Sunday, September 27, 2009


Hi all,

YIP YAP FURRAY! I won the photo contest that I was in and it is all thanks to you who voted for me. I am so excited. I did many many zoomies around the house and yard. I barked at the neighbor dog and told him all about it. I even thanked the squirrels who are sorry that the contest is over, but anyways that a little secret between them and me.
I can't wait to see what prezzies and treats I get in my prize box, and I will "fur sure" share pics with you all when I get it. Thank you all again. I just can't believe I won. Yeah! Lots of doxie kisses to you all. Sasha.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mommy gave me a bath today.:(

Sasha here again,

Mommy gave me a bath today. I thought for sure she had forgotten all about that nasty b-word. Then, today, I followed her into the bathroom like I always do. She takes off my collar. No big deal. I thought ok were is the camera for my photo shoot. Then, I saw the doggy shampoo bottle. You know whoever thought puke green shampoo with the nasty medicated smell should have a happy dog on the bottle is just one sick puppy. Mommy got into the shower, and she called me. I knew what I was in for, but I came reluctantly. I waited shaking knowing the dreaded water was getting warmed up for me. I stood there bravely as she sprayed me with the evil shower spray hose thingy. I stayed still when she put the stinky green yucky smelling shampoo all in my fur. Then, when she was reaching for the hose again. I shook it all over. Fur and foam went everywhere. I got my revenge, and then I got drenched with the hose thingy again. All I can say to this torture is "Doxies don't get mad, we get even!". I gave mommy the pout face all night. If I think she has learned her lesson by bed time, I might snuggle with her then.
Oh, and on a side note. Thanks to all my voters for me in the photo contest. I am in first place barely. Keep the votes coming in with a unique name signature so they don't get deleted. I just might win this thing this time with all your help. I got my paws crossed. Doxie kisses to you all.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Naked Puppy Pic In Photo Contest!

Hello all,
Sasha here. It is that time of month again and yes I am entered once again in the petsjubilee team pet photo contest to win that yummy box of treats and prezzies that I dream to have. Wiener dogs never give up you know.
This time mommy had me worried for awhile cause she said she was going to post one of my naked puppy pics for the contest. I am lucky she picked a cute one and not one with my head stuck in a rice cake bag or bath time in the kitchen sink or anything embarrassing like that.
Well, please, click at the furbabies link here to see my contest Naked Puppy Pic, and if you are ever so kind vote for me by leaving a comment at that link also. You need to sign it with a unique name because the rules state the same person can only vote once per day. So if another Tom or Fred voted on another pets photo yours won't count. Agggh, and I gets very sad when votes get deleted. You don't want to see a sad wiener dog do you?
Take care all, and don't forget to vote. Pretty please, with kibble on top.
(Voting starts at 12:01 EST 9/21/09 to 12:00 noon EST 9/27/09. So one week to vote folks. Pass the bark along to others.)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I avoided the B- word today.

Hello all,
Sasha, the ever so cute wiener dog, is here. Today's big news I avoided the nasty B-word (BATH) because it was raining or so mommy thinks. heehee. I put in my doxie mind control with my hound dog eyes to tell her that it was way to cold a day to make me get wet on purpose. Besides, I was getting enough of a shower each time mommy made me go outside in the rain to potty.
Well, since it was a good day for me, I thought I would share with you all one of our Halloween thank you pics mommy uses in her etsy feedback. I make a very cute doxie ghost don't you think? Feel free to use it if you want in your shops feedback, as well. Just right click the picture and I think click "save picture as" to a file on your computer. It would be perfect for those doggy or hallowienie related shops out there. Well, best be off. I am hoping for more rain tomorrow so I won't have to get a bath tomorrow either. Keep your paws crossed for me, please.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Day The Mail Came Twice!

Sasha, the worried doxie here. Is the sky falling? Is Christmas going to be earlier this year? Are aliens invading the world via the USPS? Is the world going to end and the doxie is the last one to know about it?
Today the mail truck came twice and neither one was the nice lady who pets me occasionally when Mommy and me go get the mail. What the heck is going on? You know us dachshunds don't take change well. The postal employees must know that we dogs need notification on these kinds of things. Off to check the dachshund bark line to see if they know anything. Woof Woof........

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hallowiener Day will be here soon!

Hello all,
Mommy has been busy all day doing things like washing sheets and cleaning the kitchen, so she let me pick the items for the ETSY treasury this time. Thus, I had to do one for one of my favorite holidays. Hallowiener Day. I figure I will replace items as they get sold because I knows they will. They are just too cute not to all be gone in two days time, right? Well, better get back to "PAW-moting". Take care, and please check out our Happy Hallowiener Day! treasury. Maybe, even give them all some pets (clicks).

