Monday, May 31, 2010

Dachshund Book Review: Frequencies

Hi all. Sasha here as always. I am adjusting with Maddie, and mommy promises she will go home tonight. I think I will have myself a little wiener dog party and make sure Mommy breaks out some serious cheese for all my attempts at chihuahua peace keeping negotiations. heehee

Meanwhile, Mommy and I finished another book. It is called Frequencies by Joshua Ortega. It also takes place a little in the future. Apparently, some human must have caught onto our Doxie mind control devices and was able to control peoples thoughts. Of course, they didn't credit the dachshunds for coming up with the technology. Silly, humans. We dachshunds have had that technology since the 1940's. The squirrels have been trying to steal our secrets for at least two decades now. Well, here I go again off track as usual. Back to the book, well basically, it is pretty good as far as human science fiction goes. It opens up several ethical questions like should people really not have freedom of thought, should they get arrested for having what society views as wrong thoughts, and of course the whole concept of life essences or souls being sucked out and put into new bodies. We dachshunds have not mastered the sucking out ones essence yet, not sure we really want that either. It goes against the whole canine fundamental doctrines. Especially The Prime Doctrine: Live everyday like it might be your last. If one can essentially live "furever", then one can not truly live or a "ruff" translation: It just ain't right messing with the laws of nature. It does end rather strangely so I suspect there is a sequel. Lots of unanswered plot tangents. Oh, it does have this whole futuristic terminology that took a bit to get use to with lots of looking at the back of the book to figure out what things meant. That was a big turn off, and all the trademark products mentioned all the time. I gather they were really focused about the trademark thing cause that is what the mind controls told them to buy, but it is a bit annoying for the first 5 chapters or so. Well, that is my take on this book. A good read if you are plotting to take over the world perhaps. heehee.


laughingfridge said...

Excellent review Sasha! I don't think sucking out ones essence sounds very ethical either...

Hannah barks a big hello!

CiaoHound said...

great book review! i really enjoy these, especially your take on them, lol!