Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Petsjubilee Sample Box

Hi all.  As promised, here is the blog all about my petsjubilee team sample box that we won from the Thanksgiving All About Food petsjubilee blog photo/video contest.  Charlie and me did a video of us eating our dinner and we won.  Easy contest for us chow hounds you know.  But, it came just a few days before Christmas and you know mommy couldn't hide it from us after we saw it.  We know what comes in that little square box.  Treats and prezzies!!

Here is me peeking inside the box and staring down Charlie.  Just so he knows the princess gets the best picks from the box.

Oh my!  Treats, a new squeakie, bandannas, and did I mention treats.....

See Charlie this bandanna will match my pink sweater and the treats are from our favorite treat shop CiaoHound and not seeing much in heres for you though.

I think I  see something long and blue for Mommy.  But, you know it would look arfully cute pinned to my pink sweater Mommy.

And another pink bandanna for me.  Oh, and a bookmark for my wiener dog book collection.....

At first I thought this was a treat pocket to attach to my collar, but Grandma claimed it as a mini pot holder.  I won't mind if she cooks me something good you know.

At last a new squeakie all for me.  Sorry, Charlie, not much in the box for you. What Mommy?  I have to share?  Aww, ok, but I get the first turn at the squeaky and treats.  Charlie gets the first turn at the pink bandannas. heehee.

Thank you Miss Shari and all my petsjubilee team peeps.  Mommy, Grandma, Me, and even Charlie enjoyed it all.  :)

Monday, December 26, 2011


Hi all.  Sasha here.  Boy, has it been busy here.  So many new prezzies.  Santa Paws and our Etsy friends were good to all of us this year. 

Firsts, I gots a new Santa bobo from Miss Diana of DianaDesignsNY and sleepy sack from Miss Alice of makingstuffwithlove.  Also, Mommy got stampers from Miss Diana and new scissors from Miss Alice.

Then, Santa Paws surprised Charlie and me with new squeakies from StylinDogsBoutique shop on Etsy.  You can see we really enjoyed them.

Then, mommy was going to give this calendar to Miss Suz for Christmas, but due to an error in the printing (blaming squirrels of course) Mommy got this one free and a brand new one without the error for Miss Suz.  We want to thank Baxter's Mommy of kalyxcraftopia for being so generous to us this year.

Mommy gave survivor bracelets from thehubbyshop to Grandma and Grandpa this year with some other prezzies, too.

Grandma and Grandpa gave Mommy this awesome Computer for Christmas (because the Squirrels broke the printer on her old dino of a computer and of course they don't make printers now a days to work on the old dino and.....).

Well, that is the short version of all the prezzies we got this year.  I left off the petsjubilee gift exchange gifts because Mommy blogged about that on that team blog page. Also, need to have Mommy take a picture of the ornament we got from Miss Suz, too. I will show you the petsjubilee box I gots, too.  But, that is going to be a blog all by itself.  Now times for a nap.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Dachshund Bed Making Part Two

Hi all, sorry that I didn't post yesterday the finale of the bed making experience.  The evil squirrel empire attacked mommy's printer and it didn't make it.  That is a long story, but for another day. 
The above photo shows me just finishing getting that fitted sheet on after my nap.  I then got my pillow fort and put back on the bed.  You know I wanted to put them at the end of the bed, but Mommy said no.  She needs to be able to reach her noisy breakfast time announcer (A.K.A. alarm clock).

Then, I wrestled on the top sheet, and of course it really is hard to do with my doxie shaped lump in the middle of the bed.  I guess Mommy was right about that all these times she has made the bed by herself. heehee.

Now where did the big fluffy, heavy, comforter that takes 3 runs in the dryer go?

I founds it.  Oh, and it is so warm.  You knows I think this calls for another little nap.

After that nap, I finished up with this doxie bed making service with a bonus turn down the sheets service with squeakies on the pillows. I thought it looked just like what those celebrity fancy poochie posh 5 paws canine hotels do. 

About this time, it was bedtime, and mommy couldn't find Charlie and me.  She came down stairs to the sound of snoring and two big lumps under the new made bed.  She pulled back the covers and my cloud blanky to see this.

Doxie bed making service complete with two sound asleep lumps.  heehee.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dachshund Bed Making Service Part One

Hi all.  Mommy treated me to a day at the groomer's yesterday.  Even though I didn't like the bath, the peeps there really spoil me.  I gets lots of attention and a much needed pawfessional pedicure.  So I decided to help her out, by making the bed.  You see when me and Charlie are off at the groomer's, Mommy keeps busy by washing the bedding, blankets, and toys.  She had the blankies all nice and warm for us when we got home.  Straight from the dryer.  Gots to love that you know. 