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Hubby Bone Stuffer Interview!

Hi all Sasha here. I had the recent opportunity to interview my favorite super hero The Hubby Bone Stuffer. To you humans, he is just a mild manor quiet guy that seems like any other guy you might know. However, to us doggies, he is THE ONE THAT STUFFS THE BONES! Come on now any dog would love to meet The Hubby Bone Stuffer from StylinDogsBoutique. Now, on with the interview. Enjoy!

Sasha- Hubby Bone Stuffer, what is your secret identity? I mean all good superheros need an alter ego right? We want to know the real guy behind the bones so to bark.

Hubby Bone Stuffer- Well, I go by many alias's, such as Bablou, Papa Lucch, Grandpa, Mr. Lucchi, Big John and Bop, but you can call me Super Stuffer. I'm just a nice guy who loves my doggies.

Sasha- Aww, I really gets to call you Super Stuffer. Wow! Yip Yap Furray! (I shakes paws with Super Stuffer.) I may never allow Mommy to wash this paw again.
So how did the Hubby Stuffed Bones and Super Stuffer come about? Was it a nuclear disaster, cosmic rays, radioactive insect bite, or just some mad scientist evil experiment gone wrong?

Super Stuffer- You might just say I am better at it than my wife. It all started a few months ago. She was backed up with orders and asked me to help out. So being the very helpful guy that I am (did I just see you roll your eyes?) I was saying, being the "super" helpful guy that I am, I helped her stuff some bones, and she said that I stuffed them way better than her. That's how I got the job as bone stuffer.The wife is in charge of quality control though. When I go too fast, somehow she knows it and gives them back to me to "re-stuff them right" she says.

Sasha- Aww. The "Honey Do" list discovery method is how it came about then. That does make sense. Grandpa gets a lot of Honey Dos here,too. He has learned over time not to do the best job the first time or he will get assigned to do it all the time. heehee. Case in point, the bad hedge trim. Now, he is never allowed to trim the hedge without Grandma's supervision. But, I am getting off subject, and no I would never roll my eyes at you Super Stuffer. Mommy wanting me to poo in the rain. Now, that is when I roll my eyes. heehee.
So do you really just use your powers for the good of all dogkind? Come on, what does it hurt to make the occasional catnip stuffy every once in awhile right?

Super Stuffer- Nope. Just doggies for me. The cat toys are my wife's job. They look too complicated to me. I watch her do them, and she stuffs these little pockets with catnip and sews them up, then she stuffs the toys, and sews them up. Too much stopping and sewing, and sewing is a girls job.I should tell you that she steals things. She stole the bottle opener from the kitchen. She says it makes a great catnip tool.

Sasha- Wow, cat toys make wife go into a life a crime film at 11:00. heehee. Sorry, had to say that. Oh, and I be a women wiener dog, and sewing isn't for me either. I prefer unstuffing to sewing them back up. All that fuzz and stuffing everywhere. It is like a wiener dog party with white fuzzy confetti. heehee. Oh, there I goes getting off subject again. They say us wiener dogs lack focus and concentration sometimes.
How does the wife take all the dog gone long hours away from the family? I suspect she might get a bit jealous of all the canine attention you receive right?

Super Stuffer- You are so right about that. I am not only the bone stuffing dog toy provider, but I am also the treat distributor, so the doggies like me better. Here, would you like a treat?

Sasha- Yummy, thank you! (with mouth full of doggy treat.) A wiener dog can never pass up good eats you know. (I wipes crumbs off my mouth and nose with paw.)
Is there going to be any mutations or evolutions coming from you in the future? Or perhaps, a Hubby Bone Stuffer action figure in the works?

Super Stuffer- I will tell you a secret. There are squeaker toys coming out soon. Uh-oh, hope I didn't let the cat out of the bag. A thought just came to me. What about a "hubby stuffed" hot dog toy. Would you be our model?

Sasha- Squeakers! Did you say squeakers? Wow, my favorite bone toys might have squeakers in them soon. I just can't wait. (I is jumping up and down about 3 foot off the ground.) OK, I is better now. Had to get that out of my system. Hot dog toys also sound very lovely. I would love to model them, but wouldn't want to take work away from Cleara, though.

Oh, and thank you Super Stuffer for taking the time out of your busy bone stuffing duties to converse with a little wiener dog like me. I feels so privileged. Thank you to "the wife" too for making this interview PAW-sible.