it thoughs. heehee.

Ok, I knows it is mes.  But, you knows it is still the cutest doxie ever or at least accordings to Mommy.  She loves it and so do Is.  Mommy and Mes says thanks you Miss Sue for this lovely prezzie.  Now Mommy can't I borrows it to adds a little more bling to my collar.  Please......

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Prezzies and More Prezzies.

Sasha heres.  The mail lady brings us all lots of prezzies today.  Mommy and I was in the petsjubilee team gift exchange and we gots the bestest prezzies from Miss Diana from

Miss Diana sents us a big handmade blue doxie with tie dyed ears and a doxie ribbon collar.  Than, she knows us puppers love the hubby stuffed squeaky bones so she sents one for each of us.  We thank her and super stuffer for those fur sure.  And you knows mine squeaks pawfectly. 


Bears and Charlie likes theirs, too.  They squeakied them to no ends all ready. 

(Bear hads a hard times concentrating on his causes he wanted Mommy's big blue doxie.)

We also gots a late b-day gift from hers for Mommy, too. 

The note pads has a doxie pen that is just too cutes.  I mights have to borrow it for official SP document signing. heehee. 

 It is from FlyingHero on etsy.  Mommy really likes it a lot.

Miss Diana also sent new tote bags for Mommy to decorate and use in her shop.  You knows they will come in handy.  Franks so much Miss Diana for all the lovely prezzies.  Mommy and mes loves them all so much.

Thens, on top of all that, my doxie movie that I hads mommy order for us arrived todays, too.  You knows it is going to be doxie movie night tonight.  I needs to go pop some pupcorn fur sure to have snackies while we watch. 

Wells, I better be off.  So much squeaking to do before the movie starts.  :)  Untils we blogs again.  Sasha overs and outs.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Preparing for more storms tonight and Mommy's newest shirts

Sasha heres.  Last nights was a really scary storm.  Lots of light flashes and big loud booms.  I thought many times we was under squirrel attack, but the storm passed and nows the weather sniffers on the news says we got more storms tonights.  So I is pawparing now.  I gots my doxie cave all nice and comfy cozy. 

While I has been pawparing for the storms tonight, Mommy has beens workings on more doxified shirts.  First, the winter shirt which is all done, but needs to be ironed, washed, and dried again.  This ones has a little pocket on the front that is perfects for keepings a few snackies for your pupper in it. 

The next one is so far reserved for Miss Sue Ann.  Since she called first dibs on it before she even seens its.  But, it will be ups for grabs if she doesn't likes it when she sees these previews.  This ones is squirrel pawtrol military themed.  You knows I gaves mommy all the ideas for this one. 

Wells, I better gets back to my doxie cave cause you never know whens those storms will be starting.  Until, we blog agains.  Sasha over and outs.