As I was saying, I decided to make the bed.  I got all the pillow cases on without getting stuck inside one this time, but thought hey these are making a nice little fort. So I hid for awhile, until mommy called me to let me know the bottom sheet was coming out of the dryer.

So I put my pillow fort away for awhile, and started to wiener wrestle this nasty sheet on the bed.

Darn Fitted Sheets!

After getting it on in the wrong direction twice, I was getting a bit tired and furstrated.

So I felt a nap was in order.  To Be Continued.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Hi all. The In-door Tree Is Up!

Sasha here.  We got the in-door tree up the other day.  Mommy has added a couple new doxie ornaments to it this year.  Yay!!  She says before long, I might have to have my own tree with all my dachshund ornaments all over it.  Mommy gots the elf black and tan doxie from LaughingFridge shop on Etsy.  She had been wanting something from that shop for a long while and just had to have the black and tan elf ornament.  I thinks I had my mind control working on that one, too. She can never resist with my mind control.

The elf ornament came the other day in the mail, and was wrapped up so pretty like a little prezzie.  There was also some little word magnets as a freebie.  Freebie's always make my tail wag you know. 

Mommy also got a black and tan doxie in a stocking ornament from Shopko this year.  It is pretty cute, too.  But I think the LaughingFridge one looks a bit more like me. 

Well, barks at you all later.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I Is Cold And Mommy Is....

Sasha here. I is cold and not wanting winter to come this year. I have been spending lots of time in my blankie and snuggled with my big brother Charlie.

Mommy is working on new crafts and totally ignoring me. She is already starting on Valentine's and we haven't even had the big feast that leads to the turkey sleepies yet. Then, there is Santa Paw's visit still, too. She is rushing things way too fast for my liking.

Can you believe she is actually making non-doxie items now, too! I am not happy at all about that. I mean really doxies are the best. I think the squirrels have gotten to her mind some how. I might have to look for something to unbrainwash my mommy. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mommy Has Got Something New And Blue!

A package came in the mail today and it wasn't for me. I thought the package was for me cause it smelled like the place that I gets my squeakie bones from. I was all excited while mommy opened it, and out popped what I thought was a collar. I kept thinking mommy I wears red collars not blue. And I knows mommy wouldn't get Charlie a new collar and not me. So she took it out and I saw a problem right away with that blue collar. It was way too small for either me or Charlie. Then, mommy puts it on her wrist. OK, humans are silly why do they need a dog collar for their wrist. You knows know ones going to return them if they get lost cause they don't get lost. Well, at least, until they are really old like great grandma or really young like the human pups. But, anyways, I figures I ought to check this blue thing out a bit more.

Then, I smelled it. Super Stuffer made these. He is my super hero that stuffs my squeakie bones. I knew it smelt familiar.

Then, I gots a bit sad. Super Stuffer is not stuffing doggy toys anymore!!! No!!

Then, mommy held my paw a bit. She told me not to worry so much cause he is Super Stuffer he can make doggy toys and bracelets at the same time. I sniffed a bit and thought about it. Yep, he could. Besides, he needs a secret identity I suppose.

Super Stuffer and The Wife from TheHubbyShop, Mommy says thank you for the new bracelet. She loves it.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Dachshund From Lowes

Grandma and Grandpa brought back this dachshund from Lowes today. I have been working my dachshund mind control super hard since I saw it on Facebook yesterday. I just had to have it to scare away the evil squirrels from our prezzies this Christmas. Well, they brought it home today and there was only one left after this one. Way to go Grandma and Grandpa!

Mommy and Grandpa put it together. It kind of scared me coming out of the box cause it was a headless doxie. I kept thinking it is not suppose to be a Hallowienie decoration. But, then, they pulled the head out from the doxie's belly. It took a lot of human team work to put it together. They ended up forgetting the instructions and doing it their way. But, this is what it looked like all lit up.

Isn't this santa doxie so cute? I knows it will square away the evil squirrels fur sure.

Then, I got next to it and realized this doxie is a big one. Must be a standard size. I hear they is bigger than little old me.

I decided to give it a kiss on the nose and whisper my Christmas wish into its ear. You never know. This Santa Paws doxie might have a direct bark line to the North Pole.

After that, I noticed mommy taken pictures and decided it was best to keep my wish list short for now. You know us good little dachshunds are always ready for a photo session with Mommy.