Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012!

Hi Alls.  Sasha here.  I is pretty tired, but I thoughts I just hads to share our Christmas Day with you alls before nighty night times.  You sees we all pretty much gots whats we wanteds for Christmas.  This was Bear's first Christmas and he pretty much just wanted snow on Christmas day.  He has a secrete dream of being a sled dog maybe even for Santa Paws some day.  His breeds roots come from a variety of snow and sled dogs so not too surprised there.  I just don't have the heart to tell him his short legs aren't going to be much good for sled pullings. 

My day started to yaps of joy from Bear playing in the snow outside.  I pawfured to be undercover of blankies myself. 

Then, I heards that Santa came.  I hads to see whats I got this year.  I have been such a good girl with the training of Bear, and not pottying in the house, and sleeping on the couch with Mommy on the great grandma night shifts and alls.  I was hoping to gets at least some new squeakies and maybe even my very own wiener lazer like the ones on the Jack In The Box commercial so I could really scare the squirrels. (Not hurts them cause Santa doesn't roll that way.) And you knows whats.  I gots it all!

I is so happy that I is smiling big time.  Really, I am smiling Mommy.  Not making face at Bear who wants my new squeaky and to try on my wiener lazer.  Not Is.

Bear gots a new blue squeaky with a polar bear on it.

Charlie got a new brown squeaky bone.  He really likes it, too.

We thens had some disagreements about whose was whose for awhile.

Bear kissed and we made ups since it was Christmas and all.  We agreed to share all the toys, but whoever rips one first doesn't get to rip the next one.

You knows these squeakies are made by Miss Diana at StylinDogsBoutique and stuffed by Super Stuffer himself. Santa knows what us dogs like for sure.

Wells, I Sasha, Bear, Charlie, and Mommy wish all our friends out there a very Merry Christmas and a Yappy New Year.  May 2013 be full of love, joy, and puppy kisses.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Prezzie From Alice

Sasha here.  We gots a really cool little prezzie from Miss Alice from makingstuffwithlove yesterday.  She founds it at a craft fair and you knows I has never seen a glass doxie so tiny before.  It must have took a lot of talent to blow the glass that small and into a doxie shape.  Me and Mommy loves it so much.  She will add it to her dachshund collection. Thanks you Miss Alice from Mommy and Mes.  Dachshund kisses going your way.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Secret Santa Prezzie From Petsjubilee Team Exchange

Sasha heres.  We gots the best prezzie from Mr. Sean of CamargoCreations on etsy. He drew our name for the petsjubilee team gift exchange.  He got the prezzies off of Amazon. First, we gots a cool umbrella for Mommies to holds over me in the rain while I go potty. heehee,  Well, I thinks it is for that.  Cause you knows the humans don't need dachshund umbrellas fors any other reasons right.

Here I is telling mommy that it is bad luck opening doxie umbrellas in the house.  You knows that just makes the sky leak mores.

The second prezzie was the bestests ever.  I have been trying to get my paws and teeths on one of these fors a long long long times.  Mr. Sean must have known that I neededs ones especially for training purposes with Bear.  Here is our new squirrel catching simulator with not one, but three squeeky squirrels for triple the doxie fun.  But, you knows, mommy says that is so I can shares with Bear and Charlie.  But, we knows who is going to master the squirrel catching simulator first. heehee.

Yes, Mommy I wills shares now.  (cause I know Santa Paws is watching me)

Thank yous Mr. Sean from Mommy, Mes, Bears, And Charlie (who opted out of the photo session this time).  You knows you made our doggy day.  Bear, my turn, and there better be tails on those squirrels when I get back in there.....

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mommy Got Prezzies From Miss Sue Ann Today.

Hi all Sasha here. Mommy got the cutest prezzies from Miss Sue Ann, from SamsFurKids on etsy. First of alls she gaves Mommy this lovely ring. It is extra long and definitely doxie.

Mommy and I's just loves it.  You knows I ia still trying to figure out how to attach it to my collar when Mommy isn't looking. heehees.

Then, the best prezzie ever goes with the prezzies we got last year from her.  Before long, mommy mights needs to gets a shadow box to put all these lovely doxie sculptures in.  But, for nows, they still fits in the basket.  Miss Sue Ann made these two little sculptures herself. 

Here is the whole set, except I think their is a red ball under the blankie in the basket somewhere, too. 

Thank you very much Miss Sue Ann from Mommy's and Me's. We loves it all so very much.  You are just so sweet to do this for us. 

 Oh, and also tell the BBB, I got's their smellogram secret message inside the long mailing box.  I was sniffing it for quite sometime and had to give Bear the back off Private First Claws this is above your paw grade snarl.  I will send you a more secure message via your SP issued  I-Pawed laters.  But, for now.  Operation, Santa Paws Doxie Lazers Is A Go!