Thursday, July 9, 2009

Interview with my Cuz Toy.

Sasha here. I have been viewing a lot of blogs lately to see how to improve my little dog blog here. Well, a few of the bloggers out there have been doing interviews on their blogs. So I decided to do one on mine. Here is my interview with my cuz toy.

Sasha: So is it hard being a doxie's chew toy? I would think some days you would just not feel like squeaking.

Cuz: Well, life was pretty good till you bit my tail off. I got to go everywhere, even outside. The only squeaky that your mommy would let you take outside you know. Then, you bit my tail off. AgggH!

Sasha: Well, I is sorry about the tail. Got a little over zealous with my chewing I guess.

Cuz: A little? I have a stub of a tail now, and all us toys knows what happens after the first rips and tares. The big trash can in the kitchen is our fate.

Sasha: Mommy wouldn't throw away you. You don't have stuffing to get all over the house like the others. Besides. I luvs you.

Cuz: Aww. That is so sweet. Just watch the dismembering and all will be forgiven.

Sasha: Deal.


Whitney said...

Love the interview! Never seen a Cuz with no tail - usually it's one with no feet! And then it's all downhill from there!

Nibbles Treats said...

Awesome interview. Nice that you two could come to an understanding.

Lots of treats,
Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Twix said...

Great interview, Sasha! Don't let that cuz give you a hard time...maybe it came with a stub tail. Some dogs have those short tails, you know.
Love and hugs,
PS I like your blog!

MOLLYC said...


chloejessica said...

Chloe has the same toy! She loves to fling it around! But hers is green! :)