Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Blankie Prezzie I gots In The Mail

Sasha here.  I just got the bestest prezzie in the mail today.  This nice lady on Etsy, Miss Yvette, mades me (and I is suppose to share with Mommy) a new warm and cozy snuggle blankie.  She has a shop called CutnTiedbyRedYvette on Etsy.  

The blankie is so warm and I just loves it.  It has lots of pretty butterflies all over it and it is mostly purple (which you all knows is the traditional color of dachshund rescue)!   I hads to try it out you knows before Mommy cause I hads to make sure no one was smuggling squirrel contraband into the house. heehee.  Well, anyways, I gots so warm and comfy that I forgot all about telling Miss Yvette how much I likes it.  I sleeps for quite awhile ins it already.  Well, thank you Miss Yvette from me and Mommy.  I is sending you lots of doxie thank you kisses right now.

Oh, and forgots to mention there was a cute note pad wrapped up inside it, too.  Mommy says franks a lot for that note pad and a card, too.  She thoughts they were both very cute. 

Well, Mommy took lots of pics of me enjoying my (I mean um our) new prezzie so I thought I would show some of thems to you all. 

 I gives four paws up for this blankie.  Any hound who is cold and needs a comfy place to lay their furry body needs one of these fur sure.  I guess it would be good for peeps, too.  (But, we all know us hounds are blankie hogs. heehee)

Now, I thinks I will take Mommy and go snuggle in my (um our) new blankie some more.  You comeings Mommy?  Bark at you all later.

Thanks again Miss Yvette.  We loves it so very much.


Yvette said...

WOW, Sasha...I am glowing with all the nice compliments you are sending to me. I can see that even though the blanket is not in Your favorite color it does go well with your gorgeous coat and pretty eyes. I am so happy you and your Mom like it. Snuggle warmly, Yvette

Lyn said...

You look so comfy in that blankie Sasha! Can I share too? Or maybe I should go get one myself for Pinot and Lokie :) Love it and love the pics of Sasha in it!

ylbb said...

Very nice blankie! We love blankies here too! :D

makingstuffwithlove said...

Very very cute! I can surely understand why Sasha wants to take this for her own :)

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Such a pretty blanket and great prezzie!! I love the picture with her eyes closed. Looks like Sasha looooves it. LOL Cute pics. Love the color.