Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mommy Has Got Something New And Blue!

A package came in the mail today and it wasn't for me. I thought the package was for me cause it smelled like the place that I gets my squeakie bones from. I was all excited while mommy opened it, and out popped what I thought was a collar. I kept thinking mommy I wears red collars not blue. And I knows mommy wouldn't get Charlie a new collar and not me. So she took it out and I saw a problem right away with that blue collar. It was way too small for either me or Charlie. Then, mommy puts it on her wrist. OK, humans are silly why do they need a dog collar for their wrist. You knows know ones going to return them if they get lost cause they don't get lost. Well, at least, until they are really old like great grandma or really young like the human pups. But, anyways, I figures I ought to check this blue thing out a bit more.

Then, I smelled it. Super Stuffer made these. He is my super hero that stuffs my squeakie bones. I knew it smelt familiar.

Then, I gots a bit sad. Super Stuffer is not stuffing doggy toys anymore!!! No!!

Then, mommy held my paw a bit. She told me not to worry so much cause he is Super Stuffer he can make doggy toys and bracelets at the same time. I sniffed a bit and thought about it. Yep, he could. Besides, he needs a secret identity I suppose.

Super Stuffer and The Wife from TheHubbyShop, Mommy says thank you for the new bracelet. She loves it.


Pup Fan said...

Too cute!

Garden Path Quilts said...

What a sweetie! Love the bracelet.

FrumsGlass said...

Sasha, Such a sweet post.

I love Mommy's new wirst collar. So nice the way the blue snap fastener matches the pretty blue paracord.
Remember, your super hero stuffer can do it all!

Pauline said...

Aw that is so cute....and I could just hear Sasha saying all those the color too :)

laughingfridge said...

Nice bracelet (no Sasha, its not a dog collar, lol)

Love that last pic too!

PetsJubilee said...

What a great write up! Sasha is so funny and cute!

Nimfa about english springer spaniel said...

Cool! Nice bracelet, but I guess it looks better on you sweetie.