Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Prezzies and more prezzies.

Hi all.  Sasha here.  It has been busy busy squirrel chasing season this year.  And the squirrels don't seems to know the chasing season should bes over bys now.   Luckily, Bear doesn't mind chasing them in the cold white stuff. 

Mommy got a special prezzie from Miss Suz the other day.  Another doxie ornament to add to are almost all doxie Christmas tree now. 

And you knows it looks just like me.  Especially, when I give lots of kisses.  Thank you Miss Suz.  Mommy and me loves it. 

Then, today we gots a package from Miss Alice.  There was lots of prezzies in it.  Mommy thinks she might be our gift exchange person, but then again pawhaps she sent it just to be so very nice to Mommy.  Here is what Miss Alice sent Mommy.

First, mommy unwrapped this lovely doxie tree shirt.  I liked it a lot because it is so mommy.  I wonder if they make one for doxies.  heehee.  Then, mommy unwrapped the bestest prezzie ever. 


Slippers that are warm for mommy's cold human paws.  They have doxies on them.  They are just the cutests things ever.  Bear wanted to chew them, but I gave him the don't you dare doxie juju eyes.  heehee,  I do wonder if they make booties like that for my cold paws, too.  heehee.

Then, mommy unwrapped this cute angel and read the card that was in the package.  Miss Alice sent them out to a bunch of folks so it is like we all have our own little guardian angel watching over us all.  Very specials, but I knows the doxie mind control network really does a pretty good job keeping the squirrels away.  We just got to tweak it a bit to keep the arw-ful Murphy's Law Squirrel away.  That one always seems to get through our networks. 

Thank you Miss Alice.  Mommy and me loves these prezzies so very very much.  Lots of hugs and of course doxie kisses going your way. 

Until, I blogs again.  Sasha. 


Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

I love all your gifts Sasha and Athena, and especially those great slippers. They look so comfy besides being so cute!!
Alice is such a nice person and friend. :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy holidays! Lots of presents for mom. She must have been on the nice list!

PetsJubilee said...

All such wonderful gifts! Alice did a extraordinary job making them and Sasha did a fantastic job on the blog post :)
Merry Christmas!!!

Carole said...

great gifts, Athena and Sasha!

Alice and Sue Ann are so talented!

Merry Christmas!!