Monday, May 31, 2010

Dachshund Book Review: Frequencies

Hi all. Sasha here as always. I am adjusting with Maddie, and mommy promises she will go home tonight. I think I will have myself a little wiener dog party and make sure Mommy breaks out some serious cheese for all my attempts at chihuahua peace keeping negotiations. heehee

Meanwhile, Mommy and I finished another book. It is called Frequencies by Joshua Ortega. It also takes place a little in the future. Apparently, some human must have caught onto our Doxie mind control devices and was able to control peoples thoughts. Of course, they didn't credit the dachshunds for coming up with the technology. Silly, humans. We dachshunds have had that technology since the 1940's. The squirrels have been trying to steal our secrets for at least two decades now. Well, here I go again off track as usual. Back to the book, well basically, it is pretty good as far as human science fiction goes. It opens up several ethical questions like should people really not have freedom of thought, should they get arrested for having what society views as wrong thoughts, and of course the whole concept of life essences or souls being sucked out and put into new bodies. We dachshunds have not mastered the sucking out ones essence yet, not sure we really want that either. It goes against the whole canine fundamental doctrines. Especially The Prime Doctrine: Live everyday like it might be your last. If one can essentially live "furever", then one can not truly live or a "ruff" translation: It just ain't right messing with the laws of nature. It does end rather strangely so I suspect there is a sequel. Lots of unanswered plot tangents. Oh, it does have this whole futuristic terminology that took a bit to get use to with lots of looking at the back of the book to figure out what things meant. That was a big turn off, and all the trademark products mentioned all the time. I gather they were really focused about the trademark thing cause that is what the mind controls told them to buy, but it is a bit annoying for the first 5 chapters or so. Well, that is my take on this book. A good read if you are plotting to take over the world perhaps. heehee.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Maddie Is Back! Help me!

Sasha here. My cousin Maddie came to spend the weekend with us. I thinks I need the Nobel Peace Prize for dealing with this Chihuahua Warrior Princess. Just check out the pics and tell me if I can be any nicer. I even put up with the Hollywood Chihuahua movie even though a dachshund was only in it for like 3.8 seconds. She growled when I wanted mommy to rewind it so I could see the wiener on the tread mill again. So of course we kept watching the movie. Mommy even let us have kibbles on the couch while we watched which like never happens. When I was into the movie and just was quickly reaching over to lick a missed kibble off the couch, I nearly got my nose nipped. Well, at least I can vent to my blog buddies. Yap at you all later.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Doxie Book Review: Patient Zero

Sasha here. Mommy and I just gots done reading another library book so heres my take on it.

The book is called Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry. It is a part science fiction, part horror, and mostly very suspense driven. I rate it as more of a "guy" type book myself because it is full of cops, blowing up things, government agents, zombies, spies, and you don't know who's good or bad or what. Plus, my big brother Charlie liked the book way more than me so I thinks it is a guy book. The character relationships are not as much touched on as the plot. It is an OK book in the fact it is fast paced and doesn't dwell on a lot of unnecessary description. Mommy and I like books that have more plot and character interaction than lots of flowery descriptive words. However, the hero is very stereotypical. One guy and a handful of a few support characters take on unrealistic numbers of flesh eating zombies and come out without being bit. Really, that could not ever possibly happen in real life. Just like those disaster movies on TV where the whole city is destroyed except for the hero, his girl, and maybe the family dog. Really, me thinks not!!
Then, there is the fact that if a terrorist was truly going to take over the world with the undead spreading a virus that turns everyone into zombies, there are a few ways I would think would do it faster. So why humans? Humans are way easier to contain. It would be much easier to infect the virus into mosquito's or rats or something if they wanted it to truly spread and be unstoppable. But, then again, the stereotypical human hero would not survive and live somewhat happily ever after with his chosen mate now would he? heehee

Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Doxie Diva Look To My Blog

Sasha here. It was mostly a cold and rainy day so I decided to do some searching to see how all these humans get these cool looking blogs. You see I was tired of the plain blog template that I started with. I thought this wienie needs a cool blog, too. One to match my doxie attitude and divaness. So I sniffed around surfing the web and found this website: It was very helpful for me so I went to work. Mommy gave up way to quickly with all those nasty computer HTML codes and stuff. She said something about bad flashbacks of MSDOS coding she had to learn way way way back. I think it was sometime after dinosaurs and before the Internet, but not sure. Well, while she was off resting from her pre-windows flashback with the slight headache that that caused, I managed to crack the codes. So I came up with my all new and improved blog where doxie divaness abounds. YIP YAP FURRAY!
PS: I "Divaed" Up my twitter page, too. heehee.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Thump In The Middle Of The Night!

Sasha here.

Boy was last night scary. A big wind storm came in, and I knews a storm was brewing cause my sniffer told me so. I didn't want to go potty before it happened when Mommy was wanting me too. I knew the storm was on its way and all I wanted to do was go hide under my blankie. We went back in, and I found my blankie and hid for awhile. Then, the wind really was howling, and I heard this load thump. I ran off the couch and down the hallway to find someplace to hide. There was no place to hide so I curled up into a ball at the far end of the hallway. Mommy, Grandma, and Grandpa went outside. I was thinking those humans must be crazy. They got all excited and Grandpa went up into the ceiling somehow, and came back down. After the humans settled back down, Mommy found me hiding and scooped me up. She snuggled with me on the couch the rest of the night.
This morning, we went out for our morning potty trip and the neighbors tree was in our yard and on our house. I barked and barked like how dare it enter our yard without doxie "pawmission". It just laid there and ignored me. Guys came to look at it and we are waiting now for them to get the stubborn tree out of my turf.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dachshund Book Review-The Unincorporated Man

Sasha here. I know. I know. I have been away so long. But, you don't understand, spring is here and a doxie can't miss the sunshine and flower sniffing you know. Plus, Mommy decided to go to the library (not so sure I like a place that doesn't allow doxies), and got this book called The Unincorporated Man by a couple of humans called Dani and Eytan Kollin. So Mommy and me have spent most of the time outside in the sun reading this book and of course rolling in the grass a bit.
What? You say that dachshunds can't read. Wells, here is a bit of a secret we don't tells everyone. WE CAN!

So here is my doxie review of this book. It is really quite good as far as those human science fiction stories go. I prefer dog books myself and of course the Dachshund Guide To Taking Over The World (now in its 2nd edition-woohoo!). I am hoping for the rawhide cover myself, but we will haves to see whats I get. Oh, sorry dachshund diverting from the subject again. It is basically set in about 300 years in the future. A man gets frozen from like our time and is thawed out in the future when every single person from the time they are born is incorporated and owned in the form of stocks by others. Kind of creepy cause we dogs know what it is like to be owned, and well it ain't great for a lot of my fellow canines. I is a lucky one and has a Mommy who understands me and my special doxie needs. But, still on paper she does own me. Someday that will change, but for now it is just something we dogs have to live with. I won't tell you how the book ends, but it is a good page turner, and I did even get Charlie interested in it a couple times. I smells a sequel though cause there was this whole untouched plot of these avatars that were computer people that had a whole virtual universe that the humans had no clue existed. I could really relate to that cause humans work with us dogs every day and have no clue about our true intelligence either if you knows what I means. hint hint. Well, it is a good four paws up read if you get a chance and I don't say that very often about books that don't contain dog characters so you know it has gots to be good. I wonder if the next library book is going to be as good as this one.
Until the next time I bark at you, doxie kisses, Sasha.