Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sasha Verses The Evil Sprinkler System!

Sasha here. Your furry friend has had a hard time battling the evil sprinkler system. Mommy just laughs, but the darn thing comes on when you least expect it. We went out to potty, and I was just getting down doing my business. When the horrible beast started to hiss, spit and sputter. Then, it was a full fledged doxie attack. I did my best, but I was trapped between three different evil water squirting beasts. I ran as fast as I could to the dry rocky zone and whimpered my pathetic pleas for mommy to help me. She just laughed. She says it is all about timing, but she doesn't have my short little legs and is low to the ground. How am I suppose to watch three sprinklers, and where I am going at the same time. I managed to walk the edge and get to the deck with only a slight spritzing. Then, she pulls out kibble to torture me with. I wanted the kibble, but didn't want the evil sprinklers to soak me either. I braved the dark scary place under the deck that I had not gone since my trauma as a wee little pup, and came up between the steps. Mommy rewarded my cunning and bravery with a handful of kibbles. I think I should have got bacon for all that, but hey I takes what I gets. Well, off to dread the next sprinkler attack.

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Embellished Bayou said...

Haha, glad you made it out alive, Sasha!