Sunday, February 28, 2010

Human Words That Pets Understand!

Sasha here,

We understand all the words you humans say by the way. However, we do have our favorites. You know those that make your ears perk up and tail wag and maybe a little dance, too. Some of my favorites are "Din-din, out, kibble, treat, breakfast, and bye-bye." How about you? What words make your pet get excited?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Charlie and I gots mail today.

Mommy got a package in the mail from Gigi's Mommy at YLBB shop on ETSY today and it was paw cream to help our paws not be so dry. She also got a sample of tinted lip balm for herself, but I will kiss that off later. At first I thought it was more treats, but then I's figure out that it was a sample of this greasy stuff Mommy wanted on my paws. It felt weird on my paws kind of like mud but more slippery. After Mommy managed to get it on, both Charlie and I had to try and lick it off. Darn mommy rubbed it in too good though. We got so excited after our paw message that we had a little wrestling match. I won as usual. Oh, and mommy says thank you to Gigi's mom and I is suppose to say thank you, too.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fun in the sun!

Sasha here. More sun today! Yip Yap Furray! Charlie and I got our zoom on in the backyard big time.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The sun came out today!

Sasha here.
The sun made a rare appearance today. It has been so long since I got a good sunning time in that I forgot how good it felt. Charlie and I were stretched out on the deck for quite sometime. Then, the neighbor dog Rocky had to bark at us and so we barked back. Mommy let us inside cause we were creating such a "ruckus". All we were doing was having a conversation. All winter we are couped up inside so we just wanted to "ketchup" on the neighborhood gossip. Can I help it that she can't concentrate on all her wiener dog creations if I am barking so much? Sounds like it is her problem not mine.
Well, even with all that barking she still managed to create some really cute wiener items. I managed to sneak a few pics while she was fixing great grandma some lunch. i will share some sneak peeks with you, but don't tells Mommy. OK?

Monday, February 15, 2010

"What Sharp Teeth You Have Puppy!"

Sasha here.
Mommy was puppy sitting human pups and their new puppy. I don't thinks I like big puppy slumber parties. Those teeth hurt and her paws were huge. Oh, and forgets about sleeping. I hads to keep from being rolled and pounced on.
Today, I had a wiener play date at my wiener friends house and it was much better there. Best to play with dogs your own size and who respect you for the princess that you are.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Are Your Humans A Bit Weird?

Sasha here.
OK, you pets out there, it is time to share the poop scoop on your humans. What is it with the furless wonders of ours? Why do they have to embarrass us so?
Fur example, I is outside trying to find a good place to you know when a big dog comes by taking her human for a walk. I start barking a conversation (Trying to catch up on all the latest neighborhood dog gossip.), and all mommy cares about is a certain bodily function that has not been done yet. Seriously, can we say take a chill pill or what? I'll poo when I am good and ready for Pete's sake.
Then, there is the kissing me on my nose thing. Really, do I looks like I want to infect my ever so useful nose with human germs! Oh, and minty fresh breath is a real turn off for dogs by the way.
Now, it is your turn pets. Vent those human oddities that just get under your fur and you know we will all understand.

Monday, February 8, 2010

When will someone notice the wiener dogs?

Sasha here.
I has been lazy with mommy watching a dog show, dog 101, and of course the Puppy Bowl. We were disappointed when the dachshunds were hardly even noticed in the dog show. It is just not right. My breed deserves a chance to get noticed in those fancy smancy dog shows. Then, dog 101 was all about puppies. We didn't get noticed much their either. Then, the Puppy Bowl. Lots of different breeds, but no dachshunds. Mommy and me might not watch it next year since this is the 6th year without a wiener dog representative. Heck we could have even been better cheer leaders than the sleepy bunnies. I thinks we dachshunds need a little good press. Someone please make a dachshund movie or remake The Ugly Dachshund so us little long under dogs might get noticed. Or I's might have to lick someone.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Horrible Terrible No Good Very Bad Day!

"R.I.P. to my old computer chair. You has been with me since I was a little pup."

Sasha the wiener dog here. I is in a bad mood today. Nothing has gone right at all. I thinks I wants to go back to bed and have a do over day.

First, Mommy's noisy alarm tic toc thingy went off at 6:00 am. That is before the sun even was a wake. It was still night time, and she got me up. I didn't get to do my wake up wiggle and sneak a lick dance or anything.

Second, Mommy took me outside and it was raining and cold and I gots my paws dirty in what I hope was mud. I was like ewww, no way am I like going potty in this. Mommy made me stay out there until I went. Then, I had to wash my paws when I got in. Nothing like getting your tootsies all sudsy to wake a wiener dog up.

Third, I went to get up in my computer chair while Mommy was checking her e-mail, and it wasn't there. There was a new one in its place, and it smelt funny like plastic. Then, Mommy said that Grandma doesn't want me in the new computer chair. And I was like you just said what? Not in the computer chair. How is I suppose to twitter, blog, and update all my doxie peeps. I jumped up in the new one, and Mommy put me down. She showed me an old chair or the blanket on the floor. The old chair didn't have wheels or comfy cushions, or nothing. Not right I said so I pouted on the floor.
After I recovered from all that, I thoughts I would take a nice nap under a warm blankie on the sofa. Mommy was watching one of those documentaries on what would happen if there were no more people. Seriously, I wants to know what would happen to us poor wiener dogs then, but all they talked about was labs and food rotting. So I fell asleep.
Then, when I woke up. Mommy was no where to be found. I sniffed her out, and can you believe she took a shower with out me. Who is suppose to lick the water off her legs when she gets out if I is not there? I whimpered, and yipped at her from the crack at the bottom of the door. Then, she came out all smelling yucky like wet soapy human.

Finally, on tops of all that, Mommy had a package to goes to the Post Office. I was getting all excited while she was taping it and putting cute doxie stickers on it. I even went and found my leash. She got her shoes and keys, and tells me to "STAY!" I can't believe it. Yes, it is cold and rainy outside, but I demands a car ride I tells you. She tells me to "Stay, and be good!" I was not happy when the door shut so I yipped a good one just so she would feel bad for leaving me behind.

Well, I am pouting now, and I just wants this horrible terrible no good very bad day to be over with.