Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I got snubbed today.

Sasha here. A quick blog before bed. You knows how we put out all the good table scrapes and leftovers for the big green monster to come and eat once a week. Well, you see Charlie and me had been piling up the poo as a special treat for it. Mommy put the bag in it after collecting our donations. Today, the monster ate all the leftovers and other treats, but left the bag of poo at the bottom of the trash can. Mommy said that it smelled horrible and probably will smell even worse by next week with double poo rations. I so do not like getting snubbed by the big green monster cause I really don't want to be next on its menu.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Alien Crop Circles In My Backyard!!!

Sasha, here (panting). I beat mommy to the computer . Woohoo! I went out for my morning potty time just like usual, and as I was sniffing around for a spot, I found this strange formation in my grass. I sniffed and smelled nothing, but this can't be a normal phenomenon. You see I have heard of crop circles being caused by aliens so could this be little grass circles? But, it isn't a circle now is it. Mommy thinks it was Charlie doing a little creative peeing, but I knows my big brother and he's not a pee artist. I thinks it must be the work of little tiny aliens showing us wiener dogs a little love. What do yous thinks?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My play date yesterday.

Sasha, the blogging doxie, here as usual. First of all, you all had great ideas of what I was thinking in my last post. They made me and mommy BOL and LOL. However, what I was really thinking was "Watch where you are putting that measuring snake cause it tickles!" Mommy was measuring me all over with this twisty curly snake thing and writing down numbers. Not sure what that was all about. But, I sure hope it doesn't have to do with fattening up a sausage for grilling if you know what I mean.
I had a play date yesterday with Zuke and Frito. It was really cool cause we just sat around while the humans watched a movie, barked a lot, and played keep away with the squeaky toys. Zuke was still itchy with his allergies so he has to wear this shirt to keep the grass off his tender belly. Poor guy. He really hates it. Well, mommy wants the computer to work on some new items so I best be off. Bark at you all later.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Guess Whats I Am Thinking?

OK. You have heard me yap at you for well over a year now. So what am I thinking in this photo?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Bad Mommy!

Sasha here. It was hot for the first time this year yesterday, and Mommy went to the ice cream place without me. She got a ice cream cone and didn't even let me get a lick. I was stuck here in the house. She said it was too hot for me in the car and the ice cream would have melted by the time she got home. I am not buying it. I think she just didn't want to share.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

After BBQ Blog

It is way too early for fall. Please, Red Fairy stop!!

Sasha here. It has been quite a lot of BBQing going on here, and yes no wienies were roasted. Thank goodness. We had my wienie buddies over, my cousin Maddie, and my grandpa's boss' dog. It was really hard being little miss hostess to all those doggies, but I managed.
Today I was out sniffing in my yard and I thinks the red fairy (The one in charge of making plants red.) is getting a little out of control. Look at the pics and see what you think. Well, I'll barks at you all later.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sasha Is Mooning You!

Now, I just gots to get this long body in position! OK. Click the camera now!


Sasha here. Mommy is busy, but I hears angelpupscreations is having a bad day with some major issues with bad "juju". So here is a little doxie humor from mes to hers (and anyone else who needs a laugh). I is doxie mooning you!