Sunday, September 26, 2010

Is Maddie Ever Going Home?

Sasha here.

My Chihuahua cousin Maddie has been here for over a week now. This is just not right. A doxie girl can only take so much dog thinking she is a cat kind of stuff. She is getting so pampered. Mommy hand feeds her kibble on the couch. She gets some of our treats and of course she licks her self like a CAT!! That is so gross and undognified. She even came outside with us, but do you think she left the porch. Nope. Not once. Not even during the zoomies. Really, it just isn't right.


makingstuffwithlove said...

What are the zoomies? lol No, Sasha, she doesn't look like she's as much fun as you... And your mom is treating her like royalty? That will get old in a hurry! I hope you have your mom back to yourself as soon as possible :) You never know though, you may miss her when she's gone?

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Oh my gosh, she even looks like a little Princess standing there on the porch. Don't worry Sasha, she will be gone soon. You have been such a patient and good hostess, and mommy really loves you best.

Oskar said...

She does look a little princessy!

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Nubbin wiggles,

Art and Sew Forth said...

Wow...what expressions on that little catty-dog or doggie-cat. I'd stay out of her way, too! Hang in there Sasha...can't be much longer!

niftyknits said...

LOL! wonder if you could sneak in an accidental nip?

Doxie Rod said...

awww but maggie is such a little cutie! sometimes non-doxies can be nice too :) hang in there, sasha!!


doxie rod

Tammy said...

Maddie knows you're the boss, Sasha. She's probably the baby at her house too and I'll bet she's really missing her people Mommy. She looks like she might be a bit intimidated by your good looks, fast moves and smart wit. Be a good girl and maybe your Mommy will give you an extra squeaky for it.