Saturday, August 4, 2012

Is it really a dog?

Sasha here.  We gots a new addition to the family here yesterday.  Grandma gave grandpa a pom puppy for his birthday (a little early) in September.  I think the humans named it "BEAR NO!!!"  Cause, that is what they seem to call it the most. heehee. 

I didn't know it was a dog at first.  He kind of looks like a guinea pig to me.  (Sorry piggies) But, he is just a ball of fluff with sharp teeth.  He doesn't even bark or run yet.  But, boy can he bite hard. I hasn't let him catch me yet.  But, Charlie got nipped on his butt today and went running to Mommy to save him.  Charlie doesn't like the new puppy.  He says he has raised two puppies already and he isn't about to be a chew toy for a third.  I kind of figures as long as the fluff ball doesn't catch me I don't mind playing withs it.  Charlie says just waits a few weeks.  Not sure what that means, but all I knows know is I don't like sharing my Mommy with him.  He has a Grandpa daddy and doesn't need my mommy, too. 

Well's both Charlie and I's has been feeling left out a bit when we can't play with the puppy's toys so Mommy bought us new Bobos.  We had it limbless in about 20 minutes time.  heehee.

Also, Mommy got a couple of late birthday cards.  Miss Sue Ann and her gang from SamsFurKids  and Miss Diana and her gang from StylinDogsBoutique.  Diana made Mommy and me a purple doxie bookmark.  It is so pretty.  I mights have to swipe it for my A Dachshund's Guide To Taking Over The Universe.  Mommy says thank you two for thinking of her birthday and all.

So I guess I am a big doxie sister of a fluff ball.  I must teach this pup a few things.  First, how to pout when you get in trouble.  (I am thinking this will be priority number one cause he sure is in trouble a lot.) Second, squirrel pawtrols  should be easy for him since he is already got a good disguise for surveillance with the fluff ball thing going for him.

Well, I is off to whisper, you must hate squirrels while he sleeps.  Night all.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mommy Got A Birthday Prezzie

Hi alls Sasha here.  Mommy got a belated birthday prezzie from Miss Alice of makingstuffwithlove.  She got a package with a doxie purse and a cute little note pad.  She loved it so much she asked me to blog abouts it.  Cause you know she is always busy with great grandma these days.  I said I would blogs about it.  I guess it helps me earn my kibbles a bit.  heehee.  So here is the pics of the doxie purse Miss Alice made for Mommy.

Here is me asking Mommy could I have a doxie purse like this one for my birthday.  And Charlie is asking does she make man bags for muttly men.

After we secured that the doxie bag was in fact invisible squirrel free, we decided to go back to sleep.

This is a picture of the notepad and yes Mommy and me both noticed it was purple.  You know about purple being the color for dachshund rescue right?  I do believes I has mentioned it before.

This is me noticing the big black Sasha dachshund had disappeared while we snoozed.  But, then mommy showed me that it was just the back of the bag.  I do likes it and so does Mommy.  Thank you Miss Alice for making this awesome pawsome purse for my Mommy.