Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another Prezzie In The Mail Yesterday

Hi all.  It is me Sasha.  I was hanging with the two human pups my mommy watches when a package came in the mail yesterday.  You knows I is beginning to think all these packages must belong to me. heehee.  But, this one was a prezzie for Mommy.  Unless, I gets my way that is. heeheee.

This prezzie was a little wiener dog basket that Miss Tammy from happydapperdogs sent us.  Also, she sent us a beary cute card. 

Mommy and me loves the prezzie and the card Miss Tammy.  Thank you so very much for thinking of us in such a special way. 

You know all these prezzies lately is making Mommy and me feel so special.  They really make our day. 

Now, I just has to bark Mommy into letting me use the basket for my Top Secret Squirrel Ops.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Blankie Prezzie I gots In The Mail

Sasha here.  I just got the bestest prezzie in the mail today.  This nice lady on Etsy, Miss Yvette, mades me (and I is suppose to share with Mommy) a new warm and cozy snuggle blankie.  She has a shop called CutnTiedbyRedYvette on Etsy.  

The blankie is so warm and I just loves it.  It has lots of pretty butterflies all over it and it is mostly purple (which you all knows is the traditional color of dachshund rescue)!   I hads to try it out you knows before Mommy cause I hads to make sure no one was smuggling squirrel contraband into the house. heehee.  Well, anyways, I gots so warm and comfy that I forgot all about telling Miss Yvette how much I likes it.  I sleeps for quite awhile ins it already.  Well, thank you Miss Yvette from me and Mommy.  I is sending you lots of doxie thank you kisses right now.

Oh, and forgots to mention there was a cute note pad wrapped up inside it, too.  Mommy says franks a lot for that note pad and a card, too.  She thoughts they were both very cute. 

Well, Mommy took lots of pics of me enjoying my (I mean um our) new prezzie so I thought I would show some of thems to you all. 

 I gives four paws up for this blankie.  Any hound who is cold and needs a comfy place to lay their furry body needs one of these fur sure.  I guess it would be good for peeps, too.  (But, we all know us hounds are blankie hogs. heehee)

Now, I thinks I will take Mommy and go snuggle in my (um our) new blankie some more.  You comeings Mommy?  Bark at you all later.

Thanks again Miss Yvette.  We loves it so very much.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A surprise prezzie just came in the mail.

Sasha here.  I knows two blogs in one day.  But, this just in, Mommy gots the bestest prezzie in the mail today and you knows I had to report about its.

Miss Sue Ann from SamsFurKids On ETSY sent Mommy a special package today.  At first, I thought it was treats cause it came in that square box just like Miss Shari's treats do.  But, I sniffed it and knew right away no treats in there.  But, I did knows it was something doxie.  I could just tells.

Mommy opened up the box and this is what we found after going through all the packing paper and bubble wrap.

The bag was so pretty with the little butterflies all over it.

Mommy opened the bag to find lots of cool things inside.

The doxie is so detailed that it is hard to capture it all in the photos.  It looks a lot like me I think.  Especially, when I give the big eyes to work my doxie mind control better. heehee.  Mommy almost missed the little toys Miss Sue Ann included, but I tolds her to check the other wrapped part.  She did and found a Bobo, a hedgehog, a ball, a bone, and a hot dog all in miniature form.  You knows I wagged my tail at see all that.  Mommy just loved it all.  She was so happy.

Mommy knew just the perfect place to put the new little doxie and toys to go with her growing dachshund collection.  This cute little bed.  She had a store bought sculpture of a doxie in it before, but this one is way cuter. 

Thank you Miss Sue Ann for making me and Mommy so happy today.  It really made us smile.  You are a great friend and give the Boston's (BBB's) a doxie salute from me.

I Mets A New Doxie Friend Yesterday.

Hi all. Sasha is here.  Yesterday was an exciting day.  Mr. Bandit came over to visit for the first time.  He is the new rescued boy Miss Suz gots.  You knows my play date buddies Zuke, Frito, and Peewee.  Well, they have a new brother.  He came over to my house with his mommy for us to play. 

Well, after the initial sniffs, meet and greets.  I tried to get him zooming.  But apparently, he was more interested in exploring my turf and of course peeing on all Charlie's favorite spots. 

We took a break for some kibbles and you can see I sit very pretty for my turn for the yummies.

But, then, a doxie can only wait so long you know.

I think he kind of looks like me.  Except, he has white/grayish speckles mixed in his smoothie fur. 

I hopes next time maybe Bandit will play a bit more when he comes over.  I likes to zoomie with my fellow doxies you know.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Mommy has been drawing again.

Sasha here.  Mommy has been drawing again.  I have been supervising as you can see.  It just amazes me how she creates her drawings.  She doesn't start were I would think she would like with the main idea.  She usually starts with the main characters the dachshunds and Bobos and then draws in the details as they come to her.

In this first picture, you can see how she started her latest "Dachshund Gamer" a heart shape and I thinks that is a Bobo head.

Then, she works around the main characters creating the details and bodies.

Now, that the main characters are in place, it is time to set the scene with lots of details.

When all finished drawing, she colors it.  She finishes by outlining again the colored areas with black to make all the details be very eye catching. 

Watching the process, almost makes me wish I had thumbs so I could help her.