Thursday, February 26, 2015

Another Prezzie In The Mail

Hi alls.  Sasha heres as usual.  Miss Diana and the G's sent Mommy and me a new little purse todays.  I think it would be perfect to hold to go snackies for me, but mommy says she will probably just put her id and such in it.  You know if humans wears collars like us they wouldn't needs to put their license in a purse.  But, what's do I knows I is just a little wienie dog.  Anyways we just wanted to thanks Miss Diana for the lovely doxie purse.  It is so perfect for us. Thank you doxie kisses and hugs from Mommy.


Friday, February 20, 2015

Treats in the Mail

Hi all.  It has been pretty quiet around here the last few days.  We alls has been missing Charlie.  Bear doesn't show it much because he is such a youngster and just wants to play play play all the time.  But, he was my snuggle buddy.  I miss that.  Bear doesn't snuggles.  Bear goes under the couch when he gets tired. 
Miss Alice sents us a very special pick me up todays though.  Treats in the mail.  Good ones too with yogurt frosting.  Both Bears and I loves them even though Mommy only allowed one cookie each.  I really thought we should have had more.  But, I guess there will be more in the fridge for us tomorrows.  Thank you Miss Alice.  We did after treat zoomies just for yous.  Thanks for the special card, too.  Mommy says thank you a bunch. 
(Sees I read the card first Miss Alice.)
(A close up of the good eats in the temporarily doxie proof box. heehee)
(Bear saying treat please.)
(Me's really puttings on the doxie mind control for my treat.)
(Bear cleanings up Mommy's fingers afterwards.)
Many thanks to Miss Alice for the treats.  Bark at you all laters. Sasha over and outs. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Sad Day Today.

Sasha heres and Mommy, too.  My big brother Charlie has passed onto the rainbow bridge this morning.  He will be deeply missed by us all.  Especially, mes.  May you catch one of those sky squirrels up there today, bro.  Run pain free for me and mommy.  Until we meets again.  Love Sasha.

In Memory of Charlie (Grumpy Old Man):  Birthdate unknown to March 13, 2014.