Friday, December 26, 2014

Another Prezzie In The Mail

Hi alls.  Hopes your Christmas was very munchy.  heehee.  Mine was full of good eats and some snuggling with Mommy. 

Mommy gots a special prezzie the other day from Miss Alice.  She has a heard of furbabies herself and sent Mommy a cool new purse for Christmas.  And she mades it herself with her own two paws. 

Isn't it the cutest doxie purse you could ever find.  One of mommies favorite colors, too-Blue.  Mommy just loved it and it really mades her day. If she hads a tail she would have wagged it. Miss Alice makes lots of cute stuff in her etsy shops GrandmasBliss  and  Makingstuffwithlove

I at first thought it might be a cute snuggle sack for me, but we then saw the three cookies in the package and knew that was my prezzie.  Even though mommy made me share two of the cookies with my bros.  We all loved the cookies. 

Thank you Miss Alice for the purse and cookies from Mommy and us puppers.  We hope you had a Merry Christmas, too.  Doxie thank you kisses going your way. 


Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

What an awesome gift. Love the shape, and the fabric of course and the colors. Love it.

Shari Lynne said...

The purse is beautiful! Alice is very talented, and the colors and doxies on it are perfect :) So wonderful that you got cookies and shared with your brothers :) I love all of the photos! You are so sweet looking snuggling with the purse and Charlie, and Bear's picture looks like he is so happy. Wonderful post!

makingstuffwithlove said...

These are the BEST photos!! I love them, and love that you like the purse :) Also, VERY happy the boys and Sasha had cookies lol Your babies are just beautiful, and you got great shots of them! I love them sniffing the new purse -- you'll have to tell them that those are Alabama dogs they are smelling on there :P Love you, Athena!

Sams FurKids said...

Fabulous purse Athena,Lucky Girl :-). Love the fabric,so adorable and the style is very cool! Love the furkids photos :-).

kc said...

that's an adorable bag! alice sure knows her way around the doxie fabric. the handles look like corduroy? love corduroy. that was sweet of alice to send pupper cookies. you're such a sweet girl to share!