Monday, May 24, 2010

Doxie Book Review: Patient Zero

Sasha here. Mommy and I just gots done reading another library book so heres my take on it.

The book is called Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry. It is a part science fiction, part horror, and mostly very suspense driven. I rate it as more of a "guy" type book myself because it is full of cops, blowing up things, government agents, zombies, spies, and you don't know who's good or bad or what. Plus, my big brother Charlie liked the book way more than me so I thinks it is a guy book. The character relationships are not as much touched on as the plot. It is an OK book in the fact it is fast paced and doesn't dwell on a lot of unnecessary description. Mommy and I like books that have more plot and character interaction than lots of flowery descriptive words. However, the hero is very stereotypical. One guy and a handful of a few support characters take on unrealistic numbers of flesh eating zombies and come out without being bit. Really, that could not ever possibly happen in real life. Just like those disaster movies on TV where the whole city is destroyed except for the hero, his girl, and maybe the family dog. Really, me thinks not!!
Then, there is the fact that if a terrorist was truly going to take over the world with the undead spreading a virus that turns everyone into zombies, there are a few ways I would think would do it faster. So why humans? Humans are way easier to contain. It would be much easier to infect the virus into mosquito's or rats or something if they wanted it to truly spread and be unstoppable. But, then again, the stereotypical human hero would not survive and live somewhat happily ever after with his chosen mate now would he? heehee


Art and Sew Forth said...

Sasha...I like your book reviews better the NYT best seller ones. You should think about writing one of your own suspenseful Doxie mysteries.

laughingfridge said...

Yes, you could write "The Case of the Sassy Sasha". Love the review!

SassySashadoxie said...

Maybe, she should just star in a dachshund version of Murder She Wrote. It could be called Murder She Barked! heehee. Sasha's Mommy.

CiaoHound said...

what a great review! i especially liked that you thought through the fact that the premise is inefficient, lol.

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Wow, You are one really smart doxie Sasha.
Great book review.